5 Steps To Prepare Your Single Or EP For Release

In the age of streaming, more singles and EPs are being released than albums for various reasons. The first reason is that albums are costlier to make and production takes a longer time. Singles and EPs, on the other hand, are quicker and cheaper to make and are a great way to test new styles. The release process is no different than the production process on this front. With singles and EPs, it is easier to customize the release process and make it as engaging as possible. Here are five steps to prepare your single or EP for a release:

Set a release date and work backwards

While singles typically don’t require a huge planning effort, EPs should be planned at least three months ahead of time. As a rule of thumb, you should finish mastering and have the songs ready for release before starting any promotion. This will help you concentrate on marketing your EP or single, rather than dividing your attention between the creative and business side of your efforts. 

Once you have the music ready to go, the first step is to set a release date. Make sure that the release date is at least three months in advance. Then, work backward from there. 

Create a cover and title

The second step is to create the title of your EP. Once you have selected a title, you can start working on the cover. You can work with a graphic designer, but if you have a concrete idea or a photo that is ready to go, you can also do it yourself. There are many professional-level design applications online. 

The cover should be the first thing that is ready to go, as it will be your main visual component during the promotion effort. Moreover, it might be useful to create a music video or lyric video that is visually consistent with the EP. 

Write a press release and reach out to media

The third step is to write your press release. When you reach out to any kind of media, the most important component of your outreach will be your press release. For this reason, it should contain all the necessary information about you and your release that a journalist might need. 

Your press release should not be longer than a page. Keep it simple, to the point, and informative. Take out any sentences that do not provide new information for the journalist. Make sure the press release includes the EP or single’s cover, the title, the release date, and any information about the concept behind the release. Since EPs consist of a few songs, you can also talk about the songs individually, which is great especially if they have interesting inspirations or stories behind them. I highly suggest doing an internet search to read the press releases of some of your favorite artists. 

When your press release is ready, do some research about which publications might be interested in your release. A great way to get successful results from your research is to find publications that wrote about similar artists. Chances are that the same publications might be interested in your work as well. In many cases, journalists stray away from any release that is not a full album, but there are exceptions of course. If a journalist finds your story interesting to write about, then there’s a chance it might get published. The key is to have an interesting angle that the journalists might be interested to write about. 

Another aspect of getting published is to have a real relationship with the journalist. Even if you haven’t met them in real life, you can still follow them on social media, read their posts, comment on their pictures and make sure they know who you are when you send them the initial email. 

Reach out to your email list

The fourth step is to reach out to your email list. Your email list is one of your most valuable assets, as it gets you to reach out (hopefully) to your most loyal fans. Your biggest fans are the ones who will make the initial purchase, come to your shows, and most importantly, they will be your advocates and the main engine behind the word of mouth marketing of your brand. Make sure that they know that a release is coming before anyone else. 

Announce it on social media

The fifth and final step is to announce the release of your EP or Single on social media. I would refrain from announcing the release too far ahead or too close to the release date. Typically, two weeks to a week is a good time to announce your release unless you have a very detailed plan with a lot of interesting visual material and information to share. You want to keep your audience aware, but not overwhelmed. So a good rule of thumb would be to post every other day once you make your announcement.

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Final words

These are the five steps to prepare your single and EP for release. EP and single releases are innovative and open for customization so you can experiment with new steps and add some more features to your release strategy. It is all about your objective in the end. So feel free to discover more ways you can prepare further. 

Dave5 Steps To Prepare Your Single Or EP For Release


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  • Al - April 1, 2020 reply

    This is a complete waste of time. You might get a few plays, but so what? Tons of free music out there so nobody is going to buy it unless you are a well-known and established artist.

    Lucky Bailey - August 2, 2020 reply

    Do it cuz u love it. How can u go wrong?

  • Mobolanle - April 1, 2020 reply

    Very helpful, thanks. I will be releasing my first gospel album on the 13th and I am looking for a platform to do so.

    Kelly Husted - October 14, 2020 reply

    Keep your heart on God and don’t focus on getting fame or fortune as God is not interested in that and you shouldn’t be either. We are not to be of the world, so be careful. I went through much discouragement and almost quit recording the songs God gave me. But I keep my mind and heart on Him and pleasing Him instead of man.
    I pray God uses your music to touch people as it is intended to do. Bring healing, turn hearts toward God, and convict those who are not walking right with God…

    Micthexception - September 14, 2021 reply

    I grew up in the church and I always wondered how people believe writings from thousands of years ago, written by men who “heard the voice of God” and interestingly enough seem to update it every year into a “new edition”. I wonder if “God” is sending publishers his updates directly or by sms lol. Best thing I’ve learned from religion is to develop your own relationship with God, just like you have to with your followers. @mobo hope to hear more about your album. All the best. I LOVE gospel music that is sincere and relatable. GO GET IT👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Dave good info buddy. Thank you

    Guchie - October 23, 2021 reply

    I totally agree. You want to grow make God priority. Once you focus on fame you lose God and that’s when you start going down.

  • Bill Long - April 2, 2020 reply

    Get ISRC # for the final.

  • Paul Hulm - April 2, 2020 reply

    Good thinking Bill

  • Lavonne - April 25, 2020 reply

    Hey Johnny, It’s me LaVonne .
    Remember me? Dang it’s been soooo many years ago. When we did Eddie Money at the Stockton Fair Grounds and my husband and I got the RV .. You were offered to tour with Eddie Money . How about the Rooster Tail? Reno? You have always been truly talented.
    Stay true to you –
    Respectfully- Lavonne Timm

  • Rod White - June 3, 2020 reply

    A press release is definitely a good tool to use to introduce the Artists to the media (whether up and coming or established acts). It also wouldn’t hurt to try to get interview spots on podcast and/or internet radio stations to help promote music to new fans as well.

  • Lucky Bailey - August 2, 2020 reply

    Very good writer. And ur music is methodically beautiful.

  • Jabulani - November 21, 2020 reply

    Thank you very much for this valuable information. I have been composing gospel songs (that God has been freely giving me from my youth days), but I have been allowing fear (for failure) to take control. I am in my 40s now and my wife brought the subject of working on a single (at least) only last week and coming across this site only allayed any remaining doubt. I know God will be with me.
    God bless you!

  • Career Portal - January 30, 2022 reply

    If you are preparing to release a full album or EP, you will want to drop a single first to build anticipation and learnings for the upcoming larger work. Now more than ever, singles play a major role in how audiences listen to music. Listening habits have vastly changed leaving today’s listeners less inclined to check out other tracks by the same artist when they stumble upon a song they like. Utilize your single release to educate you about top-performing countries, cities and fan demographics.

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