How To Use A Limiter

Limiters are an integral part of any mixing and mastering toolbox and are necessary for creating a professional mix. 

However, limiters are often misunderstood and misused when mixing and mastering. Many producers struggle to understand just how to apply a limiter to their tracks. In this article, I am going to go over three different ways that you can use a limiter on your tracks for a more professional-sounding mix. 

TylerHow To Use A Limiter
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How To Tour On A Budget

You’ve finally decided to take the leap. You know you need to break out of your city and get in front of your fans across the country or maybe even the world, and you’re all in. There’s just one small obstacle…you’re kind of broke.

Hey, it’s ok! As a working musician, in the early days especially, it might be hard to scrape together the cash for an expansive or robust tour. Don’t forget, your favorite bands started on a diet of rest stop food and crossing their fingers that their van didn’t break down in the middle of the desert.

Which brings me to this…when you’re setting out on tour, there are a lot of ways to save your pennies and still have an amazing time. The first step, of course, is figuring out what you can really afford, so be sure that before you map out your tour you have a solid budget in mind (IE your max spending allowance for every category: food, hotel, repairs, etc) and then stick to it.

TylerHow To Tour On A Budget
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Why Copying Successful Formulas For Writing Music Won’t Work

Nothing feels better in music when your work genuinely clicks with an audience. Many of us make music in the hopes that what we create will go on to help listeners feel understood in some way, and seeing that happen can be an incredible payoff. So incredible, in fact, that a song or album’s success can inform the creative decisions we make in the future. The frustrating thing is that copying the songwriting formula that made an old idea successful and pasting it into a new songwriting context probably won’t result in more great music, and can actually work against you in a big way.

TylerWhy Copying Successful Formulas For Writing Music Won’t Work
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3 Reasons Why Musicians Should Throw Their Own Shows

Traditional venues are usually thought of as being the best place to host shows, but musicians miss big opportunities to share their music on their own terms when they rely only on venues to perform live. From intimate house shows to locally curated festivals, shows take on a whole new meaning when the performing musicians are the ones throwing them. Here’s three reasons why musicians should consider setting up their own shows:

Tyler3 Reasons Why Musicians Should Throw Their Own Shows
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4 Tactics For Getting On Playlists

Playlists have become the holy grail of artist placement. While there’s still a ton of value in everything from blog placements to radio to TV, there’s no doubt that right now playlists are just about the #1 thing on most artists’ minds. With artists’ careers seemingly changing overnight with inclusion on just the right playlist, it’s really no wonder that it’s become so desirable. But how do you actually get that coveted playlist spot? How can you increase your chances of being picked for a specific playlist?

Tyler4 Tactics For Getting On Playlists
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Can’t Tour? Try This Instead

Whether it’s because of a lack of money or an inability to be away from a stable job or young family, many musicians who’d benefit from touring find themselves stuck at home. For bands who’ve tapped out local resources and the attention spans of fans in their hometowns, this can be a big problem. But while touring can bring loads of benefits to ambitious bands, there’s other things artists can do to build momentum for their music.

TylerCan’t Tour? Try This Instead
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5 Steps To Putting Together A Music Marketing Plan

Marketing is a bit of a buzzword, isn’t it? It’s one of those terms we throw around freely that conjures images of slick advertising, fancy sales techniques, and lots and lots of money behind it.

But it doesn’t have to be such a heavy word. In fact, you can create and execute a solid music marketing plan even without a hefty budget with a strong vision for where you’re going, and who you want to impact along the way.

Tyler5 Steps To Putting Together A Music Marketing Plan
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3 Creative Topics To Write Music About For Stuck Songwriters

New songwriters to seasoned and creatively successful ones alike often find themselves getting stuck when it comes to not knowing what to write about in their music from time to time. If you’re a songwriter at a complete loss of what to make your next song about, here are a couple of creative topics to inspire you:

Tyler3 Creative Topics To Write Music About For Stuck Songwriters
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