5 Ways To Get Press Without PR Or A Publicist

In today’s music industry, it’s very possible to get great press without a publicist. However, the challenge is getting noticed when there is so much music being released every day. Publicity is very important as it exposes you to a larger audience and gets you real, engaged followers as they find you from more trustworthy and credible resources. In that sense, press coverage in today’s world would include getting into traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and radio. Of course, there are also newer outlet types, such as blogs and other online channels, but in this blog post, I’d like to offer five tips to get press in the traditional media outlets without a  publicist. 

Dave5 Ways To Get Press Without PR Or A Publicist
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4 Ways Gen Z Is Changing The Music Industry’s Listening Habits

The streaming era creates its own superstars and music genres, such as bedroom pop. This particular style focuses on pop music that is written and produced by independent musicians largely in their bedrooms. Interestingly, bedroom pop has been attracting millions of listeners around the world, largely by listeners under the age of 25. In fact, we have a name for this group of audiences under the age of 25: Generation Z, or Gen Z for short.

Rebecca4 Ways Gen Z Is Changing The Music Industry’s Listening Habits
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How Having Empathy For Those You Pitch Music To Can Improve Your Chances

Pitching music is a frustrating but crucial part of being a serious musician in 2020. If you want to play shows or put your music into consideration for playlists, radio play, and press coverage, some amount of DIY pitching has to happen. It’s natural to view the people you pitch to as hurdles preventing your music from finding an audience. However, that attitude will make it harder for you and your music to be taken seriously. Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling. Embracing empathy is something that will help your music career in the long run. 

ColtonHow Having Empathy For Those You Pitch Music To Can Improve Your Chances
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How To Keep Fans Interested With Your Email List

Did you hear the story of the artist whose social media account got hacked and locked her out? Just like that, she lost 10k + followers. The worst part? This was the second time it had happened to her! The truth is, it happens far more often than you think, and not just to accounts with tens of thousands of followers. While sometimes it can be fixed, oftentimes, these users end up having to start from scratch and all those followers. Those potential buyers and supporters of what you offer are just….gone. 

This is just one of many reasons that it is so important to have and maintain a healthy email list. Email lists might sound like something reserved for the big corporations. But when done right, your email list is the glue that holds you and your fans together. It’s a space for your most loyal followers, it’s a way to build connections, get vulnerable, and give them exclusive access to you. And best of all, unlike with social media, you don’t run the risk of losing those fans. There’s no risk of someone locking you out of your mailing list provider (and even if they do, odds are you’ve downloaded csv files of your followers and will still have their emails), or changing the algorithm (your emails will always be delivered to their inbox). 

ColtonHow To Keep Fans Interested With Your Email List
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4 Ways To Maximize Your Streams On The First Week

With the availability of streaming data for artists, the first week after releasing your music can provide important indicators. Your number of listeners, how they listened, and how your music may fit into larger playlists are all examples of important streaming data. Moreover, the insight from the data can also help you visualize potential projects for the future. Your first week of data is an essential indicator of whether you will get placed on major playlists or not. For these reasons, it is useful to have a strategy for your release in order to maximize your streams. In this article, we will look at four strategies to craft a successful first week:

Krissy4 Ways To Maximize Your Streams On The First Week
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How To Evolve Past Your Local Scene

Every music scene is its own world, packed with locally famous venues, musicians, and history. It’s natural to want to develop within the music community that exists in your hometown. However, when musicians fail to evolve past their local scene, they limit not only their opportunities, but also their creativity. Forming an identity outside of your music scene isn’t easy, but it’s essential to connect with large audiences. 

Don’t settle for local success

It can be incredibly exciting to find success within a local music scene for new and unestablished bands. Opening for national artists, getting written up in local media, and headlining shows at local venues are all signs of momentum within a scene. The problem comes when bands get addicted and comfortable with the notion of being the big fish swimming in the small ponds of their local music scenes. It’s completely possible to be a well-known and beloved band to the music fans in your hometown but no one else. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. Yet, if your music career ambitions are bigger than being locally successful, you’ll have to plan to be active outside of your hometown. 

DaveHow To Evolve Past Your Local Scene
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3 Essentials You’ll Have To Spend Money On To Effectively Share Your Music

Artists can get quite a bit of mileage out of releasing their music on free digital listening platforms in today’s music industry. However, there’s no getting around the fact that some money has to be spent in order to give your work the best chance at being heard. Music has never been cheaper to create and share, but if you’re hoping to reach the largest audience possible, be prepared to spend a little money to make it happen. Here are three essentials you’ll most likely need to spend money on to share your music with wide audiences: 

Colton3 Essentials You’ll Have To Spend Money On To Effectively Share Your Music
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The Best Thing Musicians Should Focus On In 2020

Musicians have a lot on their plates these days. We’re told that there’s virtually no chance we’ll succeed without throwing a huge amount of our time and energy into doing things like promoting our work over social media or carving out brands for our digital identities. But while there’s some truth to that advice, it won’t make a difference if the music you’re looking to share isn’t solid. Yes, in today’s music industry, artists shouldn’t expect to post music online and find a following without throwing in some hard non-musical work behind it, but many of us are missing the point of what it means to be creating music in 2020, and that point is to share compelling, interesting, fresh, and meaningful music. 

ColtonThe Best Thing Musicians Should Focus On In 2020
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