Music Publishing 101: What’s a Performance Rights Organization (PRO)?

Are you playing your original songs/music live or are they getting played on the radio? Was your song placed in a TV show, film or commercial that is being played on TV? Did you know that songwriters get paid for these types of public performances? PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) are an integral part of the music industry and in getting these types of public performances licensed, tracked and then royalties paid to songwriters. The administration and business side of your song catalog is as important as you creating it - read on to learn the ins and outs of how this works from SESAC Creative Services Manager, Diana Akin Scarfo.

What is a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?
If you’re a songwriter, you have the right to be paid royalties any time your song is performed publicly. A PRO, also known as a Performing Rights Organization, tracks and licenses a songwriter’s music and pays the songwriter and music publisher public performance royalties (it is very common for the songwriter to act as the music publisher until a publishing deal/agreement is entered into).  Public performance royalties are when your song is performed on radio (terrestrial, satellite, and internet), TV (TV Shows, films played TV, commercials), live performances (i.e. bars, music venues, festivals, etc.), and digital streaming services (i.e. Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, etc.).

MikeMusic Publishing 101: What’s a Performance Rights Organization (PRO)?
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Sync Licensing: Q&A with CONNECT Songs and Sentric Music Senior Catalogue Manager Patrick Cloherty

Ever dreamed of hearing your song on your favorite TV show or movie? How awesome would it be if your song was used in a commercial? Not only would it give you more exposure, but you could potentially earn MONEY! How does one do this? Sync Licensing. We sat down with Patrick Cloherty, Senior Catalogue Manager of Sentric Music, to get a better understanding of all things sync. Read on to get the 411 on sync licensing, fees, knowing your rights, and what you can do to increase your chances of landing a placement.

What is sync licensing?
Synchronisation is licensing a piece of recorded music to visuals, be that an advertisement, movie, TV show, online video or video game. In order for a client to license a piece of music they must clear two copyrights which are the publishing and masters. For the clearance of these two copyrights a client will traditionally pay an upfront fee to clear both, but certain territories and media work differently.

MikeSync Licensing: Q&A with CONNECT Songs and Sentric Music Senior Catalogue Manager Patrick Cloherty
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