Behind the Opportunity: Planetary Group

The Planetary Group is a well-versed artist development firm with over 20 years of experience. With services such as boosting online publicity, media training, and radio promotion, Planetary Group takes an individual approach with each artist they work with. We connected with the founder of Planetary Group, Adam Lewis, to gather some inside information to help artists better understand what an artist development firm does and how they can help artists grow.

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ColtonBehind the Opportunity: Planetary Group
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How The High Ground Signed To Manic Kat Records

The High Ground, an up-and-coming rock band hailing from Orlando, Florida, is one of the latest ReverbNation groups to be signed to Manic Kat Records via one of our opportunities.

With influences from multiples genre styles, The High Ground is a great example of hard work, perseverance, and the love for music coming to fruition. We were able to speak to them about their journey thus far, including their accomplishments, early obstacles as a band, and much more. Check out the interview below.

ColtonHow The High Ground Signed To Manic Kat Records
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4 Tips For Discovering Your Strengths As A Songwriter

Since songwriting is such an intensely personal thing for many of us, it can be hard to reach outside of ourselves to get a true perspective on our music. The kicker is that not knowing your strengths as a songwriter leaves you at a huge disadvantage when it comes to knowing which parts of your process to lean into the most. The better you can account for your strengths as a music-maker, the better music you’ll end up making. Here are four tips for accurately identifying what you’re best at in songwriting:

Colton4 Tips For Discovering Your Strengths As A Songwriter
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3 Things To Do With Demos That Don’t Make The Cut

Audiences always hear the finished songs that show up on an artist’s albums, EPs, or singles. However, they don’t normally get a chance to listen to the demos that preceded them. Demos are an integral part of constructing and solidifying musical ideas. Yet, it’s inevitable that some songs never exit the demo stage for artists. A demo might never grow into a full-fledged song because it’s not strong enough, or because an artist feels they don’t have the energy or tools to move it along. If you’ve got loads of demos floating around your hard drive, here are three tips for what to do with them: 

Colton3 Things To Do With Demos That Don’t Make The Cut
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5 Great Content Ideas To Get More Fans On Social Media

There are many great ideas for social media content, but some are more effective in driving engagement to your page.  We live at a time where social media is no longer about getting the most likes or views, but it is about creating an ongoing conversation with your fans. So here are five content ideas to help you to reach out to more fans:

Colton5 Great Content Ideas To Get More Fans On Social Media
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Why Music-Makers Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Ignore Their Feelings

As songwriters, we all have unique assets that we bring to the process of creating music. While the quality of your voice or your knack for writing hooks might come to mind first, the way you funnel emotional intuition and passion into your music shouldn’t be ignored. Feelings are some of the best music-creation tools a songwriter has. Learn to embrace and apply them to your music. In doing so, you’ll have a powerful way to connect with audiences by making your work relatable and human. But by ignoring your feelings or trying to artificially change them to make your music more palatable, you’ll make your life as a songwriter much harder than it has to be.

ColtonWhy Music-Makers Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Ignore Their Feelings
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How Starting Over Can Help If You’re Bored With Making Music

All musicians get bored with the process of creating and performing every now and again. However, if you’re suffering from chronic musical disinterest, it’s something you should worry about. We can’t always rely on our emotions to inspire us as musicians. If it’s been months or years since you’ve felt moved during your music-making process, it’s time for a change. By “change,” I don’t mean subtle tweaks in your musical routine, but a massive, top-to-bottom overhaul. When it’s clear the regular way of doing things isn’t doing it for you anymore, it’s time to blow up your music-making process and start over. 

ColtonHow Starting Over Can Help If You’re Bored With Making Music
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