4 Vocal Warm-Ups To Get Your Voice Ready For Recording

Whether you sing backup in a grunge band or are the lead vocal in a pristinely-produced pop outfit, your voice won’t sound its best on recordings without a little prep and care. Stuff like getting plenty of sleep, drinking copious amounts of water, and limiting alcohol and caffeine the week someone records are things proven to help a singer perform well, and vocal warm-ups are just as important. Here’s four vocal exercises to get your voice ready to record:

Rebecca4 Vocal Warm-Ups To Get Your Voice Ready For Recording
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How To Bring New Music To Fans After A Long Hiatus

As much as many of us would like, we can’t just make and perform music every waking minute of our lives. This doesn’t just apply to those of us balancing music with full-time jobs and familial obligations, but also well-known successful musicians who make music for a living. Since music is ultimately a reflection of life, songwriters, lyricists, and producers have to delve deep into the non-musical aspects of their lives in order to create meaningful work. Whether it’s to recharge creatively or to tend to pressing non-musical matters, it’s not uncommon for musicians to step away from making music for a long time.

Re-introducing music to fans after a considerable stretch of radio silence can be tricky. Your fans might feel a strong connection to your music and will be thrilled to know you’re in the game again, but capturing and holding their attention in 2019 has never been harder. Here are a few tips for bringing new music to audiences after a long hiatus:

RebeccaHow To Bring New Music To Fans After A Long Hiatus
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You Shouldn’t Be Touring Unless You’ve Done These 3 Things

For a new band, the prospect of touring is usually hugely exciting. Experienced musicians who’ve spent time out on the road trying to further their careers are well aware of how tedious and thankless touring can be, but unestablished artists and young musicians typically don’t have anything but popular culture to reference when it comes to perceptions about what touring is really like. If you’ve never toured before and are dying to bring your music to new regional, national, or even international audiences through touring, make sure you’ve done these three things:

RebeccaYou Shouldn’t Be Touring Unless You’ve Done These 3 Things
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Why Constantly Bugging Your Fanbase Won’t Help You Promote Your Music

For the first time in history, if an artist wants to keep their fans updated about each and every aspect of their musical and personal life, the technology now exists to let them do it. What you had for breakfast, lyrics to a new song you’re writing, a picture of the green room at the venue you’re about to play––these are all things you could potentially share with your fans through social media if you’re interested in forging deeper connections with your fans.

But just because you now have the power to share everything with your fans doesn’t mean you should.

RebeccaWhy Constantly Bugging Your Fanbase Won’t Help You Promote Your Music
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Why Every Musician Can’t Be A Music Teacher

Since being broke is an experience nearly shared by all musicians at some point during their careers, the thought of teaching music on the side to earn extra money is something that appeals to many. But while getting paid to share the gift of music with people might sound like a dream to some, there’s a lot of factors to consider if you’re thinking about becoming a music teacher.

RebeccaWhy Every Musician Can’t Be A Music Teacher
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When You Should Give Away Your Music

The subject of giving away music for free is a touchy one for musicians, and rightfully so. Music isn’t something that appears out of nowhere for people to enjoy. It takes money and time and sacrifice to create. Unfortunately, the world’s relationship with music is a complicated one that often leaves hard-working musicians high and dry. It seems that people are more addicted to music than ever before, but are less and less willing to pay for it.

The truth is that there are times when you should absolutely be giving your music away for free. Whether you love or hate the idea of giving away your music, it’s something that can bring you big advantages in today’s complex music industry climate.

RebeccaWhen You Should Give Away Your Music
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3 Exercises To Boost Your Musical Output

Songwriters get into trouble when they view the hard work of making music as something completely reliant on inspiration. Serious songwriters and producers who make music as a career can’t afford to wait for inspiration to come, and neither should you. The truth is that making great music takes work, sacrifice, and an uncompromising willingness to try and fail over and over again. If you’re tired of waiting on inspiration to make music, here are three exercises aimed at helping you increase your musical output:

Rebecca3 Exercises To Boost Your Musical Output
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How To Promote A New Release On The Cheap

While simply uploading music and hoping for the best works out for some, most musicians need to promote their work if they want to make their mark with audiences. Music promotion is a broad term that covers everything from urging fans to listen to new music over social media to launching a costly professional PR campaign. Professional music promotion efforts aren’t cheap, and it’s common for the world’s biggest music stars spend millions of dollars to get the word out every time they put out new music. But if you constitute the vast majority of very broke musicians, you’ll need to find inexpensive ways to promote your music. Here’s a few tips to help get you started:

RebeccaHow To Promote A New Release On The Cheap
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