How Isolation Can Inspire Or Stifle Your Creativity

Isolation can be a huge asset for music-makers. Some of the most successful and captivating modern musicians have origin stories filled with major changes that inspire them to take impromptu songwriting retreats alone in remote locations. But isolation also has the potential to do damage to an artist’s creativity and productivity. We’re all stuck with some level of isolation right now whether we thrive through creative partnerships or do our best work alone. Whether we succeed or suffer through periods of isolation depends on the work we put into creating music and prioritizing connection with our audiences and ourselves.

DaveHow Isolation Can Inspire Or Stifle Your Creativity
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4 Tips For Injecting Fiction Into Your Lyrics

If song lyrics had to be 100% real, music as we know it would be a lot less interesting. Fiction in music is empowering for songwriters and exciting for listeners. Instead of representing the world exactly as we see it, fiction lets us dream up entirely new worlds and invite our listeners to experience them. But if you’ve never added a fictional element to your lyrics before, it can be tough to know where and how to start. Here are four tips to help:

Dave4 Tips For Injecting Fiction Into Your Lyrics
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5 Tips for Building A Distraction-Free Songwriting Practice

No matter what kind of music you make or how experienced you are as a songwriter, distractions have the potential to stifle your best ideas and make getting anything done a challenge. Even before the age of smartphone notifications, the non-stop news cycle, and social media, distractions were a significant challenge for music-makers. But today, they can become a major problem if you don’t have a plan for carving out distraction-free time and space to create in. Here are five tips for creating a songwriting practice that’s free of distractions:

Dave5 Tips for Building A Distraction-Free Songwriting Practice
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5 Reasons Musicians Quit

Music is a creative pursuit where creators and performers can be talented, lucky, and ambitious and still somehow end up quitting a few years in. If you’ve been at it for a while, you know how grueling a music career can be. But have you ever nailed down exactly why?

Dave5 Reasons Musicians Quit
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Guide To Running A PR Campaign

Have you ever worked tirelessly on a new song, only to have it totally flop?

Or maybe you’ve spent thousands on an album, only to have the buzz die out about a day after the release?

And really, is there anything more disappointing than releasing a piece of music and feeling like no one cares? It’s incredibly discouraging!

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret—9 times out of 10, it isn’t because the music sucked. It probably isn’t even just because of the social media algorithm being against you. Instead, it has everything to do with your PR and marketing strategy—or should I say, lack of.

DaveGuide To Running A PR Campaign
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Why You Can Do Everything Right In Music And Still Fail 

Some of us make music in hopes of connecting with people. Others create purely out of the motivation for fame or financial game. For other musicians, the desire to build something artistic and challenging is at the heart of their musical identity. But no matter what drives us to be musicians, one thing is certain––we’re all bound to fail at some point, even if we do everything right. 

DaveWhy You Can Do Everything Right In Music And Still Fail 
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3 Ways Going “All In” For Your Music Could Backfire

The non-musical world gets a lot of things wrong about musicians. Some think those who create and perform music are lazy. Others hold overly romanticized views of what the lives of musicians are really like. An expectation that often comes attached to musical stereotypes is that young, talented musicians won’t be able to succeed unless they sacrifice everything on behalf of their music. But, as musicians know, their lives look much different than what the world thinks they do. Some musicians manage to succeed by going all in for their music at a young age. It’s an extreme way of looking at things and has stifled the potential and ended the careers of countless others.

Dave3 Ways Going “All In” For Your Music Could Backfire
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5 Things Worth Bugging Your Fans Over

In 2020, capturing and keeping your audience’s attention can be a major challenge, even if yours is passionate about your music. While it might be tempting to share each and every detail of your musical journey, oversharing leaves the important things you want to say for being ignored and possibly not seen at all if you’re communicating with fans over social media. Here are five things worth sharing with your fans:

Dave5 Things Worth Bugging Your Fans Over
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