Why It’s So Hard For You To Finish Your Songs

When you’ve been working on a song for a while, it can be hard to put the finishing touches on it and wrap things up. This is normal for most songwriters, but if you find yourself chronically unable to finish your songs, then you’ve got a major problem in your songwriting process that needs to be addressed. These are some of the most common reasons that keep songwriters from finishing their songs. Recognizing your issue will be the first step towards making the changes you need to turn the loose musical ideas you come up with into finished songs. 

RebeccaWhy It’s So Hard For You To Finish Your Songs
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4 Common Excuses Keeping Artists From Pursuing Music

What success means in music will inevitably be completely different for each of us, but we won’t get to where we want to go with our music if we don’t do the work as serious musicians. Whether you’re working towards becoming a professional songwriter or just want to write and rehearse enough songs to play a live show at a local venue, you’ll need to put in plenty of work to reach your goals. The trouble is that we often let excuses keep us from pursuing music the way we wish we could. These are four common ones to look out for that artists often cite when they talk about what’s keeping them from succeeding. 

Rebecca4 Common Excuses Keeping Artists From Pursuing Music
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6 EPK Must-Haves

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times—having a good EPK can be the difference between getting the opportunity or not. So why then does it seem like so many artists lack such a fundamental piece of the puzzle? 

As a publicist, I see this a lot. Artists with incredible music and all the dreams in the world, but no real vehicle for how to get there. Even before the internet, having a press kit was essential to an artist’s success and now that we live in the digital age, it’s even more important to help you stand out.

Now is the perfect time to revamp that EPK and get it up to par so that as soon as you begin seeking new press placements, booking your next tour, or reaching out to festivals, you have everything you need to stand out.

So, what should every EPK have?

Rebecca6 EPK Must-Haves
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5 Easy Life Changes That Will Benefit Your Music

Making music isn’t easy, but we often make it a lot harder than it has to be. If you’re committed to being a serious songwriter, music creation has to become a regular part of your life. And while there are some significant sacrifices involved with doing this, there are some simple life changes that are easy to make and will benefit your music in huge ways. Here are five manageable life changes that can improve your music:

Rebecca5 Easy Life Changes That Will Benefit Your Music
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3 Things To Make Playing Live Worth It 

Playing live might be something you love to do, but that doesn’t make it easy. We sometimes only think about the work it takes to pull off individual shows without considering everything we’ve done to get where we are. Even if you’re an unestablished musician early in your career, you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on instruments and equipment and have devoted countless hours to your craft. This is all to say that you and your music are valuable, and what you do with your work should be rewarding in some way.

Rebecca3 Things To Make Playing Live Worth It 
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5 Reasons To Be Thankful You’re An Independent Artist

Thanksgiving isn’t just the time of year where you get to gather around the table with your crazy uncle and aunts, avoiding heated conversations while scooping a second helping of mashed potatoes onto your plate. At its core, it’s meant to be about finding gratitude in things. Which I get can sound a little hokey. Of course it’s in the name itself “THANKSgiving” and we know we’re supposed to be grateful because every year a million social media posts (and now this blog post) tell us so.

Rebecca5 Reasons To Be Thankful You’re An Independent Artist
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Why Doing The Work Is The Only Way To Succeed As A Musician

Succeeding in music is a frustratingly vague thing to wrap your mind around because it means something different to every music-maker. For some, success might be the idea of transforming into a mega popstar overnight and earning enough money to buy an island. For others, success means making music audiences love and being praised by critics. But no matter what success means to you, you won’t find it without doing the work.

RebeccaWhy Doing The Work Is The Only Way To Succeed As A Musician
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Why You Need To Practice To Become A Better Songwriter

When you first learned music, practicing your instrument was probably a daily struggle. Whether it was dealing with the pain on your fingertips from playing guitar or learning how to master the embouchure on the trumpet, it’s safe to assume you spent months learning the basics of your instrument and years honing in your technical skills. The world knows how hard it is for someone to sound truly great on an instrument and that musicians can’t excel without thousands of hours of practice. Unfortunately, musicians and non-musicians alike often don’t see songwriting the same way. Many musicians and non-musicians alike have the idea that songwriting is a talent that can’t be developed with years of practice. They’re wrong.

RebeccaWhy You Need To Practice To Become A Better Songwriter
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