Meet Storyteller: The Latest ReverbNation Band Signed To We Are Triumphant

Storyteller is one of those bands that is rising through the ranks faster than we can keep track of. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, the melodic rock band was just signed to We Are Triumphant Records through a ReverbNation Opportunity. We wanted to hear from the band personally about their experiences as a group, what it was like getting signed, and more. Check out the full interview and get to know Storyteller a little better.

How did Storyteller get its start?

We were pretty much all around in hardcore and metalcore bands a couple years ago. After our previous groups were running out of fuel, we formed our current lineup, playing music that’s more on the melodic side of things.

What is the origin of your band name?

We struggled a bit for a while which name would fit to us. We came up with Storyteller because we thought it’s kinda timeless and fits very well to our lyric-universe.

How would you describe Storyteller’s musical style to somebody who has never heard of you before?

I would love to keep it really simple and describe our songs as fast and melodic rock music. We definitely have a nostalgic vibe, but we do our very best to write and record as modern as possible.

Has your musical style evolved since the band’s beginning? How so?

We have definitely learned how to write songs. Also, our views and tastes in music has changed a lot through the last couple years. Obviously, our sound was pretty heavy when we started. Especially on our new record TIME FLIES, we paved the way for a really fresh reincarnation of Storyteller.

How does your songwriting process work?

As for now, our singer Rico is the creative mind behind the band. He’s recording every tiny piece of music that comes out of his mind. After throwing lots of his ideas back and forth we pack everything we have in really decent demos. We have gotten much better at home recording, so we try to record as much as possible, because it saves us so much time and money. Apart from that, our producer Chris (who plays in a bigger german metalcore band called Annisokay) is usually programming all our synths and he’s taking care for most of our additional arrangements before we wrap up a final master.

Explain the moment you learned you had been signed by We Are Triumphant – what was your immediate reaction?

Without a doubt, we were really surprised about it. As a german band we always wanted to have an overseas partner to publish our music and it’s so hard to have your band signed in todays underground-scene. We couldn’t be more thankful to got this opportunity from the We Are Triumphant team.

Had you heard of We Are Triumphant before getting signed?

Yes, we had. We are long-time fans of several bands that are with We Are Triumphant. The label wasn’t new to us, and we’re so happy we just became a part of it.

One year from now, what’s the biggest thing you want to have accomplished with We Are Triumphant?

The biggest thing for us is playing the United States for sure. When we started this, we thought we would never get out of East Germany. Now, having our record signed to an American label still feels unreal for us. So, playing our music on the other side of the world would be a dream come true. We really couldn’t ask for more if I think about the next year.

What do you think is the biggest “it-factor” of Storyteller? What differentiates you from other bands?

I guess in a modern era of many casted bands where everyone is greedy for money and fame, we can say: we’re still us. We’re best friends, who hang out together and do everything ourselves. We write our own songs, book our own shows, create our own merch, and more. The whole DIY vibe is still in our DNA, and most bands these days haven’t learned how to treat their “business” that way.

What do you typically do after playing a show? Eat a giant meal? Party with fans?

It can be anything from loading the van, to settling up with the local promoter, or just having a beer with fans. We’re not a mega party band and we don’t have a tour manager. After most shows we’re just happy to have a bed or a place to stay for the night.

To you, what is the most important thing to have a fantastic show (good sound, energetic crowd, etc.)?

Crowd and sound for sure. That moment your music clicks with your audience and people start getting wild is everything we aim for when it comes to playing live shows. We want to make sure that everyone’s having a good time. We try to interact with our fans as much as possible and if they’re having fun, we have fun too.

What is one totally random thing you would include in your backstage rider for your world tour? (A bowl of candy with all the green ones taken out, a piñata filled with spaghetti and meatballs, etc.) Don’t be afraid to get weird with this.

We would have our own Kebab chef traveling with us. We eat kebabs all the time here in Germany, and to tour the world with our own kebab-style catering would be something truly decadent for us.

Finally, big picture: Where is Storyteller going?

Out of Germany, we hope. Don’t get us wrong, we love our home country, but we have pretty much played every place in Germany. The world is still huge for us. We already can’t wait to play more euro-shows later this year. If we are dreaming big, the UK and USA are our main goals – that’s the big dream we have.

JamesMeet Storyteller: The Latest ReverbNation Band Signed To We Are Triumphant
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