Hangout Music Fest Picks Top 10 Bands. Now It’s Your Turn!

“2012 Hang Loose Band Competition,” presented by America’s premier beachfront music festival, The Hangout Music Festis giving ten up-and-coming ReverbNation bands the chance to put their music in front of thousands of online fans! The lucky winner will get to perform at The Hangout Music Fest in the Gulf Shores, Alabama, alongside the all-star-lineup below.

These 10 bands depend on the votes of the fans! So head to Hang Loose Band Competition page, listen to their music, and click “Like” to vote for your favorite — may the best band win!

The winner will play on same stage as these bands!

JustinHangout Music Fest Picks Top 10 Bands. Now It’s Your Turn!
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Get Venues to Ask You Back: 8 Tips You Can Use For Your Next Show

In this guest post, former touring musician and CEO of Marcato Festival, Darren Gallop offers eight simple tips for building valuable relationships with live performance venue managers and staff. Darren’s learned these tips the hard way, and shares his words of wisdom to help your band maximize the potential of live shows and build support as your career grows.

It’s no secret these days that live performance can be one of the most important elements in a musician’s career for two reasons. Live performance is a key source of revenue and record sales for an artist and is critical to increasing an artist’s exposure level. For these reasons you should aim to establish the best possible relationship with performance venues and the people who manage these very important resources in your career.

The results of a positive relationship with the venues include increased opportunities, greater revenue, more flexibility and referral to other venues in other towns.

As you build your network of cities where you perform, these relationships can deliver real results. If a venue needs an opener for a high profile band coming to town, they are going to call the band they like. And by like, I mean they like their music, their personality and they’re interested in nurturning that relationship. If they don’t like you, don’t expect the call.

Here are the eight simple things that make up the secret to building a successful live performance career for your band:

1. Promote the Show

When you have a show at a venue don’t wait for them to get the word out there. Take it upon yourselves to promote the hell out of it. Send posters well in advance, set-up a Facebook event or if the venue offers to create the event, share and promote it. Tweet about it, put it on your website, reach out to press in the area. Let the venue know what you are doing and give them any updates if you get any press or if there is anything they should know that they can use for further promotion of the show. (Editor’s note: Bands and venues are using Promote It for Facebook campaigns and getting awesome results. Check it out Promote It.)

2. Send the Venue Your Music

Ask the venue how they want to have the music. Do they want a CD to play at the venue? Suggest that they do some CD giveaways at another show beforehand. You can also do this with digital dropcards or download codes.

3. Under Promise and Over Deliver

This can be said about many things in your professional and personal life. Do more than what you say you will do when you are pitching the show, and certainly not less. Most people talk about all of the great things they will do to make the show a hit and then they do half of them — bad business in general. Make a list of all of the things you told the venue you would do for the show as well as all of the things that were in the contract. Enter them on your calendar and make sure you do them…and do them on time. If the venue has to chase after you for stuff it will be a much less positive experience for them.

4. Be On Time

Show up for the soundcheck on time, start your show on time, end your show on time. Get your gear out of the venue on time. If for any reason something is going to run late or not go as planned, communicate with your venue contact as soon as you realize there’s an issue.

5. Deliver a Kick Ass Show NO MATTER WHAT

Even if you don’t get the audience you were hoping for, KICK ASS! Even if you are only performing for the staff and a handful of regulars, don’t show your discouragement. If you did not get the audience everyone hoped for, but your show was awesome they may give you another chance. If you don’t get the audience and you and your band mates act like a bunch of cry babies…your chances take a dive.

6. Be Friendly and Polite to EVERYONE

Treat everyone with respect — they’re all important. Just because you think your band is cool does not mean you are better or more important than the bouncers and servers. Don’t just kiss the booker’s ass. Be awesome to everyone.

In my gigging days I have always been nice to everyone in all of the venues I played. The booker often asks the staff what they think so you want everyone to report good news. Also, I have seen myself be in a town visiting or playing another venue with another band and then drop over to a venue to be greeted by a door person who lets me in for free and then have a server who gives me a free drink. Or even better, bouncers helping us carry our gear out at the end of the night!

7. Be Loyal To the Venue

Avoid playing another show just before or after in the same town or even a neighboring town without the venue’s consent. In fact, once you have a venue that works for you in a particular town or city, stick with that venue unless you outgrow it and need a larger venue or if the opportunity to start playing a better venue comes up.

When you do decide to move on, let the venue you were previously working with know. Write them an email or call them. Thank them for their support and let them know why you are moving on. If it’s that you need more capacity to satisfy your growing fan base, they will likely understand. If it’s because you are getting a better offer, at least give them the chance to counter it.

8. Tip the Service Staff

If the servers are running you drinks, bringing you food and helping you out, give them a tip at the end of the night. If you had a great night give them a good tip. In my experience this goes a long way. You will likely get better and faster service and they will be much more likely to say nice things about you and your band to senior management and venue patrons.

