What To Make Music About In 2019

Filling a blank computer screen or piece of white paper with original song lyrics is no easy task. Some songwriters struggle with the thought that what they write might be too revealing while others fear that what they come up with is too boring, cliche, or dull. The lyrical part of songwriting proves to be the most challenging for many otherwise talented songwriters, which means it’s something we should talk about.

No matter what your unique challenges are for writing great song lyrics, one thing is sure to help: paying attention.

MikeWhat To Make Music About In 2019
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What Music Experimentation Actually Means And Why It’s Hard For Songwriters To Do

Creative risk-taking flies in the face of so much we think, feel, and do as serious musicians. The process of learning an instrument, making music, and sharing it with the world requires a great deal rigid predictability––regular practice, lots of discipline, showing up to shows on time, playing the same music over and over again until you get it right. Predictability and sticking to the rules is great as far as learning an instrument and maintaining a musical project goes, but if you’re interested in writing creative music, it can be much more of a hindrance than an asset.

MikeWhat Music Experimentation Actually Means And Why It’s Hard For Songwriters To Do
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Why Vulnerability Is Vital For Songwriters

Vulnerability is something some musicians might associate with the more nauseating and navel-gazing aspects of pop music. Hackneyed ballads featuring tales of unrequited love or angsty music compensating for a lack of depth with extreme emotion and themes come to mind. But the truth is that there’s a big difference between broadcasting emotion in music from approaching it with real vulnerability. Emotion comes naturally to most of us, but vulnerability ends up being a whole lot trickier.

MikeWhy Vulnerability Is Vital For Songwriters
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5 New Year’s Goals To Set For Yourself In 2019

With the start of a New Year comes endless possibilities for change, progression, and enormous growth. New Year, New You, right?

But when it comes time to put those thoughts into action, it can feel a little overwhelming, to the point it leaves you wondering—where do I start? I’m glad you asked.

Mike5 New Year’s Goals To Set For Yourself In 2019
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Why Balance Is Essential For A Successful Music Career

I’m well aware that the title of this article looks like something out of a self-help book for musicians, but I’m ok with it because it’s true. Neglect your career, stop writing songs and putting energy into music, and your musical identity evaporates. But spend all your time touring and holed up in your music studio and things like the state of your close relationships and bank account are sure to suffer. Balance is vital for musicians because it creates a big, dynamic space for their everyday lives to exist in. It makes room for an ambitious, fulfilling career along with vital non-musical aspects of a musician’s life. Can you always have it all when it comes to balancing a music career with a marriage, mortgage payment, or dayjob? No! Of course not. That’s why balance is so important.

MikeWhy Balance Is Essential For A Successful Music Career
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Why Music Appreciation Is Vital For Songwriting

There is no single method or secret ingredient in the process for making good music. Things like years of experience and lots of familiarity with any given songwriting process can be just as beneficial—or detrimental—as sitting down with an instrument without much musical training. Because every songwriter’s process is a complex mosaic of things like natural musical intuition, experience, and musical philosophy, pinpointing and imitating what songwriting approaches prop up great music isn’t always helpful or even possible to do.

MikeWhy Music Appreciation Is Vital For Songwriting
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How To Create A DIY Music Marketing Plan That Actually Works

As a musician, your single biggest challenge is getting your music before your target audience. It’s not enough to create good music; you also have to market it effectively.

It doesn’t help that far too many musicians rely on spur of the moment actions and ad-hoc marketing tactics. Instead of approaching their music marketing with a systematic plan, they make reactive decisions that don’t yield any long-term success.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to create a DIY music marketing plan that actually works. I’ll cover branding, developing a marketing mix, and finding your target audience so you can make better marketing decisions.

MikeHow To Create A DIY Music Marketing Plan That Actually Works
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How Technology Is Making It Harder For Songwriters To Work

In 2018, solitude is a hard thing to come by. Because our daily lives are often revolved around technology, the non-stop noise of the internet seems to follow us everywhere we go. Whether we’re working on our computers or keeping up with friends and family on social media, solitude is something a person needs to seek out if they want to find it today. But while the distractions of modern culture brought on by technology impact everyone, songwriters are especially affected.

MikeHow Technology Is Making It Harder For Songwriters To Work
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