10 content ideas for when you’re stuck

Being stuck with nothing to post is the absolute worst, isn’t it? You know you need to provide something to your fans but no matter how many articles you read or how much scrolling you do absolutely nothing is coming to mind.

So what do you do? You don’t post of course. You don’t post and you feel bad about it and then the whole cycle repeats itself the next day. That’s no way to keep going — in circles — and it’s definitely not a great way to actually grow a fan base or expand your music career.

So, we’ve compiled 10 content ideas for when you’re feeling stuck. A simple list you can scroll through when you’re feeling like there’s just nothing to post. Because we know that’s not true; you’ve got lots to say and share, and it’s about time your fans saw that.

1. Share the process

It’s the oldest advice in the book for good reason. It works and there are so many different ways to do this! Sharing your process can mean so many things. It can be the process of writing music, lyrics, studio time, touring…and all aspects of those things. The before stage (planning, plotting, etc.) the during (recording, performing, etc.), and the after (the celebration, disappointment, appreciation, etc.)

2. Being real

If being a goofball is part of your brand, show it off! Things like sharing the inside moments of your band, the things that might seem mundane (but make you very relatable), singing in the car, drumming on everything around your house, air guitar, anything that fits with your personality. You might think it’s not worth sharing but trust me, you’re more relatable than you think and that’s what will help you connect with fans.

3. Show off your studio (or home office, writing space, etc)

Where does all that music magic happen? Show us! Maybe it’s a cozy corner of your room, a basement apartment, a studio you have regular access to, wherever it is, show it off and maybe even share about your process while you’re at it. We as people love to see other people’s spaces and the processes and feelings attached with them.

4. Photos and videos from live shows

Even if they aren’t recent, sharing clips from your shows alongside captions to promote upcoming shows, or simply share an anecdote or how much you appreciate your fans for coming out, it’s a great way to showcase how great your live show is while connecting with fans. If you’re short on live show material, ask friends or family in the audience to record video or take photos of your set. You can even consider hiring local college photographers or videographers for special shows and then repurpose that content throughout the year.

5. Cover song

You can’t beat a good cover song for finding new fans and making existing ones love you more. There’s something about the familiarity of a song we already know and love being sung by a different band, in a new way, that makes us curious, excited, and engaged. You could even consider making it a regular part of your content!

6. Share the story behind your name/lyrics/song

I love a good deep-dive into how things came about and so will your fans. Sharing how you came up with your band name, or your most popular song, or a certain lyric you or your fans have always loved is a fun way to share about yourself while (subtly) promoting your music. 

7. Trends

Look at different trends happening across the platforms (especially TikTok), or look to timeless ones like “How it started vs how it’s going” or “what people think making music is like vs what it’s actually like” (a spin on “what people think i do…”) and make it work for you.

For how it’s started vs how it’s going you could share the first band photo you ever took vs now, or a photo of an empty room (your first shows) and the packed audience now, with a caption like “thank you for being a part of this journey with us.” It’s a fun way to show how far you’ve come and the appreciation you feel for your fans. 

8. Reels recap

A Reels recap pinned to the top of your profile can be a way to share a snippet of your band in 60-90 seconds. Kind of like a live show reel you might send a venue, but for your brand. It can show clips of your music, your band in action (including behind the scenes footage) and have one of your songs as the audio. The caption can share a bit about you for newcomers to your profile, and serve as a great introduction.

9. Throwback photos

Whether a photo from the first time you picked up a guitar to you as a toddler banging on pots and pans or even just a photo of the band when it first started, throwback posts are a fun way to share something different while giving a bit of history and context of the band.

10. Inspiration

Sharing photos, video, or captions that pay homage to the inspiration that brought you wherever you are today can give fans a look at what makes you who you are and give them a new appreciation for what brought you here. This could be photos of you idols, an essay about the best shows you’ve been to or your favorite album, a playlist of influential songwriters, etc.

Final thoughts

These are just ideas—at the end of the day you want to create content that’s true to you and the audience you want to attract. That means more than anything being authentic, true to yourself, and sharing content that you think is fun and interesting. If you think that, your audience will too!

Angela Tyler is the founder of MP Co. (formerly Muddy Paw PR) and has secured placements on Forbes, American Songwriter, Lead Singer Syndrome, & more. She loves dessert, her dog Sawyer, and new music—feel free to send her yours!

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