5 Remote Collaboration Tips For Musicians 

Even under the best of conditions, musical collaboration can be hard to pull off. During times when musicians can’t meet in person, it’s even tougher. Aspects like body language and in-room chemistry are difficult to translate during remote collaboration sessions, not to mention the hurdles of technology. But despite its challenges, remote music collaboration has resulted in creative work that’s gone on to change the world. With patience and planning, you’ll be able to make your long-distance musical collaborations productive and exciting. Here are five tips to help:

Tyler5 Remote Collaboration Tips For Musicians 
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3 Ways Your Career Suffers When Music Isn’t Your Focus

Not focusing enough on music doesn’t seem like a problem for most musicians, but there have never been more distractions in music than there are right now. Whether it’s petty jealousies, disagreements with your team, or obsessing over your social media following, focusing on the things surrounding your music instead of your work can transform into a big problem if you’re not careful. Here are three ways your music suffers when you lose focus on it:

Tyler3 Ways Your Career Suffers When Music Isn’t Your Focus
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How To Jump Back Into Music After Years Of Not Playing

Accepting a demanding new non-musical job. The birth of a child. Burnout after years of touring, making music, and losing money. No matter what’s behind the reason someone quits playing music, it’s something that happens within bands and local music communities constantly in music. While some musicians throw their hands up and quit music permanently, others put it on hold temporarily in hopes of picking it up again when they’re able to. Pursuing music after a years-long break isn’t easy, but it’s completely possible. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re trying to get back into the musical habit after being out of the loop for a long time: 

TylerHow To Jump Back Into Music After Years Of Not Playing
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What Does A Manager Do?

It can be a real struggle to know what to do next.

There you are, you’ve created an incredible piece of music and you can’t wait to get it into the world. You know your music is good, but somehow, every time you release a new song, it’s kind of a flop.

TylerWhat Does A Manager Do?
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3 Tips For Finishing An Album

If you’re not careful, an album is something that could take you years to finish. As an artist, it’s crucial to make something creatively meaningful, and that takes time. But there comes a point with making music where indecision, distractions, and the desire to only make “perfect” work gets in the way of productivity and wrapping up projects. If you can’t seem to finish that album you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into, here are three tips to help:

Tyler3 Tips For Finishing An Album
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How To Turn Casual Listeners Into Fans In The Age Of Streaming

Digital streaming platforms are bringing both huge benefits and challenges to musicians. Today, the idea of an unknown artist distributing their music online and resonating with audiences instantly is very much a real thing. But while more music is being made and listened to than ever before, building real connections with listeners is a major challenge for musicians working in an unprecedented era of music saturation and competition. You might have loads of streams and followers in today’s digitally driven music industry, but making real fans is a whole other story

TylerHow To Turn Casual Listeners Into Fans In The Age Of Streaming
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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Creative Roadblocks

As artists, we all have periods where we struggle to find good ideas. Sometimes we make great work, and sometimes, we do not: It is the nature of the creative process that ideas come in cycles. Here are five strategies for getting rid of creative blocks:

Tyler5 Ways To Get Rid Of Creative Roadblocks
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How Long Is Too Long To Finish Writing A Song?

Filling a space with a song that was previously occupied by nothing is incredible if you think about it. Today, we’re surrounded by so much music, that it often feels like it comes out of nowhere, though if you’re a musician reading this, you know that’s not true. Just like a house is built using materials and a thorough plan, music takes time and resources to make. For many songwriters, the tricky part comes with knowing what amount of time they should be devoting to their work. Spend too little on an idea, and it could come out under-developed and rushed. But spend too much time on an idea, and you could end up wasting your time never finishing it. Is there a middle ground to look for?

TylerHow Long Is Too Long To Finish Writing A Song?
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