In Summary

Remember, venues are your clients so treat them with respect. If they like you musically and personally and you conduct business respectfully, they’ll likely give you more and treat you better. It’s a win-win scenario.

Marcato Festival CEO Darren Gallop has toured internationally with his bands and built the Marcato Musician platform to help artists and managers organize tours and create tour itineraries with ease. Learn more and try Marcato Musician free for 30 days at

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ReverbNation at SXSW: A Recap

The Reverb Press Corps

The ReverbNation marketing staff was at South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in full force this year. Shelly (Director of Marketing), Mariana (Community Manager) and Jason (Industry Relations) — aka the ReverbNation Press Corps — got to experience SXSW for their first time! Our goal was to interview talented bands attending the festival and film some of the best performances. We feel that not only we accomplished it, but we also got to truly enjoy the great mayhem that is SXSW.

Follow us on Twitter to see updates, photos and videos: @ReverbSXSW. And check out ReverbNation’s Pinterest board with images of must-see Reverb artists at SXSW!

Watch Blameshift performing for us on their tour bus!

We all came back home with the feeling that SXSW is like no other music festival out there. All in one place, you have a mix of established artists and people just getting started and it felt very equal. In the end, it was all about music. Jason, who is also a musician, said that it was incredible to be in a city surrounded by so many people, knowing that each and every one of them were there for the same purpose: to celebrate, collaborate, connect, and create; all through the power of music.

It was also very special to be able to connect with our artists on a personal level and share in the experience of SXSW with them. Meeting the artists reminded us why it’s so important to continue creating avenues to success for artists that are truly passionate about their art.

In the next few weeks, we’ll come back with the final product but for now, you can have a little taste of the SXSW experience through our photos below and videos captured with my iPhone:

In the end, we did over 25 interviews, including bands of all genres, managers, engineers and even satirical Presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme!

Thank you to all who participated in this project, contributing with your talent, personality and charisma. We can hardly wait to see what SXSW 2013 has in store for the music scene!

– The ReverbNation Press Corps

JustinReverbNation at SXSW: A Recap
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VENUES: New Facebook Timeline Apps Take Your Fans & Bands Straight to Info They Want

Sure Facebook’s timeline puts your brand on display with a splashy full-width photo, opportunities for engaging posts, and the history of all your great shows. But what if a fan wants a quick look at your schedule or just to join your mailing list? And what about bands looking for a gig? How can timeline keep your page relevant for every visitor?

No worries, we’ve thought it through and retooled Venue Profile to deliver the critical info your Facebook visitors want: schedules, mailing list sign up and booking. With three new apps — all free and a snap to install — we can help you maximize your timeline’s effectiveness and give every visitor something they’ll “like.”




These apps are just going live, but we’ve mocked up The Knitting Factory Brooklyn’s page to show you how the three can rock out your page.

Want these apps for your venue’s page? If you already have Venue Profile, you’re on your way. Check out your page and you’ll see that the old icon has been replaced with SCHEDULE. Get BOOK A SHOW and JOIN by clicking here. Don’t have Venue Profile? It’s easy and free to get all three of the new timeline apps here.

Ready to get your free apps?





JustinVENUES: New Facebook Timeline Apps Take Your Fans & Bands Straight to Info They Want
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Play Live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour

ReverbNation partners with Ernie Ball for the 3rd straight year to get unsigned bands on Vans Warped Tour! Use your ReverbNation Press Kit (RPK) to register at Artists using their RPKs automatically get free marketing tools to help them get votes! But, seriously, hurry up because this opportunity ends June 1st!

About Ernie Ball: The 16th Ernie Ball Warped Tour Battle of the Bands is largest and longest-running unsigned artist competition of its kind (AND it’s 100% free to enter!).

Prizes: Ernie Ball gives talented, undiscovered artists worldwide a platform to play live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour and win a 3-song EP with multi-platinum producer John Feldman, in addition to an incredible prize package which includes a $15,000 Guitar Center shopping spree!

This is how it works: To enter the competition, artists upload music and create a profile on the Warped Tour – Battle of The Bands website and have until June 1st to have their fans vote for them. Tip: Artists using their RPKs have a better chance of winning because ReverbNation arms them with fan-voting marketing tools, including emails to fans, Facebook applications and a Warped Tour banner for their Facebook Band Profile (shown below on Through The Fight’s profile).

Through The Fight used our RPK and got a cool banner on their Facebook Page

The Top 100 (based on votes) bands in each preferred city will be reviewed by a panel of industry professionals comprised of Warped Tour partners, 2012 Warped Tour Organizers, and Ernie Ball Inc.

