Get Weekly iTunes Sales Reports for Free

If you use ReverbNation for digital distribution of your music, then you may have recently been notified about the trending reports that we are providing from iTunes and eMusic.

A trending report is an unofficial weekly sales update about your release. ReverbNation is proud to offer these reports to all of our digital distribution customers free of charge.  Other digital distributors charge for this feature, sometimes as much at $3 per report.  This adds up to over $150 per year.

Learn more about ReverbNation trending reports below:

This is what the trending reports look like. It tells you whether you sold a whole album or a track, from which album the sale came, and which store it came from. This is a sample report from Durham, NC, band Red Collar:

The trending reports are available in your ReverbNation control room under “Distribution” >> “Trending Report.” They’re there to give you an idea of how much music you sell each week, but they’re not official sales data. Discrepancies can sometimes occur between the weekly trending reports and the official sales reports (which are released 60 days after the end of each month), such as if someone gets a return on a sale.

You can also export your reports to a CSV file that you can open in Microsoft Excel, or any other spreadsheet application that you might have. All you have to do is click the “Export” button at the bottom of the trending report, and the data is automatically exported for you.

Find out more about ReverbNation trending reports by viewing the trending report FAQs.

JustinGet Weekly iTunes Sales Reports for Free
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ReverbNation Adds Spotify,, Zune, MySpace Music, Wal-Mart, and Dozens More Retailers to Its Flat-Fee Digital Distribution Product for Bands

ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform used by more than 650,000 artists/bands, labels, managers and venues, has announced the launch of the world’s most comprehensive digital distribution product for Artists and Record Labels who seek to place their music into online retailers without giving up any ownership rights or any percentage of the sales royalties from their music.

Artists and record labels can now choose from two pre-packaged offerings from ReverbNation:

The “Essentials” Package – $34.95 per release, 29 sites
Submits a release to iTunes (worldwide), Amazon Mp3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, MySpace Music,, Spotify, Zune, iLike, MOG, Tesco, La Curacao, Synacor, GetPlaylists, Secure Media, Intertech Media, InMotion Entertainment, WaTunes, Get Green Music, Immergent, and Moozone. See all retailers >>

The “Pro” Package – $59.95 per release, 39 sites
Includes submission to all of the stores in the Essentials package, plus submission to Nokia, Lala, Wal-Mart (Liquid), Amie Street, We7, Myxer, Puretracks, ThinkIndie, and Shockhound, and digital delivery to Pandora (for their convenience only, no guarantee that they will consider or review the music).

Learn more about ReverbNation’s Digital Distribution Products.

Artists who have released music under ReverbNation’s previous Basic package can upgrade to the Essentials package at no additional charge.  Annual renewal fees apply to either package.

“Artists and independent record labels need an on-ramp into the most important retailers and music streaming services of our day, without having to give up their rights or a percentage of royalties,” said Lou Plaia, co-founder and vice president of music industry relations at “Our new service gives them the access and reach that has been historically limited to the major record labels.”

reverb_administratorReverbNation Adds Spotify,, Zune, MySpace Music, Wal-Mart, and Dozens More Retailers to Its Flat-Fee Digital Distribution Product for Bands
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