4 Reasons You Should Release New Music More Frequently

Releasing music frequently is becoming increasingly important in the age of streaming. Since there is so much music being released every day, artists who spend years between releases run the risk of being forgotten. As listeners have an immense amount of music in their hands, people are less likely to wait for albums for a few years. The attention spans have shortened and it might take a lot of work to kickstart your social and online presence after being gone for a while. So, it is a much better strategy to release music in smaller packages and more often. In this post, I’ll talk about 4 reasons why you should release new music more frequently.

1. New music keeps fans engaged

Releasing music more often keeps fans engaged. This is not to say that you should be releasing a new single every month. However, if possible, it would be great to release a new single at least once every three to four months. 

Fans love getting new music, especially if you don’t have a lot of music out yet. It’s great to show your listeners that you’re making new music and creating new songs. People talk about you more. You get more social media traffic. It increases your chance of getting press. So, in order to create engagement and to get the conversation going, you should put out a new single at least once every quarter. 

2. More frequent releases increase chances of playlist placements

With every release, you increase your chances of getting placed in large playlists. This is one of the greatest advantages of releasing a new single every few months. Larger playlists, such as editorial or algorithmic playlists largely depend on having good data. This is especially true in the first week of the release. Good data, in addition to having your songs streamed a lot, means also having a lot of listeners ‘liking’ your songs, adding your songs on their playlists, not skipping your songs, and just listening to your songs more. 

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As you release music more frequently, you might get placed into more playlists and gain more listeners. This is because when you release new music, your followers are notified by the streaming platforms. New releases also get into algorithmic playlists, showcasing new music released that week. These playlists are reserved for one song per artist. So, if you release an album, only one song will be placed in this playlist. 

This means if you take two years to release an album, you will get one playlist placement in two years. However, if you release a new song each quarter, that means you will get four playlist placements per year! Thus, it’s safe to say that frequent releases increase your chances of playlist placements as they lead to better data. 

3. Frequent releases allow flexibility in experimenting with new styles

Frequent music releases are mostly in the form of singles and perhaps EPs. These are great for experimenting with new genres and testing the waters with new styles. For this reason, an artist can easily justify a single song release outside of their genre. 

With streaming data, you can see how many people listened to your new song, and certain relevant demographic information. Ultimately, getting streaming data about your new release will help you better analyze if this new sound is resonating with your fans or not. Based on this, you will have a better idea of which styles you should be working on going forward.

4.  Get more listeners to follow your profile, so they will be notified when you upload a new track

A very exciting feature on most streaming platforms is that they notify users when their favorite band releases new music. This means that when you get your listeners to follow you, they will be notified when you release new music. This takes us to the first point, which is creating engagement. The more music you release, the more your listeners will be notified. And those listeners will listen to your new music in the first week giving you a better chance of getting placed into playlists. So, getting more followers to follow you leads to great numbers. The more people who listen and follow your music, the better chance you have of increasing your success. 

There are many more advantages of releasing music often, especially in the context of live music. However, for the time being, it is a good idea to focus on creating a large audience base, improving your streaming data, and making sure fans are aware of your already existing catalog, while making new additions every quarter. 

Colton4 Reasons You Should Release New Music More Frequently


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  • Metin2 Hile - July 6, 2020 reply

    Thank you for sharing this !

  • Daniel NY Obeng - July 8, 2020 reply

    It’s an eye opener
    But I am ready to go on tour
    Sitting down releasing new music every quarter is not going to help because I wanna be in the playlist whilest peeps enjoy the music without a concert.

  • Charlie - July 8, 2020 reply

    How often?

  • Mark Leslie Pinkus - July 8, 2020 reply

    lots of very informative info and very relevant to today’s music industry shifts and changes. thanks very for your insight and suggestions.

  • Abrown - July 8, 2020 reply


  • Kuthro - July 8, 2020 reply

    Thanks for the Info by quarterly is best !%…

  • D. Blow - July 8, 2020 reply

    I apologize from the start.
    I do not agree.
    What is it I am releasing? New material? Copies? Karaoke?Half ass thought out rifts and verses that anyone can “steal”?
    NO. The world that existed in the past is a wash out. Nobody is doing concerts and if they are, then they are contributing to the pandemic that will squash all our asses if we don’t work together to stop the spread. The spread, not the epidemic itself, but the spread of it. i’m very upset with the pandemic and the way the public gathering is limited

  • BONNEAU - July 9, 2020 reply

    This is all very nice, you talk of streaming getting more listeners growing the fan base…And guess what nobody buying the songs ! And since the live show venues are all closed up there isn’t much left to do…So the streaming platforms will make even more money but not the artists ! You should have a blog on selling songs maybe this would help all these struggling artist.

    Aries Marquis - July 19, 2020 reply

    What planet are you on? Nobody is BUYING music anymore, and literally 100% of all music industry stats point to this. Downloading and CDs are a thing of the past. Streaming is the #1 way revenue is being made in the music industry of 2020. Major labels, Indie labels, and indie artists are ALL living from streams. Artists are struggling because they lack of a marketing strategy, lack of work ethic, and living in the music industry of 1998.

  • PiperSins - July 12, 2020 reply

    Hey to all,
    You know, I have been doing it this way just to try it by putting online a brand new piece of music every 2 – 3 weeks, releasing a new single about twice a month and what really bugs me almost the most is that I’m still going nowhere. I played drums in bands for 30 dam years and helped these players make some badass music because I was a seriously badass drummer…but the music never went anywhere. And then tragedy struck me down in the form of an auto accident. I suffered severe right arm and shoulder damage that forced me to retire my drumming career. and now it’s 20 years later and for the last 8 of those 20 years up to right now I’ve been doing music on my own because hey, no band wants a retarded arm member in their band, and I wasn’t going to go down the Rick Allen Avenue playing with one arm (I lost 60% use of my right arm and hand). So after being out of music for 12 years I came back with an idea and a new fire breathing drive to do music, the whole thing on my own, and I’ve done just that! I’m halfway through my own 5th self made album of Metal Music in my newest venture, “PiperSins Metal Music Project” and on one website my music has been played and liked a lot by, not regular listening fans but by other bands and musicians from all over the world who are also on the site, and my music has been played over 133,000 times with tons of great comments and I couldn’t be more pleased because that tells me a lot about how good my project is and just how original and unique my brand of music is. So…
    Keep an eye out for PiperSins…You won’t be sorry you heard it…How much do you Sin…

  • Teboho - July 12, 2020 reply

    Hi there,
    My name is Teboho Letlaka, (an Independant, unsigned and unfounded self-taught singer/songwriter, keyboards-player ) from a small town known as King William s’town, Eastern-Cape Province Of South Africa. Most of my friends and everybody else, call me by nickname “Tebs”. I’ve been a registered member of South African Music Rights Organization (SAMRO) for almost two decades now, thou I had not released online any of my originally written songs. I’ve been also one of Reverbnation’s subscribers for a couple of years now. Presently I’m using the YAMAHA QS-300 Music-Production Synthesizer, as a tool to create my original tracks. Just wanted to say to you all that I’m always inspired whenever I watch and listen to your live-video messages because they are incredibly a learning to me and so amazing.

  • Betist - September 1, 2020 reply

    Thank you very much for the information you provide.

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