An Inside Look at The Bergamot’s Unity Tour

Have you seen a Volvo covered in inspiring messages in your city? The Bergamot have been driving across the U.S. on their Unity Tour, stopping in each state to perform and have people write messages of hope and unity on their Unity Car. We caught up with the husband and wife duo to talk about their amazing journey, their final show in NYC this weekend, and more.

In 10 words or less describe the Unity Tour.
Life changing – the greatest stories in life are real stories.

MikeAn Inside Look at The Bergamot’s Unity Tour
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Artist You Should Know: WARGIRL

WARGIRL just made their debut with “Mess Around” and “PEOPLE” on Stereogum and it’s impossible not to get hooked on their signature groovy, danceable sound. We chatted with the Long Beach, CA-based band made up of members of Cold War Kids and revolving guest musicians about their debut, backstory, and more.

Give us a breakdown of everyone in the band.
The band is made up of core members and revolving guest musicians. The original batch of recordings were a collaboration between half of the current WARGIRL lineup and half of the Cold War Kids. Once we started gigging it very naturally evolved into the band we have now with the odd guest appearances. Matt Wignall was the inception point for the band, he runs analog studio Tackyland in Long Beach and has strong central american expat tendencies. Drummer Erick Nieto was a long time collaborator with Wignall, he came from Ecuador to America when he was young, and spent two decades trying to become a citizen while playing percussion and futbol to pass the time. Jeff Suri is the other drummer, a PHD chemist who invented a device that tests blood sugar without drawing blood. Tamara Raye is the bass player, she rides triumph motorcycles and we have to deal with her bass amp because it doesn’t fit on the bike. Enya Preston is the keyboard player and the youngest member at maybe 20? She speaks Japanese and seems to be really good at everything, probably home schooled judging by the hint of social awkwardness. On vocals is Marika Dahlin. She lives in a tiny two story garden shed art studio near LAX, and we are not sure how she makes money. Also singing is Anne Dereaux, a Nashville to LA transplant and architect.

MikeArtist You Should Know: WARGIRL
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Artist Session: Hail Sagan

Powerhouse vocalist, Sagan Amery, shares the deets on LA-based metal act Hail Sagan’s new video for “Dark Cloud,” what it’s like to join EMP Label Group, why some members of the band wear masks, and more.

Hey Hail Sagan, let’s start off with a little introduction. Where did you come up with your moniker?
Sagan is the first name of our vocalist Sagan Amery. So it’s a play on her name and pop culture. And of course, we follow the Supreme Order of Saganism, along with all of the Saganists out there.

MikeArtist Session: Hail Sagan
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Artist You Should Know: TESHA

Tel Aviv-born songstress TESHA has been grabbing the attention from the likes of NYLON and Bullet Media with her blissful, dream-like style. We chatted with her about her recent move to Los Angeles, new single “Summer Comes and Summer Goes," creative process, and more.

What’s the backstory behind the name TESHA?
“It means world peace program in hebrew”… is also a book, it is also carved on my father’s grave….

Tell us about your new single “Summer Comes and Summer Goes.”
It a song about life and death, and life …’s sounds happy although it actually bares a lot of sadness  in it….although it is really, a happy song.

MikeArtist You Should Know: TESHA
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Artist Session: Jude Shuma

Psych rocker Jude Shuma chatted with us about his new ‘Biggest Hits’ EP, how growing up in Chicago influenced his music, and more.

Hey Jude, introduce yourself. Is Jude Shuma your real name?
Jude Shuma is my real name! Those two words are on my driver’s license.

How did growing up in Chicago influence your music? What’s the current scene like?
Chicago is embedded directly in the center of the Midwest. So chances are if you are planning on going on tour as a band or a musical act, you’re going to stop through. I was constantly going to shows growing up. There wasn’t much else to do. Being able to see my favorite bands and attend concerts at places like the Metro helped develop the musical drive inside of me. It was pure inspiration. As you get older and more focused though it gets harder to get out. I feel like I spend more time now playing music than watching it live. The dynamic has shifted.

MikeArtist Session: Jude Shuma
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Artist You Should Know: Luxley

After gaining praise from the likes of Earmilk and Indie Shuffle and touring with Bombay Bicycle Club/Milo Greene and Mystery Skulls, Luxley just released his infectious debut EP ‘Spirit’ on NYLON. Read on to find out why you’ll be obsessing of the New Orleans-based electro-rock artist in no time.

Thanks for chatting with us, give us an introduction to Luxley.
Luxley is an entity that exists outside of myself.  I write music for it.  People will just call me Luxley though because I’m presumably the principal writer for it.  I was born in New Orleans. I’ve studied science my whole life and I’m also an ex-medical student.  Music is my “jam.”

MikeArtist You Should Know: Luxley
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Your New Obsession: New Myths

Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, can’t stop obsessing over New Myths. Read on to get the 411 on these badass babes.

Of my 18 years on this earth, 10 of them have been spent playing music in an all girl band. I know from experience that there can be some difficulty making it in this generally male dominated business; a lot of comments fall into the category of “insert compliment here”, for a girl band. However, I am here today to tell you all that this badass Brooklyn based trio, New Myths, isn’t just good for a girl band, they simply are good. These girls had been in close quarters since high school, however it wasn’t until college that they realized they worked well together. Since then, they have been playing shows around the area and gifting us with their amazing blend of rock and new wave pop. They have a great style and amazing energy, and will without a doubt continue to light up the New York area and wherever else they may go. Keep rocking ladies.

MikeYour New Obsession: New Myths
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Artist You Should Know: SELVES

With a newly released debut EP, a major synch placement under his belt, and a slew of celebrity fans, Geron Hoy’s new solo project SELVES should be on everyone’s radar. Read on to meet the Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter and get the deets on his exciting project.

As a solo artist, you’ve been pretty well established since 2011 and caught the attention of celebrity fans such as David Copperfield and Howard Stern. How is SELVES different from Geron Hoy?
The idea behind SELVES is that we all have different sides to our personalities. My solo stuff is a bit contemplative and reflective but I also have this other side of myself that is energetic and explorative. Perhaps my solo material is like having a cup of coffee in the morning with the sunrise and SELVES is when you hop in the car and roll the windows down heading into the night.

MikeArtist You Should Know: SELVES
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