How Empathy Test Signed To Old Flame Records

British electronic pop duo, Empathy Test, have been working non-stop putting out music and touring since they started in 2013.

With two stunning 4 track E.P.s under their belt, it’s no wonder they were signed by Old Flame Records through one of our opportunities.

Check out this interview with Empathy Test where they share how the band formed, how as an artist you should DIY from the outset, and what’s up next for them.

RebeccaHow Empathy Test Signed To Old Flame Records
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5 Ways To Turn A Bad Show Around

Bad shows can be temporarily devastating even for musicians who’ve been performing professionally for years. Things like bad sound systems, unattentive crowds, and performance mistakes can turn something you love into a truly awful experience if you’re not careful. But while some shows are so bad they feel like black holes that you and your bandmates will get sucked into, that’s not the case. Most bad shows can be turned around. Here’s how:

Rebecca5 Ways To Turn A Bad Show Around
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Ableton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 2

Ableton Live has become one of the most powerful Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on the market today. Although it was designed primarily for live performance, it’s become a studio favorite. Originally built for DJs and electronic musicians, it still has enough audio capabilities to compete with other big-name DAWs. We’ve launched a new video series teaching basic Ableton Live tips and tricks so you can get started in Ableton Live today.

RebeccaAbleton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 2
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Nope: Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Yes’ To Everything In Music

There’s something so exciting about when a band transitions from looking for opportunities to getting asked to be a part of them. From other bands hoping you’ll open for them at a show to local nonprofits asking you to donate your music for a good cause, play music long enough and you’ll start to get lots of people asking you for things. But while some opportunities can be good for your career in music, others won’t be worth your time.

RebeccaNope: Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Yes’ To Everything In Music
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How Staying Positive Shaped Danny Starr As A Songwriter

Danny Starr is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from London, UK. His music has been featured on BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, and major blogs and radio worldwide. His exceptional songwriting and heartfelt vocal delivery have garnered him scores of high profile fans.

It’s that same exceptional songwriting that caught the attention of the promoters at Camden Rocks Festival where he was selected through one of our opportunities to headline the acoustic stage there.

Check out this interview with Danny Starr where he shares how his songwriting has evolved, how almost giving up actually helped him develop as an artist, and what’s up next for him including the release of his new single Double Red Line (listen below).

RebeccaHow Staying Positive Shaped Danny Starr As A Songwriter
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4 Questions To Ask If You’re Deciding Whether To Tour

Touring can be a huge deal for a band. From playing in front of new fans to forming important relationships with other musicians in other cities, bands can benefit in huge ways when they take their music out on the road. But there’s some pretty big risks you should think about if you’re a band deciding whether to tour or not. Touring isn’t right for every band, but if you think it might be time to hit the road, try asking yourself these questions:

Rebecca4 Questions To Ask If You’re Deciding Whether To Tour
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3 Ways To Make The Most Of The Summer Festival Season

There’s nothing quite like festival season in the music industry. Whether you’re a fan going to see your favorite bands, the band playing one of the stages, or industry working the event, there’s just something kind of magical about the whole thing. It’s an atmosphere unlike any other.

But this is a blog that’s dedicated to helping you take your music career to the next level, so you know we’re about to dish out some tips that will help you do exactly that. Designed with the DIY artist in mind, we’ve put together a list of 3 ways you can make the most of summer festival season, from both inside and outside the festival gates.

Rebecca3 Ways To Make The Most Of The Summer Festival Season
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6 Can’t-Miss European Tour Destinations

If you’re an American musician considering crossing the pond to tour Europe, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Touring can be massively challenging even under the best of circumstances, and figuring it out in other countries makes things even harder. But when you consider that some of the world’s best music destinations are in Europe, it’s easy to see that making the trek is well worth the hassle. Here are six can’t-miss music European tour destinations:

Rebecca6 Can’t-Miss European Tour Destinations
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