Artist You Should Know: Locke

You know when you listen to a song for the first time and you instantly know it's going to be on loop because it makes you feel so good? Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, has Locke on repeat for his feel-good vibes. Read on to find out why Locke should be on your radar.

You’re going to want to keep this Texas native under L O C K E and key! Now L.A.-based singer/songwriter Locke catches our ears with summery, feel-good pop tracks and captures our hearts with amazing music videos to accompany them. Locke hones in on the Beyoncé-esque, self confidence movement while demonstrating elements from greats like Prince and Jimi Hendrix as well. In his recently released EP “Blue Heart,” Locke addresses themes of empowerment and love, while #blessing us with catchy, funk/pop songs that we can add to our summer playlists. My personal favorite, #ThisCouldBeUs hit no. 32 on iTunes Hot 100 (not surprising), and the video, a heartbreaking story about unrequited love, will give you goosebumps. In addition to playing shows across Los Angeles, Locke headlined Pride earlier this year. Watch out Queen Bey, this “KING” is coming for the throne!

MikeArtist You Should Know: Locke
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Introducing Road to Sturgis

Have you ever wondered what life on the road is like? We're following Midnight Mob, The Grizzled Mighty, and Low Volts as they travel to Sturgis, SD to perform at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. These rockin' bands were selected through an exclusive ReverbNation opportunity to play along a lineup that includes Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, and more. Over the next few weeks, they'll be documenting their journey with GoPros, photos, and more to give you an inside look at what life is really like. Come along for the ride and get to know the bands.

Take an inside look at life on the road with Midnight Mob, The Grizzled Mighty, and Low Volts. Road to Sturgis promises to take you on each band’s journey as the make their way to Sturgis Buffalo Chip to perform at the biggest motorcycle rally in the U.S.. Follow three unique bands, all with different stories, each coming from different parts of the country, but with one mission — making it to Sturgis, South Dakota for the performance of a lifetime.

JustinIntroducing Road to Sturgis
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You Won’t Be Grumpy if You Listen to Grumby

Nothing is better than when you’re listening to an artist and their music instantly triggers bits of nostalgia. Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, is obsessed with Brooklyn-based electronic duo Grumby for their mix of 90’s vibes with a contemporary twist. Read on to find out why you should have Grumby on repeat.

Texas natives turned Brooklyn residents, Grumby is composed of two twenty-something DJs, Rajuju and Butterfly. These guys, like the rest of us 90’s kids, love to pay tribute to the smooth R&B/ jazzy hip-hop beats they grew up jamming to. However, Grumby makes us feel the nostalgia of the 90’s with an undeniable contemporary, electronica twist. They certainly have their foot in the door of the Brooklyn music scene with regular appearances at Pianos, and their contributions to the mecca of the new up-and-coming electronic music collection, Half Bad Society. Not only do they create beautifully engineered tracks, they also have extremely well-crafted videos to go along with them. You do not want to miss out on this duo.

JustinYou Won’t Be Grumpy if You Listen to Grumby
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Artist You Should Know: Phebe Starr

Australian-born/LA-based songstress Phebe Starr has been grabbing the attention from the likes of Paste, Nylon, Neon Gold and more with her powerful, emotive vocals. Read on to get the 411 on Phebe’s new single “Lavender Scars” that just premiered on Stereogum, tour, AUDIENCE Network special, and more.

You just premiered your new single “Lavender Scars” on Stereogum, and they said, “A mark of great artists is the ability to translate devastating moments into resonating beauty, and Starr certainly achieves this in penning this song for a close friend grieving.” Tell us the inspiration behind the track.
The song was written in response to my friend’s father’s illness (Alzheimer’s) and death. I was working alone in the studio when I received her text that her father had passed away. I didn’t know what to say. Life hadn’t really prepared me to handle the harsh reality of loss in my own life or in anyone I was close to. I knew the polite response was always to say something along the lines of ‘I’m so sorry,’ or even more cliché ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ but I felt these words were inadequate compared with the enormity of the situation.

JustinArtist You Should Know: Phebe Starr
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Artist Session: Mark Diamond

Following the release of his moody single "Dark Matter," Seattle-based singer Mark Diamond released an anthemic track called "Losing Control," which features his sultry vocals over cinematics hooks. The track was featured in PureVolume. Both tracks can be found on his upcoming 'Cosma' EP due out July 27. Read on to learner about ‘Cosma,’ Mark’s influences, and more.

Hi Mark! Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I grew up with an international airline pilot as a father and traveled a lot growing up. I look back all the time and think about how all that traveling really gave me my appreciation for the Pacific Northwest and the place I was born. Seattle is beautiful and has definitely been one of the biggest influences in my music.

JustinArtist Session: Mark Diamond
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On Tour: Jon Lindsay

After releasing his highly anticipated album Cities & Schools and getting praised by the likes of Paste Magazine and The Big Takeover, singer-songwriter Jon Lindsay is hitting the road for a U.S. summer tour and European fall tour. Read on to get the inside scoop and find a tour date near you.

Following the release of his album Cities & Schools, Jon Lindsay has been releasing a slew of music videos that we can’t get enough of. “Little Queen Drum Machine” just premiered on Paste and its captivating visuals is Lindsay at his best. Paste was also the first to share Cities & Schools and describe the LP as, “a powerful collection of finely crafted pop that has garnered considerable praise for Lindsay.” We couldn’t agree more.

JustinOn Tour: Jon Lindsay
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How fast will you fall for OTON’s “Slow?”

What's the last song you obsessed over? Our guest blogger Olivia, the powerhouse behind Wolvereen and who is spending the summer discovering new music with us, can't get enough of newcomers OTON. With a trip-hop sound of the late-90's paired with hip-hop beats and airy vocals, you're going to have them on repeat.

So many amazing things come out of Belgium; waffles, chocolate, and slightly less cliche but equally as awesome, OTON. This Brussels-based duo is known for their modern day take on the classic late 90’s jazzy trip-hop. It’s a decadent mix of smooth synths aided by lead singer Sasha Vovk and her rhythmic riffs on guitar.

JustinHow fast will you fall for OTON’s “Slow?”
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Artist You Should Know: Secret Weapons

After gaining attention from the likes of Billboard and PopMatters with their anthemic single “Something New,” pop duo Secret Weapons just released their debut EP ‘SW.’ With an infectious sound and feel-good vibe, you’ll have Secret Weapons on repeat in no time.

Hey guys, thanks for taking time out your busy schedule to chat with us! Let’s start with a little introduction. Who is Secret Weapons?
Secret Weapons is Gerry Lange and Danny Rocco from Brooklyn, New York.

We’re kind of obsessed with your recently released debut EP ‘SW’ — tell us about the making. What is it that you want your listeners to get from it.
The EP was a crazy experience. We spent two months recording in a warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  We were totally isolated from the rest  of the city, out on a pier jutting  into the harbor. We recorded a ton of music, and had a hard time pairing it all down to a single EP. I think in the few days before we turned it in we were still adding new songs that were only a few days old.

JustinArtist You Should Know: Secret Weapons
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