5 New Things about Streaming Platforms Every Musician Should Know

Music platforms are rolling out a lot of big things this quarter, from new royalty proposals, to new playlist formats, to new data features.

Let’s catch up on five of the biggest recent developments in music streaming.

And to make it easy, here’s a quick video recap!

1. Controversy over the “artist-centric” royalty model

First, the debate continues over Deezer’s proposed “artist-centric” royalty model, which aims to pay less per-stream to artists who get very few plays, and more to artists who get more plays, putting an emphasis on music that listeners actually searched for, as opposed to more passive listening.

2. New data about your music on TIDAL

TIDAL Artist Home has made a few additions to your artist dashboard, including:

  • Your top 5 tracks
  • Your top 10 countries
  • And the age breakdown of your listeners

3. New Spotify Promo Cards for you (maybe?)

Spotify is bringing its “Promo Cards” to songwriters. Which is cool. But you have to already have an active Songwriter Page or Written By playlist on Spotify for it to work.

4. New Daylist format on Spotify

Daylist is a newly-launched Spotify format that serves up music customized to your daily patterns, so if you listen to Classical during coffee, and EDM at work, and hip-hop at the gym, it’ll try to match those moods throughout your day.

5. New in-the-moment listening via Spotify Jam

Spotify also rolled out something called JAM, which encourages people on the same wi-fi network — though you can also invite people around the world — to listen together in real-time and collaborate on the playlist.

Can you imagine the fights that will ensue when one of your friends kills the party vibe by adding some weird track to the queue of your dance mix? Awkward! 

Chris Robley5 New Things about Streaming Platforms Every Musician Should Know

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  • Ron Sanderson - October 14, 2023 reply

    Interesting ideas but it’s like top 40 radio ,the well known stay known while the newer artist get less of a deal. The ABC in Australia found the algorithms tended to favour northern hemisphere artist more so it’s tougher ro get known from here.

  • John - October 14, 2023 reply

    It’s all set up to screw you either way.
    If we are already working fir free, let’s all pull our music togethet until things change and put the crooks out of business

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