When Persistence Starts To Get In Your Way As A Musician

Persistence is one of the most valuable qualities to have as a musician. The “I won’t take no for an answer” attitude is an amazing quality to possess when you can’t seem to move a song idea forward or get anywhere in your local music scene. But what about the times that you should really take no for an answer? Persistence is a gift in an industry as competitive and soul-crushing as music, but without a flexible mindset and a willingness to learn, adapt, and grow, it could be holding you back.

TylerWhen Persistence Starts To Get In Your Way As A Musician
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When Is A Song Truly Finished?

A song is a complicated thing. In your mind, your favorite songs probably feel like concrete, unchangeable ideas that are forever fixed, but the artists responsible for making the music you love might feel differently. Knowing when a song is “done” is important for songwriters, but, as we’ll find out, it’s a complicated thing that’s different for everyone.

JayWhen Is A Song Truly Finished?
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4 Tips For Recording Your Own Sessions

Recording can be a grueling process even when a professional audio engineer is at the helm. But when an artist acts as a performer, producer, and recording engineer, it gets even trickier. Between the affordable cost of DIY recording equipment and a modern listening audience that’s come to expect a constant stream of new music, more artists are recording their own sessions than ever before. Self-recording is by no means an easy process, but you’ll be far better off if you remember these basic tips:

Colton4 Tips For Recording Your Own Sessions
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How To Overcome Nerves On Stage

With venues opening their doors again in many parts of the world, you might find yourself feeling strangely nervous to perform in front of other people for the first time in years. Or, you could be new to live music and overwhelmed with dread at the thought of getting up on stage. Nerves can be a serious problem for performing musicians and stage fright has the power to thwart your performances even if you’ve practiced more than you think you need to. But nervousness doesn’t have to cause problems for your music career if you prepare in the right ways. Gradual exposure to live performance situations can help you overcome your fears and thrive on stage.

KrissyHow To Overcome Nerves On Stage
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5 Boring Things That Will Change The Way You Make Music

Music makes us and our listeners feel big, sexy, and profound things, so it can be tempting to think embracing extremes all the time will help us make our best work. But, as it turns out, this really isn’t the case. So often, unsexy things like planning, consistency, and discipline are the things that will help you be your best and most productive musical self as a songwriter. Here are five boring things to import into your musical life to help you create your best music:

Colton5 Boring Things That Will Change The Way You Make Music
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