Tips For An Engaging Social Media Takeover

Have you ever gone out for drinks with your friends, and it turns out they’ve brought along another friend who you don’t already know? It might feel a little weird at first, but as soon as you get to talking you realize that you actually get along really well with this new person—and the more

Why A Social Media Detox Can Be Great For Your Career

What would it feel like to not worry about how many “likes” your new photo just got? To not obsessively hit “refresh” after posting a new song, waiting to see if it’s getting the attention and praise you’d hoped.

3 Questions To Ask Before Posting Content To Your Social Media

One of the biggest challenges of creating a solid social media presence is to publish quality content consistently. Many artists post about concerts, recording sessions, and music videos, but they struggle with keeping their content consistent throughout their feed. 

5 Great Content Ideas To Get More Fans On Social Media

There are many great ideas for social media content, but some are more effective in driving engagement to your page.  We live at a time where social media is no longer about getting the most likes or views, but it is about creating an ongoing conversation with your fans. So here are five content ideas

Do You Need Social Media As An Artist?

In today’s day and age, it’s not enough to just make music and release it. While it is not impossible to just release music, go viral, and jump-start your career, it’s becoming increasingly harder to do so. The entry level for producers to create a professional sounding track is very low because of how affordable

5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working And How To Fix It

When it comes to social media, you’re either a natural or you’re not. Some people have the gift of virtual gab, making their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds an incredible place to be. For the rest of us, pumping out interesting content on a daily basis and creating something that makes our followers want to

What To Post On Social Media As A Musician

Though bands have had the ability to share anything and everything with their fans in real time for years now, many of them still haven’t figured out what’s worth posting and what should be held back. Some bands adopt a philosophy of complete openness and transparency when it comes to what they share. If they