How To Jump Back Into Music After Years Of Not Playing

Accepting a demanding new non-musical job. The birth of a child. Burnout after years of touring, making music, and losing money. No matter what’s behind the reason someone quits playing music, it’s something that happens within bands and local music communities constantly in music. While some musicians throw their hands up and quit music permanently, others put it on hold temporarily in hopes of picking it up again when they’re able to. Pursuing music after a years-long break isn’t easy, but it’s completely possible. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re trying to get back into the musical habit after being out of the loop for a long time: 

TylerHow To Jump Back Into Music After Years Of Not Playing
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How To Make The Most Of Press For Music

What happens when you’ve spent so much time preparing for the release of a new album that you have every idea of what to do pre-launch while having absolutely NO idea what to do post-launch?

Believe it or not, this is something I see a lot. And yes, it’s a blessing that you should have the good fortune of getting press you weren’t expecting or gaining traction that you couldn’t predict—and you should celebrate!

But it can also be easy to become kind of complacent in it. To appreciate the press sure but, not really know how to properly share or promote it without sounding like you’re bragging, or how to really keep the momentum going after you’ve had a couple releases. 

Not knowing how to make the most of the press coverage you do receive can mean not only losing opportunities in the moment, but burning bridges for future ones too—and I don’t want that for you!

So whether this is your first press run or your 20th, we’ve put together five ways to make the most of press, and be sure you’re setting yourself up for future opportunities to come. 

MikeHow To Make The Most Of Press For Music
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What Does A Manager Do?

It can be a real struggle to know what to do next.

There you are, you’ve created an incredible piece of music and you can’t wait to get it into the world. You know your music is good, but somehow, every time you release a new song, it’s kind of a flop.

TylerWhat Does A Manager Do?
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3 Reasons Meaningful Musical Inspiration Can’t Be Forced

Inspiration can be hard to find if you’ve been a musician for a while. Similar to the cliche telling lonely people that love will find them when they least expect it, it can feel like the harder we work to feel and express inspiration, the farther away it moves from us. One of the most frustrating things about making music is that we can set aside all the dedicated songwriting time we want, but there are no guarantees that we’ll feel inspired as we work. Here are three reasons why inspiration can’t be forced in music:

reverb_administrator3 Reasons Meaningful Musical Inspiration Can’t Be Forced
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How To Find The Best Microphone For Recording

When it comes to home recording equipment, one of the most important and difficult decisions is buying microphones. There are many different types of microphones for many different budgets and the amount of options is sometimes overwhelming. Unfortunately, the abundance of microphone options sometimes leads people to buy the wrong microphone for the wrong occasion. To shed some light on this decision, I’d like to offer some tips to help guide you towards the right one. 

Before we get into the different types of microphones that are available, my biggest suggestion is to test out the microphone you like before you buy it, to make sure you like the results. Ultimately, you should always make your final decision based on what you hear. There are microphones with similar qualities and similar price range to different range of tastes and styles, so our ears are always the greatest judge. 

Here are the different types of microphones and some potential situations that you might use them:

JustinHow To Find The Best Microphone For Recording
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Why You Should Stop Worrying About Success In Music

What does success in music really mean? It’s a question every serious musician is faced with throughout their career. Whether it’s an artist’s public streaming stats or the constant barrage of content associated with famous musicians on social media, we’re constantly reminded of what conventional success looks like in the music industry: wealth, acclaim, and notoriety. For unestablished artists, it can be tempting to focus more on the success of other musicians than the creative merit and limitless possibilities of their own work. Giving in to this temptation is something that’s thwarted the careers of countless musicians. 

MikeWhy You Should Stop Worrying About Success In Music
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