Introducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook

As Facebook continues to limit your musician/band page’s “organic reach,” (i.e. how many people see your posts without having to spend money to “boost” your posts), we wanted to be sure that anyone who visited your Facebook page would be able to get all the information they needed in one place. So if you hop over to your Facebook musician/band page, you’ll notice that your Band Profile app now sports a simple, sleek look designed to focus all of your fan’s attention on your music.

JustinIntroducing the New Band Profile App for Facebook
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Are Photography and Cover Art Important for Musicians?

Tina V, ReverbNation Artist Since 2010As musicians, you spend most of your time writing and performing music that you hope will set you apart from the rest. Sometimes, you spend so much time focusing on music, that other important pieces that can help you get discovered are forgotten. One of the most important – and often forgotten – elements of your band’s presence is how you present yourself visually. [Tweet this]

You might already know that at ReverbNation, we provide opportunities for artists to play festivals, get featured in magazines, get airplay on radio and more. We work directly with promoters to bring these opportunities to you, the artist, and after you submit to the opportunities, the promoters select the best fit for the winner. A few months ago, we conducted a survey of 2,000 artists to find out how they think the opportunities process works.

JustinAre Photography and Cover Art Important for Musicians?
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Musicians and Facebook Timeline: Here’s What Reverb Artists Think [Infographic]

Back at the end of March, all Facebook pages switched to the Timeline layout. We wanted to know what the ReverbNation community thought about the switch, so we reached out with a survey after 30 days… and again after 90 days. If you missed yesterday’s article on Hypebot, take a look at the resulting infographic below then let us know how you feel in the comments (feel free to share it with your community!):


JustinMusicians and Facebook Timeline: Here’s What Reverb Artists Think [Infographic]
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4 Bands With Killer Facebook Timelines

A few days ago, we asked artists on Twitter and Facebook to send us links to their bands’ Facebook Pages on Timeline featuring the new ReverbNation apps. We received an overwhelming number of responses (over 300!), but here are 4 of our favorites:

Great idea! Alessio made use of his cover photo to direct fans to the apps.

In one click, Helen's fans can play music, watch videos or sign up for mailing list.

REYN installed the apps that matter the most to his fans.

Creative idea! The Black Hats changed app's image and name to match the band's personality.

Did you notice how they made their Pages look awesome by using unique and eye-catching cover photos? The cover photo is very likely the first thing your fans will see so make good use of it!  Make it compelling, fun, authentic, and most importantly, make it representative of your musical personality and style. Consider changing it often to keep fans coming back. NOTE: Read Facebook’s guidelines before choosing your cover photo:

REMEMBER: If you haven’t switched your Page to Timeline yet, Facebook lets you get the new design by turning on your preview now, or you can wait until all Pages automically get upgraded on March 30, 2012.

There were many, many more Timelines and we wish we can put them all here! Since we have a limited space (#damnyouwordpress), here are other cool Timelines you can check out:

Did you get your ReverbNation apps yet?

And just because we can, watch Don Draper (Mad Men) presenting Facebook Timeline better than anyone, even Zuckerberg:
Justin4 Bands With Killer Facebook Timelines
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ReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline

With Facebook’s new timeline layout for pages, we recognized that artists needed a new model for fan engagement. One that made it easy for fans to find what they want in an instant — music, show schedules, merch and more.

So we designed a set of compelling, simple tools that give you the flexibility to customize your timeline with function-specific app buttons! Think of it like a smartphone home screen. Click Play to get to your music. The Watch app links straight to your videos. Fans want to subscribe to your email list? Now they just click Join. Rounding out the set, Shop, Schedule and Download let fans quickly find your merch, your schedule and your mp3 downloads.


Smart for you. Easy for your fans. And it’s a snap to get started. In fact, if you already have Band Profile you’ll notice that we’ve changed the icon to “Play,” inviting every visitor to hear your tracks. Want the other apps as well? It’s as easy as clicking here.

If you’re not one of the millions of musicians that have Band Profile, no worries. Get it and all the other apps here!

*Simulated example of a band Timeline

UPDATE: Venues, you know we’ve got your back. Download Facebook Apps for your venue now!

Stay tuned as we continue to find more ways to help artists and venues take advantage of Facebook Timeline!

JustinReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline
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Play Live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour

ReverbNation partners with Ernie Ball for the 3rd straight year to get unsigned bands on Vans Warped Tour! Use your ReverbNation Press Kit (RPK) to register at Artists using their RPKs automatically get free marketing tools to help them get votes! But, seriously, hurry up because this opportunity ends June 1st!

About Ernie Ball: The 16th Ernie Ball Warped Tour Battle of the Bands is largest and longest-running unsigned artist competition of its kind (AND it’s 100% free to enter!).

Prizes: Ernie Ball gives talented, undiscovered artists worldwide a platform to play live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour and win a 3-song EP with multi-platinum producer John Feldman, in addition to an incredible prize package which includes a $15,000 Guitar Center shopping spree!

This is how it works: To enter the competition, artists upload music and create a profile on the Warped Tour – Battle of The Bands website and have until June 1st to have their fans vote for them. Tip: Artists using their RPKs have a better chance of winning because ReverbNation arms them with fan-voting marketing tools, including emails to fans, Facebook applications and a Warped Tour banner for their Facebook Band Profile (shown below on Through The Fight’s profile).

Through The Fight used our RPK and got a cool banner on their Facebook Page

The Top 100 (based on votes) bands in each preferred city will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals comprised of Warped Tour partners, 2012 Warped Tour Organizers, and Ernie Ball Inc.

