4 Ways To Utilize Streaming Data To Market Your Music

Today, major streaming services offer the listeners’ demographics data to artists, which creates huge opportunities for artists on many fronts. It is an incredible opportunity to know where your audience lives, what age group they belong to, and who else they listen to, especially for planning your marketing strategy. So, in this post, I’d like to go into four ways you can utilize streaming data to market your music:

1. Create targeted social media ads 

In order to have a successful social media ad campaign, you need to target the right audience. Targeting your audience is so important, it can make or break your campaign. In this way, streaming data is incredibly helpful to tell you who your fans are. By knowing what age group your listeners belong to, or where they live, or their gender and their favorite music, you can actually target the best audience for your campaign instead of taking a shot in the dark. This will save you considerable time and money at the end of the day. 

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Using an ad service, such as Promote It, you can create and measure campaigns. What matters at the end is your goal: perhaps you would like more followers, or you would like to promote your new video or perhaps you are promoting an upcoming tour.

2. Brand Partnerships

One of the best ways you can use streaming data is to reach out to organizations and companies whose main audience is the same as yours. Since you both speak to the same audience, it might make sense to partner up and join your forces together. Of course, you would need a good social media following and engagement to show to a brand.

As an example, imagine that you created a song in the LoFi style and you reached thousands of people with this song. LoFi genre tends to be listened to by a younger audience, typically in the 16-24 age group, or in other words, Gen Z. There are many brands today trying to figure out how to reach this demographic. If you have a lot of fans in this age group, then you can be of great help to brands trying to reach this audience. 

Similarly, the brand could expose you to more audiences or you can perhaps even get a sponsorship, being the ‘face of the organization.’ Using your streaming data to get more opportunities is a great way to expand your marketing efforts.  

3. Artists to collaborate with

Your streaming demographic data might also help you find out who are the artists you can collaborate with. After all, if you and another artist speak to a similar audience, there’s no reason why you should not join forces together! This potential collaboration could not only be limited to performing, but could also include recording a song together. 

Moreover, streaming data actually shows other artists that your fans listen to. This is a great opportunity to find out who you can partner up with. Listen to their music first and try reaching out to them. It could also work the other way around where you can reach out to an artist that you like their music and you think you could partner up. Asking never hurts! In any case, using your demographic data for musical partnerships could lead to big opportunities.

4. Choose the song to pitch and promote

Your streaming data not only shows you the amount of streams, but also the number of playlists placed, and how many times it was saved to the listeners’ libraries. By using a combination of these three data points, you can detect which songs are getting more engagement.

Moreover, the higher engagement your song gets, the easier it will be to promote the song. After all, if you have a good song, it will be liked by more people, which will eventually get you more fans. Similarly, if a song is getting a good engagement, it is much easier to pitch it to different playlists. 

So, by using a song that has good engagement data, you can actually spend less time and to reach out to more people using the right song! 

Final Words

To sum up, these are the four ways to utilize streaming data to market your music. Keep in mind that there are many more ways to market your music using data, but these are the ones that could be the easiest to start with. Knowing where your audience lives, their age group, their gender, and similar artists to you, is a great way to plan your marketing efforts. It saves you so much time and effort, and allows you to concentrate your resources in an efficient manner. 

Colton4 Ways To Utilize Streaming Data To Market Your Music


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