3 Tips To Ease Back Into DIY Touring After The Pandemic

As much as we’d like there to be, it’s clear there’s not going to be a defined end to the pandemic’s impact on live music and other events. Rather than an overnight shift back to normal, we’re in for a long, drawn-out process involving bands cautiously hitting the road and venues slowly opening their doors again. If you’re a developing artist that books your own tours, your already hard and complicated job just got even harder and more complex. But there’s some good news for unestablished DIY touring artists as well. Here are some tips for getting back out there:

Rebecca3 Tips To Ease Back Into DIY Touring After The Pandemic
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3 Live Show Formats Likely To Return First After The Pandemic

By now, most of the world has gone without live shows for so long that it can often feel like they’ll never return. Luckily, that’s not the case. The transition from where we’re at now to what live music was like before 2020 isn’t going to happen overnight, and things might never look the same. But before packed arena shows and music festivals return, the live music industry is most likely in for a period of transition. These three show formats are the ones likely to first return after the pandemic. 

Dave3 Live Show Formats Likely To Return First After The Pandemic
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How The Pandemic Is Impacting Bands

As soon as lockdowns forced the mass cancelation of live events in the spring of 2020, it was clear that the music industry was going to be severely impacted. While solo artists and producers have taken huge hits, bands and other collaborative music projects have been uniquely impacted. While technology has undoubtedly helped musicians get through this last year, it’s also shown bands its limitations. Virtual concerts have been a godsend, but they’re nothing like real shows. The same goes for digital band rehearsals.

DaveHow The Pandemic Is Impacting Bands
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3 Home Performance Opportunities To Explore

As much as we’d like it to be, the live concert industry isn’t going to be back to normal for a long time. Performing from home doesn’t come close to playing on stage in front of people, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t effective ways to connect with your audience without leaving your house. We can choose to either sit out performances until it’s safe to return to venues and festivals, or we can adapt and make the best out of this strange and difficult time. If you’re interested in the latter option, here are three performance opportunities to explore from home:

Rebecca3 Home Performance Opportunities To Explore
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3 Benefits Livestreaming Gives New Artists

If you’re itching to get back to touring and playing regular local concerts, you’re not alone. The scope and complexity of the pandemic has upended the live event industry like never before, and countless musicians are finding themselves adrift and not sure what to do. Livestreaming your performances can’t fill the massive hole left by the absence of conventional in-person concerts. However, there are some huge benefits to making digital performances a regular part of your life as a musician; benefits that will outlast the pandemic. Here are three important ones to consider: 

Tyler3 Benefits Livestreaming Gives New Artists
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What To Do Until Touring Comes Back

If we’re lucky, safe in-person music experiences will become a regular part of life again sometime in 2021––if we’re lucky. While music fans and artists alike are desperate for a sense of normalcy to return to live music, there are still a lot of unknowns around the idea of people packing into venues to see musicians. If you’re not sure what to do when it comes to waiting for touring to become safe and viable again, the same advice applies now as it did back when the U.S. started locking down in the spring. By staying productive, active, and creatively engaged, you’ll make the most of this time. We don’t know exactly when touring will be a major part of music again, but there is a lot we can do while we wait.

RebeccaWhat To Do Until Touring Comes Back
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5 Ways To Turn Your Livestreams Into Exciting Events

It’s a little more than obvious by now that livestream concerts are here to stay. Many artists and music fans spent the past few months trying them out for the first time and quickly realized their value. While nothing can replace the experience of watching musicians perform in person, live streaming delivers important benefits for both artists and audiences that conventional shows can’t, including the opportunity to play/watch concerts anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection.

Tyler5 Ways To Turn Your Livestreams Into Exciting Events
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5 Differences Between In-Person And Digital Concerts

As the music industry continues to adjust, it’s becoming more and more clear that digital concerts are going to be a much larger part of the way audiences enjoy music moving forward. To get the most out of live-streaming shows as artists, the first thing we have to remember is that they’re not a suitable replacement for in-person experiences––far from it. Instead, we’re better off seeing digital concerts as completely separate performance opportunities with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. If you’re new to the world of digital performances, here are some important ways they differ from conventional concerts:

Dave5 Differences Between In-Person And Digital Concerts
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