3 Different Songwriting Approaches To Try

If you have been creating music for a while, you may feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your writing. This could be the case for writers in all stages of their careers. Embracing risk and curiosity in your process can help shift your mindset when it comes to creation. Here are three new approaches to help get you in a groove and out of your creative rut!

Krissy3 Different Songwriting Approaches To Try
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A Guide to Roles in the Music Industry: Building Out Your Team

If you dream of having a career in the music industry, there are more opportunities than ever! It can be a lot to keep track of – the music industry includes a variety of roles that work together to create the music we listen to.

Hence, we’ve compiled a simple list of some of the most common industry roles and careers. Whether you’re building your team as an artist or exploring new career options, here’s a good starting point for understanding the diverse range of roles in the music industry.

KrissyA Guide to Roles in the Music Industry: Building Out Your Team
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How To Build a Thriving Community of Fans

When it comes down to it, we all just want to feel seen. We long to be a part of something that feels like we belong. For so many of us, music is that escape. It serves as a safe haven, a creative nook where we can express ourselves freely. Best of all, when we find a community of others who like the same music, band, or genre as we do, we feel seen. We belong. And we thrive.

We’ve all experienced this, but when you’re an indie musician trying to grow a fan base for the first time, it can feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. So how do we create an ecosystem that supports and lifts our careers?

KrissyHow To Build a Thriving Community of Fans
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How To Write About Experiences That Are Human And Interesting

Songwriting is arguably one of the most compelling art forms. It is humanity looking back at itself – giving us the ability to reflect in profound ways. A song about heartbreak has the power to bring a person to their knees by ways of evoking memories that are universal. One of our most important missions as songwriters is to present universal experiences to listeners in human and accessible ways.

Making human experiences come off as interesting in music demands a delicate balance. By simply saying “I’m in love and am very happy in this moment,” you may be missing out on an opportunity for greater creative license. However, that same idea presented as “Since I found you, I don’t feel like eating spiders anymore,” rings cryptic and obscure past the point of comprehension.

KrissyHow To Write About Experiences That Are Human And Interesting
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5 Examples of Marketing Genius You Can Steal For Your Next Release

Have you ever seen something so clever that you instantly started Googling the brand? How about an ad that caught your attention when you least expected it and caused you to do a double take? Maybe you’ve been at a concert where you weren’t really there to see the opening band but they put on such a compelling performance that you find yourself following them online after.

These are all examples of marketing at its finest. When marketing is done really well, you don’t think you’re being sold to, or at least, you don’t really mind because you’re interested. That’s the key. Selling isn’t a bad thing. Marketing isn’t a dirty word. Most of us are just doing it wrong, or experiencing other people doing it wrong.

But, successful musicians are those that know how to market. It’s a key piece of the job. After all, it doesn’t really matter how talented you are if no one knows you exist. So, to inspire your creativity we’ve collected 5 examples of marketing genius that you can steal for your next release. Enjoy!

Krissy5 Examples of Marketing Genius You Can Steal For Your Next Release
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How To Overcome Nerves On Stage

With venues opening their doors again in many parts of the world, you might find yourself feeling strangely nervous to perform in front of other people for the first time in years. Or, you could be new to live music and overwhelmed with dread at the thought of getting up on stage. Nerves can be a serious problem for performing musicians and stage fright has the power to thwart your performances even if you’ve practiced more than you think you need to. But nervousness doesn’t have to cause problems for your music career if you prepare in the right ways. Gradual exposure to live performance situations can help you overcome your fears and thrive on stage.

KrissyHow To Overcome Nerves On Stage
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Why You Should Start Your Next Musical Project With A Vision

Maybe you just finished an album and are making plans to write the next one. Or, you may have put out a couple of singles and are itching to create something more substantial, like an EP or full-length album. It’s not realistic to start planning exactly how each of your songs will sound like before they’re written, but coming into your next project with a clear musical vision is something that can be helpful and inspiring.

KrissyWhy You Should Start Your Next Musical Project With A Vision
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5 Changes You Can Make For A More Successful Music Career 

Ever felt like no matter what you do, your music career isn’t taking off like you want it to?

Done everything from marketing to content creation and still not seeing serious results?

It can feel discouraging, I know. But trust me when I say, we’ve all been there. There is no breakthrough without the trials, experiments, and work that comes before it. Just know, you are not alone in feeling this way. And believe it or not, there are solutions.

An important thing to remember is: what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Read on with an open mind and go with your gut. Does one of these feel more doable to you? Does it feel more aligned? Be ready to put in the work, and aim to find the path that makes the work feel worth it, exciting, and engaging.

That’s the key. And it’s also where we start.

Krissy5 Changes You Can Make For A More Successful Music Career 
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