3 Things You’ll See On The Road While Touring

The myriad of benefits and drawbacks of touring apply to much more than just stuff closely associated with music. Bands who take on the burden of touring expose themselves to a world that most non-musicians never see. Here are a few of them:

Jay3 Things You’ll See On The Road While Touring
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Why Music Shouldn’t (And Can’t) Be All You Care About

Whether it’s through popular culture or unrealistic standards set by other musicians, many of us approach our work in music with a cultish devotion. There’s this idea floating around out there that if a musician doesn’t completely focus on creating, performing, or sustaining their career 100% of the time, they’re not deserving of success. But while devotion borne through hard work and sacrifice is absolutely vital for a musician to find any measure of success in their work, only caring about music is an extreme attitude very much capable of hurting your career and causing major damage to your life.

JayWhy Music Shouldn’t (And Can’t) Be All You Care About
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5 Creative Ways To Engage Your Fans While On The Road

What if I told you that you can make money, see the country, and engage your fans in a truly meaningful way all at the same time? With all the right ingredients lined up, your tours can be an incredible way to pull all of that off.

While we’ve talked about touring in the past, today we wanted to focus on your fans. It might seem obvious that you want to make sure your fans are getting the best part of you when you visit their city, but somehow, in the planning of making sure your routing is perfect, that the venues you’ve chosen are the right fit, and that you have enough merch, gas, and snacks to survive, creating a truly authentic, memorable experience for the fans fall by the wayside.

Today we look at a few creative ways to make your fans’ experience truly personable, memorable, and leave them looking forward to the next time you’re in town.

Jay5 Creative Ways To Engage Your Fans While On The Road
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Why Most New Music Won’t Get Heard In 2019

There are few things more exciting for a musician than sharing new work with the world for the first time. After months or even years spent working on something like a full-length album, musicians distribute their new work to the masses with the hope that their music will become something special and known to new audiences. Sadly, this hope is being realized less and less in 2019.

JayWhy Most New Music Won’t Get Heard In 2019
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How To Become More Productive In The Studio

We have all had those unproductive studio sessions where nothing gets accomplished. The lead you tried to put into your track didn’t work, a plugin needed updating, or you couldn’t find the sample you were looking for. While it is inevitable for you to have unproductive studio sessions every so often, many producers will often encounter more of these unproductive sessions than they should. By doing a little bit of preparation before the actual studio session, you will be able to avoid these unproductive sessions more often. Here is a list of four ways you can become more productive in the studio.

JayHow To Become More Productive In The Studio
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5 Tips For Completing Your Unfinished Tracks

Completing a track from start to finish is one of the most difficult tasks in music production. There are countless roadblocks that producers experience on the way to finishing a song and many of these tracks never get completed. To help you finish these unfinished tracks, I have compiled a list of the five best tips for how to complete your music.

Jay5 Tips For Completing Your Unfinished Tracks
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How To Boost Your Songwriting Creativity

Feeling creatively stuck, lost, or lacking, is an uncomfortable reality that all musicians inevitably face at some point during their careers. Whether it’s the nauseating sense that you’re writing the same song over and over again, or the inability to finish ideas, lacking creative potency can be frustrating. This especially goes for musicians who appear to be bursting with original ideas one day and none the next.

An unconventional way for musicians to address this problem is by thinking about their own unique musical taste. What you like isn’t exactly what you’ll make as a musician, but it’s connected in a big way. Challenging your music taste can get you thinking about music in a new way, and in turn, help to boost your own creativity.

JayHow To Boost Your Songwriting Creativity
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5 Tips For Starting A New Track

We have all opened up our DAWs, ready to write the next big hit, and we end up creating nothing. Starting a new track can be one of the toughest parts of the production process. That initial spark that begins your musical idea is tough to generate and the absence of it can quickly get you into a creative rut. Below I have listed five ways that you can generate this spark and get to writing your best music.

Jay5 Tips For Starting A New Track
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