How To Not Break Up Your Band

Keeping a band together over a long period of time can be incredibly hard to do, even for successful musicians with every resource at their fingertips. In part, this is because the relationships in bands are endlessly complex, but also because pursuing the dream of music alone or with a group of people is rife with challenges. It’s safe to say that countless promising bands break up before they have the chance to create truly great music together. This means the longer you can keep yours humming along, the better chance you’ll have at creating impactful music and realizing your goals. 

TylerHow To Not Break Up Your Band
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Why Creating Great Music Is Hard But That’s What Makes It Special

If you’ve ever been in the thick of writing a song and felt like finishing it was impossible, you’re not alone. Every serious songwriter has been in this position. It’s easy to forget that what we do can be grueling work, and there’s often no benefit to our actions. Music creation is a pursuit where it’s entirely possible to work for days, months, or even years and not create anything we think is actually good. There’s no avoiding the fact that it’s hard to create music that’s truly meaningful for listeners, but that’s exactly what makes it special. 

TylerWhy Creating Great Music Is Hard But That’s What Makes It Special
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5 Misconceptions About Making Music

When it comes to creating music seriously, there’s what the world thinks and then what music-makers know to be true. Music is arguably the most impactful art form on the planet, but for how popular it is much of the non-musical world doesn’t know much about what goes into creating it. These are just five of the many popular misconceptions out there about making music. 

Tyler5 Misconceptions About Making Music
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4 Necessary Tasks To Get Your Music Heard

When young, developing artists think about succeeding in music, they often picture sold-out venues, full wallets, and loyal fans who know all of their songs by heart. But whether your goal in music is to become famous around the world or to merely make a human connection with your songs, it takes an immense amount of work simply to get your music in front of listeners. Your ability to do this sort of work consistently and well could mean the difference of being able to connect with audiences or not. If you’re new to music and want to know what sort of work I’m talking about, here are four examples of necessary tasks to get your music heard: 

Tyler4 Necessary Tasks To Get Your Music Heard
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Why You Should Ask What You Can Do For Your Fans

Making music can be a completely isolating experience. So isolating, in fact, that it’s easy to forget that what we’re doing is for the benefit of other human beings if we choose to share our work. If you’re a musician who’s been at it for years, you might be tempted to have an “it’s me against the world” or “it’s me and my bandmates against the world” mentality when you write music. Feeling this way is understandable if you’ve sacrificed many things in your life for the sake of your music. Unfortunately, it’s a destructive mindset that can leave you jaded and less able to make meaningful music. 

TylerWhy You Should Ask What You Can Do For Your Fans
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3 Benefits Livestreaming Gives New Artists

If you’re itching to get back to touring and playing regular local concerts, you’re not alone. The scope and complexity of the pandemic has upended the live event industry like never before, and countless musicians are finding themselves adrift and not sure what to do. Livestreaming your performances can’t fill the massive hole left by the absence of conventional in-person concerts. However, there are some huge benefits to making digital performances a regular part of your life as a musician; benefits that will outlast the pandemic. Here are three important ones to consider: 

Tyler3 Benefits Livestreaming Gives New Artists
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4 DIY Online Promotional Ideas For Your Next Release

If you’re a developing artist, DIY promotion is essential for finding an audience for your music. But in 2021, traditional ways of promoting a new record, like touring, have become complicated and out of reach for many artists. The good news is that listeners are hungry for meaningful music experiences and artist engagement online during this uncertain time. Try these four DIY online promotional tactics to get the most mileage from your releases in 2021 and beyond:

Tyler4 DIY Online Promotional Ideas For Your Next Release
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5 Ways To Reset Your Musical Mindset

For most of us, falling into predictable songwriting habits is more and more an inevitability the longer we make music. It’s natural to favor certain ways of doing things, whether it’s a specific genre, DAW, or instrument. But even if cohesion is one of your top priorities as a creator, your fans probably don’t want to hear you make the same songs over and over again. 

Tyler5 Ways To Reset Your Musical Mindset
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