5 Gifts To Give Your Fans This Holiday

With the holiday season comes the inevitable holiday gift shuffle—and we quickly watch our excitement for the magic of this time of year turn to sheer panic and freak-outs over what to get our parents, partners, friends, and co-workers. 

But what about the people who make so many of our dreams possible? The ones who show up to our 9pm show on a Tuesday night, or share our songs, or follow our every move in anticipation of the next way they can support us?

Of course I’m talking about your fans.

This holiday season, I want you to take a moment and really think about your fans—at this time of year it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the outside stress and feel satisfied with simply sending out a social media “thanks for being here” and call it a day—but don’t they deserve more than that?

Today, I want to share a few ideas to help make this your fans best holiday season yet—all of these are completely customizable, affordable, and can be as DIY as you’d like:

A Super Fan Bundle

This is a really fun way to partner with other artists you love and support (and want your fans to know about) while offering your fans a little something special (and unexpected) this holiday season.

The idea is simple: pick 3-5 other bands—maybe they’re local, but maybe not—and ask them if they’d like to contribute to a super bundle that you’ll each give away to one of your fans. So if there are 5 bands contributing to the bundle (including you) that means there are 5 winners. Each of you contributes something unique, ideally not just one of your CDs but instead, a limited edition merch or maybe a handmade gift like the ones on this list, and then five winners get that super bundle (plus a personalized note/card of course). Even better than just bringing your fans closer to you, you’ll get exposure to an entirely new audience that’s already going to be warmed up to you because their favorite band has vouched for you. 

A Holiday Show

You know what your fans want more of this year? You. So why not give them exactly that with a holiday-themed live show that you can also live stream for your fans that live far away. If you want to take it a step further you can even make it a bit of a pot-luck by providing little snacks and desserts. You know, holiday cookies, or maybe even see if the bar will re-name their cocktails with some holiday flair for the night. Just make it a fun, festive experience. And hang some lights—lights are always good.

Snail Mail

I would lose my mind if a band I loved sent me a Christmas card or even a short note to say how much they appreciated my support and valued me. This holiday, pick up some holiday cards at the store, or even have your own made (they’re actually pretty cheap) and send your fans a token of your appreciation. You can do this a few different ways—send them with orders, or put out a call for addresses on social media, or just surprise a few fans who have been exceptionally loyal or who it seems like need a pick-me-up. This will be a really sweet surprise that they can hang up, show off, and really cherish.

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DIY Santa Hats 

Like your Christmas sweater, this is something you can gather up all the supplies for at the craft store and then 100% make your own, or make for each fan at their request. You can sell these, or, you can simply give them away to fans who come out to your holiday show or buy a special piece of holiday merch. It won’t cost a ton to make or take very long, but it’ll leave a lasting impact on those that receive it.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Your fans love you, so of course, they want to know everything about you and then some! This is why offering them something from “the vault” this holiday season is a sure-fire way to strengthen your relationship with them while giving them something they actually want. 

This can be something holiday-themed like a Christmas cover, or it can be an acoustic or remixed version of an old song, or maybe it’s a lyric video you never ended up releasing, or a mashup 5-min video of all your videos and photos from tour, or a behind-the-scenes studio session—you can even make this a fun thing that runs for a week or two, like The Twelve Days of Christmas, where you share a new behind-the-scenes thing, song, or teaser, all in the leadup to Christmas.

Whatever you decide, I can assure you of this—your fans are going to be thrilled that you’ve thought of them this holiday season, and so very humbled that you’ve done this for them. Happy Holidays!

 Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.

Tyler5 Gifts To Give Your Fans This Holiday


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