What To Do After You Release An Album

When you’ve been working behind the scenes on your album for the last couple of months or maybe even years, getting it out into the world can seem like a huge relief. But let’s not forget to celebrate this for what it is—a huge accomplishment! I mean you took this one idea and you made it into a full-blown reality, and that is HUGE! 

So take a second to celebrate your success and how far you’ve come, because although it can be easy to just move right on to the next thing, I think it’s important to remember that what you’ve just accomplished is a big deal, and if we don’t take the time to really appreciate our accomplishments, what’s the point?

Ok, now that you’ve celebrated, if your album has been out for a little bit and organic interest has died down, you might start to wonder, “Is this it?” All that prep and after a couple weeks the buzz is gone?” 

Don’t get discouraged! There’s a way to revive interest and we’re going to talk about it today.

Keep in mind, this advice assumes you’re following some of our other suggested social media strategies, so check in there if you need a refresher.

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t want to stop the promotion just because the album is out. This means, you want to continue to remind people of the album’s existence well after it’s been released. 

That said, you should never be only promoting your music. For true engagement, you want to be sharing content that has nothing to do with your music, but instead, builds your brand—more on that here.

Now to get into the good stuff! Here are a few unique ways to keep the momentum going.

Lyric graphics

If your lyrics can hold their own (I bet they can) this is a great way to add highly unique, shareable content to your social media. Odds are you already have a few favorite lines, and if you’re still building your following, it probably makes sense to work off that, but there’s also the option of asking your audience.

You could privately message a few of your fans or you could simply post on socials asking fans “what’s your favorite lyric from the new album?” It’s a great way to involve fans and make sure they feel a part of the process. 

Once you have those lyrics, you can create a simple graphic to share around your socials—if the lyrics are relatable enough, it’s going to become shareable pretty quickly. Just don’t forget to add your social handles to the image so if it does get shared people can find you!

When it’s time to spread the word about your music, it’s time to look at Promote It

Behind the scenes 

Behind the scenes photos and videos are an amazing way to invite your fans in, and grab their interest, especially over something that’s already been out for a while. As people, we tend to love the process a lot more than the final product (why else do we watch literally any TV show or movie—it’s not just for those 5 minutes at the end where everything wraps up nicely). 

First, this means taking tons of photos in the studio, on shoot at your music video, at your release show, as you’re receiving the merch you ordered for fans, etc. And sure, you want to share a lot of that as it’s happening, but save some of this for after the fact and then use it as a callback to making the album. You can do this any day, but if you’re feeling self-conscious Throwback Thursday is a great excuse to share.

Just remember to always give your fans a call to action (i.e. if you post a behind the scenes from you in the studio, ask what their favorite song from the album is). If you post a video still and it’s of you on a floatie in a pool, ask what their favorite part of summer was. Have fun with it.


When you’re just looking for a quick something to share, trivia can be a great option. For instance, “Did you know when the idea for Song came to Tommy while he was _____” or posting a photo from the studio and pairing that with trivia AND a call to action like “Can anyone guess which song we were recording here?”

Even better if you can align it to your specific brand and personality, like posting a goofy candid and making a caption contest or a witty one-liner like “Tommy’s face when he heard the first version of ‘song’.”

These are just generic ideas to show you the direction—whatever you post should be unique to you and your brand.

Re-sharing press

Finally, don’t be afraid to re-share press including blogs or playlists you may have been on at the initial release of the album! It’s totally ok to re-share things like this because the reality is, even though we feel like we’re boring everyone with the same content they’ve already seen, odds are they haven’t, and it’s a nice reminder and chance to re-tag the outlet (building those relationships!)

While it can feel like the months after a release is slower, the truth is, they don’t have to be. Keep reminding people of the album with these tactics, continue building your audience through the unique content you post, and you’ll have a more loyal and engaged fan base for albums to come.

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the founder and CEO ofMuddy Paw PR. She loves baked goods, a good book, and hanging with her dog Sawyer.

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  • Chris Dunnett - January 8, 2020 reply

    Excellent tips! Not the same re-hash as many other articles that are similar …well done 🙂

  • Axel - January 9, 2020 reply

    I think emerging artists nowadays should forget about albums until they’re really established and with an audience that’s literally begging for an album. Releasing singles is a much better strategy because you can continuously build hype around each song with new content, in that case lyric graphics, trivia, behind the scenes, press, etc. are really useful.

    Angela Mastrogiacomo - January 9, 2020 reply

    I totally agree! Having a ton of content like that (and especially the vulnerable, behind the scenes kind) is really key to connecting with, and engaging your audience!

  • Fernando Antonio dos Santos - January 9, 2020 reply

    Super well done. Clear simple and I agree with it. – It will not be like “click the button” you have to get in it! Very good piece of advice. Thank You Angela

  • Murphy Dee - January 15, 2020 reply

    I just do music

  • Kattern - January 16, 2020 reply

    Thank You, sounds reasonable, good to know!

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