3 Ways To Create More Conversations With Your Followers

The objective of social media is no longer getting the most ‘likes,’ but to create the most engagement. Social networks have adjusted their algorithms since it became so easy to ‘buy’ likes. Thus, users with more engagement become more visible. But what does ‘engagement’ really mean?

Colton3 Ways To Create More Conversations With Your Followers
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4 Tips For Bringing Energy To Your Performances When Recording

Many developing artists are shocked to find how different recording is from performing in front of an audience. It can be tricky to approach recording with the same passion and confidence that you would display on stage, but playing like your heart is truly in it is crucial for getting solid recordings. It’s completely possible for artists to write great songs only to see them fall flat because of poor performances in the studio. Whether it’s performing too much inside your own head or not being adequately prepared, there are plenty of things that can cause the energy to slip away from your recordings. Here are four tips to help:

Colton4 Tips For Bringing Energy To Your Performances When Recording
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3 Ways To Build Relationships Online

What’s the #1 thing you can do to move the needle in your career?

If you said anything other than networking, you’re wrong.

More important than the music you make, the tours you go on, the social media posts you make, networking is the #1 thing that will take you from hobby musician to living your dream.

Colton3 Ways To Build Relationships Online
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5 Ways To Put On A Profitable Live Stream

Right now, live streams are kind of all we’ve got. And I’m actually loving them. Sure I miss the live concert experience, just like everyone else. There’s magic in being able to see your favorite band perform live, to feel the energy of the room, to be surrounded by others who know, love, and just get the band the same way you do. That’s irreplaceable.

Colton5 Ways To Put On A Profitable Live Stream
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Behind the Opportunity: Planetary Group

The Planetary Group is a well-versed artist development firm with over 20 years of experience. With services such as boosting online publicity, media training, and radio promotion, Planetary Group takes an individual approach with each artist they work with. We connected with the founder of Planetary Group, Adam Lewis, to gather some inside information to help artists better understand what an artist development firm does and how they can help artists grow.

Also, be sure to enter here for a chance to receive a complimentary radio promo package from The Planetary Group.

ColtonBehind the Opportunity: Planetary Group
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