17 ReverbNation Artists Nominated for the 2016 GRAMMY Awards

Nominations for the 2016 GRAMMY Awards were announced on Monday, and once again, we have a great number of ReverbNation artists joining the ranks of Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd as official GRAMMY nominees. With more than 17 nominations in 14 different categories, these ReverbNation artists cover a wide range of the musical spectrum. Check out the nominations, and then hear music from each nominated artist in our playlist below. And make sure you tune into CBS on February 15th for the main event!


Kevin17 ReverbNation Artists Nominated for the 2016 GRAMMY Awards
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SXSBest — Gathering the Top #AustinSnapshots from South by Southwest

Did you miss South By Southwest in Austin last week? Or were you lucky enough to join thousands of other audiophiles and experience the annual festival and conference? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Before SXSW began, we asked dozens of great ReverbNation Artists to help us document their time in Austin using #AustinSnapshot on Instagram and Twitter. You can see the whole #AustinSnapshot collage here, but we’ve also picked out some of our favorite shots that showcase everything from Texas BBQ to Game of Thrones pedicabs to all the great shows that happened during the week.

KevinSXSBest — Gathering the Top #AustinSnapshots from South by Southwest
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Simon Perry Discusses Music & Artist Discovery

We sat down with Simon Perry — hit producer/writer, ReverbNation’s Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R, and lifelong music fan — to hear how his music roots spread to embrace technology and point to a new music future.

Q. You’ve been working behind the scenes with ReverbNation for a few years now, but your recent efforts are paying off in a pretty public way. Before we talk more about that, tell us a little about your background.

A. I started out as an Artist in the UK, where I’m from. I got signed, but I didn’t become famous (insert self-deprecating British smile and shrug here), so I gave up my dream and went to law school. Then I went straight back to music, but this time I was writing and producing for other Artists. I was lucky enough to have a lot of success, but eventually I realized that I wanted to develop my own acts instead of writing for other people.

I co-founded a company called Archangel Media, and that’s what I was doing when I first heard about ReverbNation and met Mike (Doernberg, ReverbNation CEO and co-founder).

KevinSimon Perry Discusses Music & Artist Discovery
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49 ReverbNation Artists Nominated for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Congratulations to the 49 ReverbNation Artists recognized by this year’s GRAMMY Awards, with nominations in 29 different categories. From genres as diverse as Best New Age Album, Best Alternative Music Album, and Best Recording Package, there are few areas where ReverbNation Artists were not recognized.

One Artist, Miami, Florida’s PALO! was nominated for the Best Latin Tropical Album, in addition to grabbing a Latin GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary Tropical Album of the Year. Keyboardist Steve Roitstein says that PALO!’s “Afro-Cuban Funk” was “never created to receive industry accolades, but the recognition from the Grammys is an amazing honor for us.”

Kevin49 ReverbNation Artists Nominated for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards
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ReverbNation Artists Make the Cut on Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Acts

The tastemakers at Music Connection recently released the results of their Hot 100 Unsigned Acts list, an annual tradition that compiles their favorite emerging Artists in the indie world. Curated by music journalists, talent buyers, A&R reps, music attorneys, and other industry specialists, the list has to come to represent a who’s-who of unsigned talent. This year, more than 50 ReverbNation Artists were included on the list, and we’ve got music from at least one Artist in every genre that made the cut here for your listening pleasure, as well as direct links to music from the other ReverbNation Artists. To see the full list, click here.

KevinReverbNation Artists Make the Cut on Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Acts
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Musicians as Digital Storytellers: How To Seize the Power of Social Media

As an Artist, you’re probably relying on some form of social media to spread the word about your music. But today, it’s not enough to only update your fans with messages about your music.

We sat down with social media marketing expert Jim Tobin, President of Ignite Social Media, to find out where musicians often fall short in their social media strategy, and to learn how they can start making improvements today.

Watch the full interview above and read some of the highlights below:

KevinMusicians as Digital Storytellers: How To Seize the Power of Social Media
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Jesse Kinch Wins Inaugural Season of ABC’s Rising Star

photo (1)

UPDATE: 20-year-old ReverbNation Artist Jesse Kinch was crowned winner of the first season of ABC’s interactive music competition show, Rising Star. “I want to make sure that guy can do two hours a night until he’s ninety years old, because [his voice] is a great instrument, and I want to keep hearing it,” says series host and Kinch’s mentor, Josh Groban in Billboard

Jesse offers this advice to emerging artists:

“Whenever you’re on the cusp of achieving your dreams, always remember who you are and what music is all about. Music is about being true to your self and putting your heart into everything you do. Keep your integrity…that can take you further than you can imagine.”

Jesse says he is back in New York laying the groundwork for his first EP and Album post-show. Read his full story below.


“He’s a soft-spoken kid with a huge rocker singing voice, surprising stage presence, and even more surprising sex appeal.” Billboard

“This David Cassidy-haired, rock ‘n’ blues belter was the only truly memorable or unique contestant of the 10 total who sang on Sunday…Jesse had it all: sex appeal, soul, swag, and a strong set of pipes.” Rolling Stone

ReverbNation Artist Jesse Kinch was one of the premiere artists to perform on ABC’s new music competition show, Rising Star. The show boasts being the first of its kind, an interactive singing competition where fans vote via a smartphone app, with a small percentage of votes allotted for three celebrity guest judges. GRAMMY-award-winning vocalist Josh Groban hosts, and audiences watch as stars like Jesse emerge from behind a giant digital wall that lights up as fans and judges cast their votes. The grand prize? A recording contract with Capitol Records.

When we sat down to talk to Jesse, we wanted to understand what it’s really like for a musician to be a part of a reality TV show. Jesse provided some perspective on the selection process, his initial reservations and what he thinks sets this music competition apart from others.

KevinJesse Kinch Wins Inaugural Season of ABC’s Rising Star
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Your Facebook Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts: Here’s What You Can Do About It

When musician Ryan Trauley logged into Facebook to check the performance of a recent post to his band Oulipo’s page, the results shocked him.

“I have 800 fans on my page, but this post I wrote about my show was only seen by 10 people. I don’t understand how that’s possible,” said Trauley.

Ryan isn’t the only one surprised. Every day more artists are noticing that they’re reaching fewer and fewer fans on Facebook. Why is this happening?

Facebook is reducing the number of people who see your posts in their News Feed organically. They’re accomplishing this by cutting down on a number called “Organic Reach*,” which refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.

ReverbNation has been a longtime advocate of artists promoting themselves using social media. In 2007, we developed Band Profile, the first Facebook app for artists. Band Profile was designed to help artists take advantage of the growing platform, and to share everything with their fans, from songs to updates to merch.

Since then, ReverbNation has continued to integrate products closely with Facebook, including tying our ad offerings into Facebook through its API. In fact, we were one of the first partners invited to use their API (Application Programming Interface).

Given our front row seat to the ever-changing landscape of Facebook, I spent some time talking to those knowledgeable about the platform. I asked two key ReverbNation team members some questions and received some interesting responses.

KevinYour Facebook Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts: Here’s What You Can Do About It
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