4 Ways To Make Your New Release More Visual

In today’s world of music streaming, thousands of songs are being released every day. As listeners, this is wonderful because it gives us access to a lot of new music. On the other hand, for us artists, that means we have to compete with each other for the attention of our listeners. 

Given the circumstances, it is no longer enough to just ask for listeners to check out our new music. There has to be something more, something that keeps listeners engaged and something that will eventually drive them to subscribe to our channels, buy our CDs, view our livestreams, and in the post-pandemic world, to buy tickets to our concerts. The key is to have loyal fans who will advocate your music. 

One of the best ways to turn listeners into fans is to regularly create engaging content on social media. This goes for your back catalog, as well as for your upcoming releases. In a world full of new releases every day, visual content is so important to keep fans engaged. 

In this blog post, we will outline four ways you can make your upcoming releases more visual:

1. Create videos

The easiest and the best way to make your upcoming release is to make videos. I can hear you say “What kind?” The answer would be, as many kinds as possible: music videos, lyric videos, live performance videos, acoustic versions, etc.

People love watching live performance videos and they bring extra attention to songs. Something about watching their favorite artists perform makes people happy, and consequently fans engage greatly with this kind of content. Even a simple smartphone video can make all the difference. Or, you can make a more professional video and get even better results. 

During the pandemic, it is sometimes not possible to get all the musicians together in the same room. But you can still record your tracks separately and put it together using a video editing software. 

Another kind of video that drives engagement is lyric video, as people like reading through the lyrics of their songs. Moreover, lyric videos are fun to sing along to and send to your friends. It’s also engaging content you can easily develop yourself. 

2. Use your cover art in a proactive way

Another great way to make your upcoming release more visual is to use your cover art in a proactive way. Most artists will post their cover art to announce their releases, but most of the time this is not very effective. What gets good results is your favorite artist holding a vinyl or CD of the cover art in their hands! 

The point is, by having you, the artist engage with the cover art, you are driving the audience to give a reaction to your promotion effort. This is a proactive way of promoting your artwork of your upcoming release. This could even be done by simply printing your cover on paper and holding it.

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3. Create a color-consistent photo portfolio. 

If you mostly have sepia tones in your album cover art, then make sure your press photos and headshots are also in these tones. 

Or, if your cover art has colors of red and yellow, do not create press photos of black and blue colors. Make sure your press photos are also in the varying tones of red and yellow. They don’t have to be the exact same colors as your cover art, but by making your photos color consistent with your cover art, you look more ‘on brand’ as an artist. 

Staying on brand shows that you are planning ahead, and it shows that you take your brand seriously and professionally. 

4. Create merchandise

The final and effective way to make your upcoming release more visual is to create merchandise using your cover artwork. This is a twofold strategy: On the first side, you can share and develop media based on your merchandise. For instance, by taking inspiration from #2, you can take and post a picture of you wearing or holding a t-shirt that features your cover art. The second side would include putting the merchandise on sale and creating extra revenue from it. So, by creating merchandise you can both create engagement and drive revenue!

Final Words

These are four of the many ideas to make your upcoming release more visual. Remember that the key is to drive engagement, so different artists might have different ideas that work for them. The idea is to try as many ideas as possible and find which one works best for you. These four ideas might be a good start, and you can go along with these and then branch out to other ideas that will help you visualize and promote your upcoming release. 

Rebecca4 Ways To Make Your New Release More Visual


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