5 Ways Music Makes Life Better For Your Listeners

For serious musicians, it’s tempting to obsess over perfecting a specific song and miss the big picture of how the world interacts with music. Music is one of humanity’s most ubiquitous and impactful artforms. Think about it for a second. As humans, we rely on an endless combination of sounds and silences to celebrate weddings, mourn the deaths of loved ones, pump ourselves up for competitions, and help us cope with the pangs of unrequited love. This is why for countless people music is an essential part of life. Since it helps to remember how our audiences relate to the music we make, here are five ways music makes life better for your listeners:

Colton5 Ways Music Makes Life Better For Your Listeners
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5 Signs Fans Are Meaningfully Engaging With Your Music

We’re living in a bizarre time in music where it’s completely possible for an artist to be streamed thousands of times a day without having any true fans. Meaningful engagement between musicians and audiences has never been more important in the age of playlists and streaming, but it’s not always easy to tell when or how audiences are showing genuine enthusiasm about your music. Here are five signs that show that someone is becoming more than just a casual listener of your music.

Rebecca5 Signs Fans Are Meaningfully Engaging With Your Music
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3 Ways To Create More Conversations With Your Followers

The objective of social media is no longer getting the most ‘likes,’ but to create the most engagement. Social networks have adjusted their algorithms since it became so easy to ‘buy’ likes. Thus, users with more engagement become more visible. But what does ‘engagement’ really mean?

Colton3 Ways To Create More Conversations With Your Followers
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4 Signs That A Song Isn’t Ready For Release

In today’s shockingly competitive music industry, it’s not easy knowing how much music to release and how often. There’s a feeling that between how hungry listeners are for new music and the astounding number of new songs uploaded to major streaming platforms every day that artists will lose their audience’s attention without constantly releasing music.

Tyler4 Signs That A Song Isn’t Ready For Release
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5 Differences Between In-Person And Digital Concerts

As the music industry continues to adjust, it’s becoming more and more clear that digital concerts are going to be a much larger part of the way audiences enjoy music moving forward. To get the most out of live-streaming shows as artists, the first thing we have to remember is that they’re not a suitable replacement for in-person experiences––far from it. Instead, we’re better off seeing digital concerts as completely separate performance opportunities with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. If you’re new to the world of digital performances, here are some important ways they differ from conventional concerts:

Dave5 Differences Between In-Person And Digital Concerts
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4 Skills For Musicians To Develop

Since the music industry crossed over to the virtual world in 2020, musicians now have the opportunity to develop new skills to enhance their business and their craft. 

These skills include branding, recording music, releasing music, and developing fan relationships. So, in this article we will discuss why it is important to develop these four skills:

Dave4 Skills For Musicians To Develop
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3 Promotional Changes To Consider

At least over the short-term, the pandemic is transforming almost everything about music, including the way artists need to promote their work effectively and enduringly. Whether it’s heading off on tour to promote a new record to sending CDs out to college radio stations, the usual ways of getting the word out about music are being upended. Here are three current promotional changes you should think about if you’re sharing new music right now:

Tyler3 Promotional Changes To Consider
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