Meet Manic Kat Records’ Newest Punk Phenomenon: New Age Affair

New Age Affair is the pop-punk/post-hardcore band that’s soon to be on everyone’s radars. The band formed in Rapid City, South Dakota, by brothers Derek and Gage Flick in early 2017. Since its inception, the band has been working tirelessly to successfully craft a sound that is undeniably catchy, melodic, and refreshing.

New Age Affair is yet another ReverbNation Opportunity Success Story after getting signed to a prolific genre-specific label. The band recently signed a deal with the punk-centric label Manic Kat Records after submitting to the label’s opportunity. 

We interviewed the band about their biggest challenges, triumphs, the band’s wackiest member, and so much more. Read on to get the full scope of this exciting band.

Congrats on getting signed to Manic Kat Records! What was your reaction when you first heard the news?

Derek: We were all very excited! We had all been hoping for a deal to come around at some point and when it did, it was super rad!

For anyone unfamiliar with New Age Affair, tell us a little about the band. How you got your start, your musical style, etc.

Derek: New Age Affair formed June of 2017, It started with just Gage and I in our parents basement but we soon had a full line up and an E.P out that we recorded with Commonplace Recording. After that, we flew out to New York and did some work with Marc McClusky of Fuzzball Recording. Our Music style is kind of a darker Pop-Punk / Alternative sound. We try to add lots of music genres to our writing process to help inspire and add a unique flavor to the sound.

In your experience, what has been the most rewarding and/or most challenging aspect of being brothers in a band?

Gage: We agree on most things, but of course we have disagreements. The cool thing is though, that when we disagree on things it really helps the writing process Because it makes us think of other ideas and a way to meet in the middle and make it all work out.

Derek: Its extremely rewarding to be able to do something like being in a band with your brother and see progress from both an individual standpoint and as a whole band. We clash but only in the best ways!

Could you explain the meaning of your band name and how you came about it?

Derek: The name is just something cool that we thought of, it kind of rolled off the tongue and was easy to remember.

Who is the band’s resident wild card? Any funny stories surrounding them?

Derek: Gage is the bands most prominent wild card. We all have our moments but Gage could fill a book. There are so many stories that it’s hard to just come up with one. The most prominent thing gage does though, is just wander off to go do something that he really wants to do and not tell anyone. He will seriously vanish for hours at a time. Doesn’t matter the city. 

How did you hear about ReverbNation and our opportunities for labels and artists? Had you heard of Manic Kat Records before this opportunity?

Derek: I found ReverbNation back in high school through some friends in the scene. I did know of Manic Kat Records. I had heard a few of their bands and really dug them. That’s what made it so cool to get this record deal!

What do you think is your “it” factor that caught the attention of Manic Kat Records?

Ryder: I think it’s the sound of the songs as a whole. It’s a very powerful sound. Derek’s voice is a key factor as well. It catches the attention of everyone listening and really sets the mood.

Jake: We just sound kind of different.

As a fairly hardcore band yourself, were you excited to be signed by a label that primarily focuses on punk and hardcore music?

Derek: It’s definitely exciting. It’s really nice because they know the sound that we are going for and are genuinely excited about the music. 

How has getting signed impacted your career trajectory? Have your priorities changed now that you have the support of a label behind you?

Derek: It’s impacted our career because now we are really looking at the big picture and what we need to do to make the next big steps in our careers.

Jake: Our priorities have always been the same, make good music and play a lot of shows!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the band’s beginning?

Derek: Don’t stress so much about the little things. Not everything is rush.

Ryder: Write better music.

Jake: I would tell myself, there is no reason to cry before shows.

What is your go-to activity after playing a show? Eating a huge meal, partying with fans, etc.?

Gage: Party.

What’s the next big thing we can expect from New Age Affair?

Derek: We are currently working on an album that will be released with Manic Kat Records. Keep on the lookout for a release date!

RebeccaMeet Manic Kat Records’ Newest Punk Phenomenon: New Age Affair

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  • Sidnei Falanga - October 12, 2019 reply

    Muito bom, se tivermos chance e condições não podemos desprezar as oportunidades!
    Parabéns a essas banda e a vocês da ReverbNation!

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