3 Questions To Ask Before Posting Content To Your Social Media

One of the biggest challenges of creating a solid social media presence is to publish quality content consistently. Many artists post about concerts, recording sessions, and music videos, but they struggle with keeping their content consistent throughout their feed. 

Consistency means an organized social media page that fits your artistic identity. The posts should have a cohesive theme and color palette, easy to follow, and overall, nicely presented. It will make you look more professional. And also, one of the major ways an indie artist can be distinguished from a major label artist will be from their social media profiles.

This does not mean indie artists don’t have a good social media presence. But, if you go to the social media page of almost any major label artist, you will notice how consistent their posts are. So from now on, you should focus on creating consistency on your social feed(s) and remove any posts that don’t fit who you are as an artist and your brand. 

So, in this blog post, we’re going to look at how to make your posts more consistent. In order to do that, before making a post next time, you should ask these three questions to yourself. If the answers are yes to all three of these questions, then post it. 

1) Will this piece of content help convey my story?

The first thing you need to think in terms of your branding is your story as an artist. How did you start making music? Why do you play music? What is your motivation with your music and what effect do you want it to have it on your listeners?  Can you transmit this message to your listeners easily?

These are important questions to think about. Your listeners need to know who you are, what you stand for, and your story. Once you have your story and your motivation clearly aligned, then ask yourself: “Will the content I’m about to post help convey my story or motivation?” If the answer is yes, then move on to the next question. 

2) Will this piece of content help increase my reputation?

You always want your reputation to incrementally get better with every post you make on social media. It’s important to highlight the successful developments in your career as a musician. If you receive an award, or if you have an upcoming project with an important artist etc, these are great ways to increase your reputation. But this does not mean just talking about your success and hiding negative things about your life. It also means that you show the audience who you are as an artist and give them reasons why they should listen to your music while you highlight the good things about your career as well. 

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3) Will this piece of content help my audience connect with me?

For creating engagement this is the most important question. As an artist you want true fans, not just one time listeners, and in order to get true fans, you need to help your listeners connect with you. 

The way to connect your listeners with you is to think about how you can make their lives better. Show your listeners what your music can do for them.

It’s not just about music after all, you need to find ways your music serves people. Perhaps your music makes people dance, makes them joyful, or it’s calming. Whichever it is, find how your music contributes to the lives of your listeners and focus on that effect. 

When making your social media post, ask yourself if the content you’re about to post will help your audience members connect with you or not. If this content is going to strengthen your bond with your listeners and help you potentially turn them into true fans, then post it! It is that straightforward.

Final Words

So these are three main questions you should ask yourself before posting something on your social media account. Keep in mind that if you are serious about your music and your artist identity, you can no longer use your social media account like a personal page. You need to think like a business and act like one, because if this is not a hobby for you, then you are a business!

As a business does, you will notice that these three questions will help you think about your artistic identity and what message do you want to convey in your branding. In this way, these three questions are extremely helpful and help you figure out your artistic identity. 

As you answer them, you will hopefully gain a habit of posting content that matches your branding identity and your feed will be full of posts that are consistent, and that help you convey your message to your fans. 

Tyler3 Questions To Ask Before Posting Content To Your Social Media


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