3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour

With the highly anticipated return of live music, many musicians around the world are currently hitting the road for long tours. Some experienced artists are venturing out on big national or international trips after a hiatus, while others are touring for the first time.

Regardless of your performance experience, making sure your mental health is a top priority on tour is one of the best things you can do both yourself and your music. These three tips will help you stay mentally healthy on long tours:

Rebecca3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour
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How To Overcome Nerves On Stage

With venues opening their doors again in many parts of the world, you might find yourself feeling strangely nervous to perform in front of other people for the first time in years. Or, you could be new to live music and overwhelmed with dread at the thought of getting up on stage. Nerves can be a serious problem for performing musicians and stage fright has the power to thwart your performances even if you’ve practiced more than you think you need to. But nervousness doesn’t have to cause problems for your music career if you prepare in the right ways. Gradual exposure to live performance situations can help you overcome your fears and thrive on stage.

KrissyHow To Overcome Nerves On Stage
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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Booking An International Tour

Touring overseas might seem like a dream, especially when you’re going to places you’ve never been to and doing what you love. However, it can be more complicated and risky than touring in your home country. If you’re thinking of booking an international tour, consider these three things:

Jay3 Things To Keep In Mind When Booking An International Tour
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3 Tips For Transforming Live Shows Into Unforgettable Experiences

Much of your musical life as a creative might be spent working in front of a computer screen, but make no mistake. Live shows are more important than ever before when it comes to building an audience and carving out a musical identity. In a music climate where fan-musician relationships are being strained by the coldness of playlist culture, in-person performances are a chance to build a genuine human connection that often feels missing in many music experiences today.

Tyler3 Tips For Transforming Live Shows Into Unforgettable Experiences
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4 Ways To Improve DIY Touring For Small Bands

Even in today’s digitally-driven music industry, touring is still a powerful way to build your audience and sustain their attention. But executed the wrong way, DIY touring could be a costly waste of time and can sometimes be disastrous enough to damage your career in a huge way. If you’re a small or unestablished artist, DIY touring is almost sure to end up costing you money whether things run smoothly or not. Bad tours can be devastating for morale, especially in band settings. And in an age where musicians are succeeding by creating and sharing as much great music as they can, every day you spend on the road is one you’ll spend away from your songwriting process at home. Touring can build your career by expanding your audience, but only if it’s done correctly and at the right time. These four tips will help you make the most out of your tours if you’re a small or unestablished band:

Rebecca4 Ways To Improve DIY Touring For Small Bands
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What Being Unprepared For A Show Looks (and Sounds) Like

Knowing you’re not totally ready for a show is maybe the worst feeling a musician can have. Whether it’s a sold-out room or just you and the venue staff during your set, musicians are still expected to take their performances seriously if they want to be taken seriously in return. Luckily, it’s completely within your power to decide whether or not to be prepared for your concerts. This is what showing up unprepared for your shows looks and sounds like:

RebeccaWhat Being Unprepared For A Show Looks (and Sounds) Like
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5 Pre-Show Habits To Adopt

Whether you’re a solo artist or a member of a 7-piece ska outfit, it’s paramount to show up to your live performances confident and prepared. Some artists even adopt a superstitious approach that helps them get ready before important shows, like wearing certain clothes or listening to a favorite album before hitting the stage. Decide for yourself if the superstitious route works for you or not, but adopting these five more conventional pre-show rituals will help you prepare for your concerts.

Colton5 Pre-Show Habits To Adopt
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3 Ways To Make Live Shows More Exciting

In a time where music fans are spending more hours staring at screens than ever before, live shows are becoming crucial opportunities for audiences to experience music in person and in other ways they aren’t able to through digital formats. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play routine sets on stage and wow crowds just because they’re starved for meaningful in-person experiences. Putting some real thought and resources into making your live shows unpredictable, compelling, and memorable could mean the difference between winning over the listeners you play for or not. Here are three tips for injecting excitement into your live shows:

Rebecca3 Ways To Make Live Shows More Exciting
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