How The Pandemic Is Impacting Bands

As soon as lockdowns forced the mass cancelation of live events in the spring of 2020, it was clear that the music industry was going to be severely impacted. While solo artists and producers have taken huge hits, bands and other collaborative music projects have been uniquely impacted. While technology has undoubtedly helped musicians get through this last year, it’s also shown bands its limitations. Virtual concerts have been a godsend, but they’re nothing like real shows. The same goes for digital band rehearsals.

DaveHow The Pandemic Is Impacting Bands
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How To Not Break Up Your Band

Keeping a band together over a long period of time can be incredibly hard to do, even for successful musicians with every resource at their fingertips. In part, this is because the relationships in bands are endlessly complex, but also because pursuing the dream of music alone or with a group of people is rife with challenges. It’s safe to say that countless promising bands break up before they have the chance to create truly great music together. This means the longer you can keep yours humming along, the better chance you’ll have at creating impactful music and realizing your goals. 

TylerHow To Not Break Up Your Band
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Why You Should Create Multiple Versions Of Your Songs

We all know that writing, producing, and recording one song is a ton of work, so it’s fair to ask why it’s worth the trouble of creating multiple versions of your tracks. But between music-hungry audiences, streaming algorithms that favor different versions of the same song, and big creative benefits, it’s worth trying out different approaches for your songs. Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

ColtonWhy You Should Create Multiple Versions Of Your Songs
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5 Tips For Prioritizing Curiosity In Your Songwriting Practice

Curiosity is by far one of the most important traits to embrace as a songwriter. By asking questions, you’ll get new perspectives for your music; ways of seeing and hearing that will take your music into exciting new directions. But coupled with curiosity is the risk of failure, and whether we realize it or not while writing, most of us try our best to avoid failure at all costs, even if that means not living up to our potential as music-makers. Pursuing music in an open, curious way takes intention and work. These five strategies will help you to prioritize curiosity in your songwriting practice:

Colton5 Tips For Prioritizing Curiosity In Your Songwriting Practice
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