Last year's Grand Prize winner, Danielle Barbe

Then, four bands from the Top 100 in each city will be selected to play live on the Ernie Ball Stage for each date of the 2012 Warped Tour. The Top Four last year were Danielle Barbe, June Divided, Taylor Thrash and Sleepwalker — all ReverbNation artists!

Danielle Barbe won the Grand Prize last year and she also gets to perform on the tour this year. Congrats Danielle!

Why are you still reading?? Go over to and sign up for free using your ReverbNation Press Kit now!

Good luck and see you at the Tour!

JustinPlay Live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour
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Facebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You

You may have heard about Facebook’s recent changes to your page. Timeline is now available to all Facebook Fan Pages. But don’t panic as you have until March 30th to redesign your page and officially publish it when it’s ready.

If you switch to Timeline now, do it knowingly since you can’t go back to the old design.  Also, keep in mind that if you have Band Profile app or Venue Profile app, when you switch, they will no longer be your landing page. Facebook gives you until March 30th to preview and explore the new design. Use the time wisely!

So what does the Timeline mean to bands and venues? We’re doing a complete review and will post more updates as soon as Facebook announces them.

For now, this is what we know.

1) Cover photo: Just like your personal Facebook page, you can now have a big photo (851p x 315 pixels) besides your profile picture. We suggest you make good use of it by using images that best represent your personality and the style of your music.

2) Landing page: You will no longer have a default landing page of your choice. Instead, everyone will always land on your Timeline. So if your fans want to listen to your music, watch your videos, find out about concert dates, you can (and should) share the direct link to your Band/Venue Profile on your website, blog, and put it in your page’s About section. Your fans can also click on the Band/Venue Profile tab, as shown below:

3) Tabs: The tabs, which used to be under the profile picture, are now under the big and shiny cover photo. The ‘Photos’ tab is fixed in place, but you can change the other three around. To make Band Profile a feature tab, click on the dropdown menu next to the 4th tab, click the Pencil icon, and choose the tab you would Band Profile to “switch positions with,” as shown below:


4) Message: The new cool thing about Timeline is that your fans can personally send you a message, much like the way it works on a personal Facebook page. Once they message you, you can message them back, so this is a great way to improve and expand the fan-musician relationship.


5) Highlight: Another cool update on Facebook is the ability to highlight your stories. A highlight will make the pictures and videos  larger and more eye-catching.

6) Pin:  You can also pin the story to the top of your Timeline for up to a week (but we believe you can re-pin it again). This is a great opportunity for musicians and venues alike to feature new songs, concert dates, photos and videos.  To do this, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the post and select Pin to Top.


On March 12th, we launched a suite of cool apps for artists and venues to install on their Timeline. These apps will take fan interaction to a whole new level! Read more about ReverbNation’s apps for Facebook Timeline on this blog post.

Follow us on Twitter for updates or email us at and we’ll try to help as much we can!

JustinFacebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You
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ReverbNation’s Facebook app My Band gets a new name (Band Profile), new features, and it’s still 100% FREE

Today we’re announcing some major upgrades to our popular Facebook app, My Band. We’re giving it a new name (Band Profile) and some seriously powerful new features. More details are below, but to check them out right away you just need to login to Band Profile and click on the Appearance tab (if you haven’t upgraded your band page to Facebook’s new layout, you’ll need to do that too, but it’s as easy as clicking a blue ‘upgrade my page’ button upgrade your Facebook page).

Your App has Fan Boosters to grow your Fanbase

We know fans are critically important for an artist, and that’s why we wove Fan Boosters into the fabric of the new app. Fan Boosters help you grow your mailing list, build the Likes to your Facebook page or spread your music virally. They are super easy to activate, and they work automatically after you set them.

Your App is now COMPLETELY customizable

You can customize just about everything on the new app. Colors, button location, visualization options and content. Not only is it powerful, but easy. The customization interface we built is just flat out fun to use.

Your App has a new Name: Band Profile

When ReverbNation launched My Band in 2007, it was the world’s FIRST band profile app on Facebook. In 2009 we updated MyBand to make it more powerful, which was an overwhelming success. Out of the over 50,000 apps on Facebook, My Band became one of  21 Featured Apps. Today, we’re taking another giant leap forward, changing the name to make it more relevant, and adding some powerful features.

All your favorite features are still there and it’s still FREE

Your ReverbNation content and the content on your app are always in sync eliminating the need to edit your content in multiple locations. It’s still FREE and still offers all the best ways to manage your Facebook presence.

A few notes on the transition:

  • You will need Facebook’s updated layout for Band pages, you’ll need to go to: and click the blue ‘upgrade my pages’ button to upgrade.
  • If you have not yet added the application but wish to do so, simply go to
  • If you have already added MyBand to your band page on Facebook, your app will switch to the new Band Profile tab automatically. To check out the new customization features, login to Band Profile and navigate to the Appearance tab.
  • We’ve done our best to make sure the app looks dynamite, but we recommend that all artists login to Band Profile and make sure their app looks the way they want it to

Show us your creativity in the comments

Login to Band Profile, visit the new Appearance Tab and start customizing, then leave a link to your band page in the comments. We’ll keep our eyes on the comments and dish out a featured artist spot to the most creative, best-looking app.

JustinReverbNation’s Facebook app My Band gets a new name (Band Profile), new features, and it’s still 100% FREE
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