3 Big Ways Streaming Is Transforming Music

From the way audiences listen to music to how songwriters make music, major streaming platforms have changed music so completely that we won’t fully understand what it all really means for some time. But while the long-term impacts from music streaming are difficult to predict, there’s plenty of massive transformations underway we can talk about now. Here’s three of them:

Rebecca3 Big Ways Streaming Is Transforming Music
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How To Prevent Things From Going Wrong On Tour

If something can go wrong on tour, it probably will eventually. Sure, this statement sounds a little cynical, but taking it seriously can help get you in a mindset that equips for any potential disaster that might befall you while you’re out on tour. And by “disaster,” I mean things like your van breaking down or one of your shows getting canceled, not actual disasters like a meteor hitting the venue right as you take the stage—although, that would be a cool way to go out.

Preparing for the worst is a tactic that can save you tons of money and frustration when it comes to sharing music on the road, but lots of musicians have trouble looking ahead. To help you look ahead, let’s think about a couple of the more common things that can go wrong on tour:

RebeccaHow To Prevent Things From Going Wrong On Tour
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Too Stoked To Be Scared: An Interview With Jess Weimer

Jess Weimer has led a musical life. Weimer’s performing career began in musical theater, and has continued to evolve since the age of 5. The Kansas native’s musical style weaves indie, alternative, and pop to create a sound all her own.

It’s that same unique sound that caught the attention of Another Victory Publishing, who recently signed Weimer after she submitted to a ReverbNation opportunity.

“It was Jess’ big voice that first caught our attention. Her singing style is fresh and full of life. But after speaking with her, we really knew we found something special. Jess is extremely hard working, has a strong vision, and wants to win. We can’t wait to see/hear her talents blossom.” -Another Victory

We connected with Jess to see how she was handling life as a newly-signed artist. Check out this interview where Jess discusses what it was like getting signed, how her musical style is like a slice of pizza, and what’s up next for her.

RebeccaToo Stoked To Be Scared: An Interview With Jess Weimer
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5 Bandmate Red Flags

Music is a tough gig in large part because so much of it is collaborative––that is unless you purely make music on your own, but that’s rare. A musician might be hardworking and talented, but if they’re not respectful and considerate of others, being in a band isn’t going to be a sustainable situation. Here are five red flags to look out for in a bandmate:

Rebecca5 Bandmate Red Flags
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How To Make 808s Punchy

This is a guest post by Splice, a ReverbNation Marketplace participant. Expand your sound with access to over 2 million samples, loops, FX, and presets. Start today with a 1-month free trial to Splice Sounds.

Have you ever found yourself working on a track that needs hard-hitting and punchy 808s, but just seems to fall short with a muddy low end instead?

Getting 808s to cut through the mix may actually be easier than you think – here’s a few tips on how to do it.

RebeccaHow To Make 808s Punchy
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Getting ready to release an album? Here’s what you need to know.

Getting ready to release a new album is a time filled with excitement. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and probably a significant portion of your wallet into this new project and you can’t wait to share it with the world. Congratulations!

While it might be tempting to simply drop the album on a random Friday and wait for the masses to swarm to it, there might be a slightly better strategy—and it involves making a plan.

Below, we go over a few things you need to know in order to make your album release the most successful it can be. You’ve worked hard to get here—don’t shortchange yourself now.

RebeccaGetting ready to release an album? Here’s what you need to know.
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Ableton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 3

Ableton Live has become one of the most powerful Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on the market today. Although it was designed primarily for live performance, it’s become a studio favorite. Originally built for DJs and electronic musicians, it still has enough audio capabilities to compete with other big-name DAWs. We’ve launched a new video series teaching basic Ableton Live tips and tricks so you can get started in Ableton Live today.

RebeccaAbleton Live Tips And Tricks: Part 3
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5 Reasons Not To Play A Show

When a new band starts getting asked to play shows, it can be really exciting. But as established artists know, not every show is worth playing. If you’re on the fence about committing to a show or not, here are five reasons to say no:

Rebecca5 Reasons Not To Play A Show
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