How Accepting Your Old Songs Can Improve Your Future Ones

The chances are high that if you’re reading this, you’ve released some music at some point. The world is accustomed to hearing stories about artists who make music for the first time and somehow find a massive audience, but this is probably not what happened with your first single, EP, or album. It’s not the way things go for the overwhelmingly vast majority of people who create music. Regardless of what you think of your last release, you can always make better and better music, and a willingness to acknowledge and learn from your past shortcomings will help you improve the next music you write in huge ways. 

JoyHow Accepting Your Old Songs Can Improve Your Future Ones
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4 Tips For A Money-Making Tour

Touring can be really exciting. You get to see the world, meet new fans, and hang out with your bandmates for weeks or months on end. While it comes with the occasional struggle, it’s an integral part of building your fan base and growing your career as a serious musician.

If you’re a performing artist, how can you leverage this opportunity to earn money while on tour? Here are some ways to generate extra income while on the road: 

Joy4 Tips For A Money-Making Tour
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How to manage your time as a musician

Does this sounds familiar? You wake up bright-eyed, ready to tackle the day. You have all the energy and intention to get your to-dos done and then some. Then somewhere along the way, you’re being pulled in many different directions. Someone needs your attention, or you’re just plain exhausted. We have all been there – some days are so chaotic that any semblance of a schedule seems impossible. It can feel like you’re constantly running behind.

On top of that, you’re probably wearing many hats as a musician – trying to create music, book shows, keep up with social media presence… the list goes on! It might leave you wondering how others get it done. But here’s the truth – we have to actively learn how to manage our time. Here are some tips to help you organize your day and make room for music.

JoyHow to manage your time as a musician
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How Being Patient Can Improve Your Music

It takes far less time to share music than before, no matter where you are in your artist journey. Factors like inexpensive recording equipment and digital music distribution make getting your songs in front of listeners quick, easy, and inexpensive – but there’s a hidden cost here to consider.

To capture the attention span of their audiences, some artists share new music as quickly as they can. As a result, their songs often sound rushed, undeveloped, and uninspired.

Patience is a virtue in all aspects of life and songwriting is no exception. Try to give your songs time and room to evolve and breathe. You’ll dramatically boost your chances of getting heard in today’s overcrowded music industry. 

JoyHow Being Patient Can Improve Your Music
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4 DIY Online Promotional Ideas For Your Next Release

If you’re a developing artist, DIY promotion is essential for finding an audience for your music. But in 2022, traditional ways of promoting a new record, may be out of reach for some artists. The good news is that listeners are hungry for meaningful music experiences and artist engagement online. Try these four DIY online promotional tactics to get the most mileage from your releases in 2022 and beyond:

Joy4 DIY Online Promotional Ideas For Your Next Release
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How To Tell When You’re Not Creating Authentically

As an artist, you have a completely unique perspective to draw inspiration from whether you’ve just started making music or have been writing songs for years. But just because you have the ability to create music that comes from an authentic place doesn’t mean you always can or do. Some artists struggle to trust their own unique musical intuition and shape their music too closely around what other musicians are doing, and you may be doing this with your music without even knowing it. How do you know when you’re not creating authentically?

JoyHow To Tell When You’re Not Creating Authentically
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A Guide To Booking Your First Show

When you begin playing music out – especially in a new place – it can be intimidating. There’s often gateholders to breaking into a music scene, and they often have their own standards by which they allow people to play the shows they involve themselves with. I come from a big town where I was involved in the music scene for almost a decade, and then moved to a giant city with hardly any idea of what to do next. This one is personal to me.

What I truly believe is that no matter how old you are or what kind of music you play, there are ways to find people to play with and an audience for you. You just have to get out there and find them. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to play shows or have never done it before, let this serve as a guide to booking your first show.

JoyA Guide To Booking Your First Show
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3 Ways Travel Can Transform Your Career

Most of us don’t need to be convinced of the perks of travel. But have you ever thought about the lasting impact it can have on your music career? Think about it—new places, new faces, new opportunities, new connections—it’s ripe with prospects.

While traveling to far away places might be a bucket list item, you can get just as much inspiration from simply going a few cities or states over as you will going internationally. So if you’re looking for an excuse to pack your bags once more, check out these 3 ways that travel can transform your career.

Joy3 Ways Travel Can Transform Your Career
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