The Complete Music Distribution Checklist

10 Things You Need Before You Release Music 

Your track is mixed and you’re excited to distribute your new music

But you may have some additional work ahead before your song is ready for global music distribution.

A rocket needs a launchpad. Cereal needs a box. And your music needs… 

… these 10 things in order to reach the ears of listeners around the world:

Chris RobleyThe Complete Music Distribution Checklist
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The One-Minute Music News Review (10/13/23)

Get your whole week of MUSIC NEWS in under 60 seconds!

This week’s stories include:

  • Bandcamp acquisition and layoffs
  • Paid TikTok
  • Amazon AMP closure
  • and more
Chris RobleyThe One-Minute Music News Review (10/13/23)
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5 New Things about Streaming Platforms Every Musician Should Know

Music platforms are rolling out a lot of big things this quarter, from new royalty proposals, to new playlist formats, to new data features.

Let’s catch up on five of the biggest recent developments in music streaming.

Chris Robley5 New Things about Streaming Platforms Every Musician Should Know
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Live Nation Will Pay Touring Artists $1,500 “Gas & Travel” Stipend Per Show

Live Nation’s new On the Road Again program aims to pay headliners and support acts $1500 per show for gas and travel expenses.

The company promises to disperse “tens of millions of dollars in extra earnings to club artists and crew” over the next few months. This comes at a time when inflation and unpredictable attendance have made touring a more challenging endeavor for many artists.

Chris RobleyLive Nation Will Pay Touring Artists $1,500 “Gas & Travel” Stipend Per Show
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How to Make Touring Possible & Profitable for Emerging Artists

Touring is hard. That’s always been true, whether you’re Taylor Swift or a brand new band with very few fans.

But given the challenges of inflation and unpredictable attendance at live events in 2023, touring might feel more difficult than ever. Especially if you haven’t built a reliable touring network and audience yet. You don’t want to take a leap of faith, play a bunch of empty venues, and go home broke.

So if you’re an artist who wants to get on the road, here are some tips to help you make touring a profitable adventure that actually moves your music forward:

Chris RobleyHow to Make Touring Possible & Profitable for Emerging Artists
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The Pros and Cons of Cover Songs

A cover song COULD help you connect with a wider audience. But sometimes cover songs aren’t worth the effort.

Sure, you’re putting your own personal stamp on a proven tune, which gives you a chance to invite listeners in with a something simultaneously familiar and fresh. However, open TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch and you’ll remember: we’re awash in cover songs. It’s hard for a cover song to stand out unless it checks a few different boxes that we’ll discuss below.

Here are a some things to think about before you commit to making a song cover:

Chris RobleyThe Pros and Cons of Cover Songs
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4 Signs You’re Overthinking Your Songs

So many songwriters overthink their music, and it’s easy to understand why. Our songs are judged as good, bad, or forgettable. That judgement can feel personal. So not only do we want to win over audiences, we also want to avoid the pain of criticism. To protect ourselves we seek to make our music perfect.

The problem is that “perfect” is a moving target. If you choose perfection over progress, some of your greatest assets as a music-maker will take a backseat to overthinking. Here are 4 signs that overthinking might be hurting your songwriting process (and how to break free). 

Chris Robley4 Signs You’re Overthinking Your Songs
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