3 Ways To Balance Your Music Career With Your Day Job

We got into music because we love it. 

No, scratch that. We got into music because we couldn’t not get into it. Because there’s something in us that just feels right at home when we pick up our instrument, or walk into the studio, when our creativity gets to soar and we get to be ourselves in that very unique way that only happens when it’s us and our music. 

Musicians know the feeling. Industry professionals know the feeling. You know that feeling. That’s why you’re here. We all chase it. But sometimes we have to put it on the back burner because of work or life or whatever else—and that feels awful, doesn’t it? 

But when you’re working full time and trying to manage all the other little pieces of life, it can feel exhausting to try to fit in your passion. It starts to feel more like a chore and less like the thing that truly lights you up, until it becomes more and more difficult to make it a daily part of your life again.

First, you’re not alone. We all feel this at one point or another and everyone struggles to prioritize the things they love. It doesn’t mean you don’t love it, it just means you might need a little help finding time for it. And you’re also not alone in juggling your day job with music. Most musicians are in this stage right now. 

There is a whole community of musicians hustling to make this their reality, but if you’re not careful, it can start to feel overwhelming. So, how do you break the cycle and balance your music career with your day job?

Good news? It’s totally possible.

Rebecca3 Ways To Balance Your Music Career With Your Day Job
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What’s The Difference Between PR And Marketing?

It’s the age-old question: what’s the difference between PR and marketing? They work together to move a brand forward and are vital to a musician’s career, but are not the same thing. To be a successful musician in today’s fast-moving industry, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of these two fields. Hence, we’ve compiled a starter guide to help you differentiate between them! 

In theory, both PR and marketing will work in tandem to promote a brand with speed and consistency. But the truth is, these complimentary pieces of the puzzle are very different. And yet, both are crucial for a musician’s burgeoning career. Well, what exactly is the difference between them? First, let’s look at what each individual role does: 

RebeccaWhat’s The Difference Between PR And Marketing?
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How Overthinking Music Theory May Hinder Your Creativity

A firm grasp of music theory is one of the most powerful assets you can have as a songwriter. Music theory gives you a broad understanding of the music you hear and helps you apply what you observe to your music. It also places an array of musical options right at your fingertips. However, what if this isn’t always a good thing? This is not an argument against learning the ins and outs of music theory and applying that knowledge to your music. Instead, it’s a reminder that music theory alone cannot substitute your creative intuition as a songwriter. You can create incredible music with only your creativity, but not if you’re purely relying on music theory.

RebeccaHow Overthinking Music Theory May Hinder Your Creativity
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5 Tips For Defining Your Musical Taste

If you’re having trouble finding your musical identity as an artist, it could be because your taste in music hasn’t been defined yet. Alongside musical intuition, writing music as often as you can, and letting life experiences shape your songs, your musical taste is incredibly important for your work as a songwriter. When you’re in touch with your musical taste, creating music that’s meaningful and authentic to you gets much easier. Here are five tips for defining your unique musical taste as a songwriter. 

Rebecca5 Tips For Defining Your Musical Taste
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3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour

With the highly anticipated return of live music, many musicians around the world are currently hitting the road for long tours. Some experienced artists are venturing out on big national or international trips after a hiatus, while others are touring for the first time.

Regardless of your performance experience, making sure your mental health is a top priority on tour is one of the best things you can do both yourself and your music. These three tips will help you stay mentally healthy on long tours:

Rebecca3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour
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Why You Shouldn’t Limit Your Music To Only Your Literal Experiences

The world’s most popular and influential songs have lyrical narratives that usually explore what it feels like to be human, with topics like falling in and out of love, coping with death, or even just facing the tedium of daily life. As a songwriter, learning to draw musical inspiration and meaning from your own life is one of the most important valuable actions you can take, but you’ll end up limiting yourself in a big way if you stop there.

RebeccaWhy You Shouldn’t Limit Your Music To Only Your Literal Experiences
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5 Things Not To Do When Pitching Your Music To Bloggers

Although I’m a publicist now, I started my career in the music industry as a blogger, and in the six years since I created that blog, I’ve seen my fair share of submissions from bands and publicists alike. Thousands of emails have landed in my inbox, but I’ve only covered a fraction of those stories on the website.


Rebecca5 Things Not To Do When Pitching Your Music To Bloggers
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Why Persistence Is Priceless In Music

Persistence is, without a doubt, one of the most vital character traits a musician can possess. You could even argue that there’s no hope of succeeding in music without it, whether you want to write songs for a living, perform in a touring band, or become a bonafide popstar. 

RebeccaWhy Persistence Is Priceless In Music
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