Last year's Grand Prize winner, Danielle Barbe

Then, four bands from the Top 100 in each city will be selected to play live on the Ernie Ball Stage for each date of the 2012 Warped Tour. The Top Four last year were Danielle Barbe, June Divided, Taylor Thrash and Sleepwalker — all ReverbNation artists!

Danielle Barbe won the Grand Prize last year and she also gets to perform on the tour this year. Congrats Danielle!

Why are you still reading?? Go over to and sign up for free using your ReverbNation Press Kit now!

Good luck and see you at the Tour!

JustinPlay Live on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour
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ReverbNation at Waka Winter Classic in New York City

Last night the ReverbNation New York team headed to Sullivan Hall, one of NYC’s finest boutique concert venues, to check out Waka Winter Classic’s NYC showcase. The energy was high all evening as bands competed for the chance to perform at this year’s Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival for more than 20,000 festival goers! Check out these electrifying photos from the showcase:

Thank you to all of the bands for their incredible and mesmerizing performances. We also want to give a big thanks to the Pipeline Productions team for putting together such a sensational series, giving artists from all over the country an opportunity to showcase their talent. To check out the winner of this and other showcases from the Waka Winter Classic series head to

For more information on the bands that performed last night including photos, videos, and upcoming tour dates click on their ReverbNation profiles below.

Big Wake

My Pet Dragon


Kosha Dillz

Oogee Wawa

JustinReverbNation at Waka Winter Classic in New York City
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Facebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You

You may have heard about Facebook’s recent changes to your page. Timeline is now available to all Facebook Fan Pages. But don’t panic as you have until March 30th to redesign your page and officially publish it when it’s ready.

If you switch to Timeline now, do it knowingly since you can’t go back to the old design.  Also, keep in mind that if you have Band Profile app or Venue Profile app, when you switch, they will no longer be your landing page. Facebook gives you until March 30th to preview and explore the new design. Use the time wisely!

So what does the Timeline mean to bands and venues? We’re doing a complete review and will post more updates as soon as Facebook announces them.

For now, this is what we know.

1) Cover photo: Just like your personal Facebook page, you can now have a big photo (851p x 315 pixels) besides your profile picture. We suggest you make good use of it by using images that best represent your personality and the style of your music.

2) Landing page: You will no longer have a default landing page of your choice. Instead, everyone will always land on your Timeline. So if your fans want to listen to your music, watch your videos, find out about concert dates, you can (and should) share the direct link to your Band/Venue Profile on your website, blog, and put it in your page’s About section. Your fans can also click on the Band/Venue Profile tab, as shown below:

3) Tabs: The tabs, which used to be under the profile picture, are now under the big and shiny cover photo. The ‘Photos’ tab is fixed in place, but you can change the other three around. To make Band Profile a feature tab, click on the dropdown menu next to the 4th tab, click the Pencil icon, and choose the tab you would Band Profile to “switch positions with,” as shown below:


4) Message: The new cool thing about Timeline is that your fans can personally send you a message, much like the way it works on a personal Facebook page. Once they message you, you can message them back, so this is a great way to improve and expand the fan-musician relationship.


5) Highlight: Another cool update on Facebook is the ability to highlight your stories. A highlight will make the pictures and videos  larger and more eye-catching.

6) Pin:  You can also pin the story to the top of your Timeline for up to a week (but we believe you can re-pin it again). This is a great opportunity for musicians and venues alike to feature new songs, concert dates, photos and videos.  To do this, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the post and select Pin to Top.


On March 12th, we launched a suite of cool apps for artists and venues to install on their Timeline. These apps will take fan interaction to a whole new level! Read more about ReverbNation’s apps for Facebook Timeline on this blog post.

Follow us on Twitter for updates or email us at and we’ll try to help as much we can!

JustinFacebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You
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ReverbNation Participates in Facebook Offers Beta Program to Get More Fans Out to Shows

Facebook Offers allow businesses to post free offers for fans on their Facebook Pages. Recognizing that this would be an awesome tool for our venues to get more fans out to shows, we have created offers for two venues: Double Door in Chicago and The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.

Facebook Offer by The Roxy

So far, the results have been very positive.  Since the offers went live, Double Door’s 2-for-1 ticket offer for their March 3rd show has been claimed by 652 people and The Roxy Theatre’s offer of $5 in free Roxy Bucks has been claimed by 3,433 people!

Says Tonya Cooke of The Roxy Theatre, “We love working with ReverbNation because they are always on top of the next big thing in social promotion.  We always want to experiment with new Facebook products and Facebook Offers has been a great tool to generate viral promotion for our venue.”

As Facebook opens up Facebook Offers to all businesses, look for ReverbNation to include it in our products and Facebook apps. After all, more people going out to more shows, mean more new fans listening to you play live!


JustinReverbNation Participates in Facebook Offers Beta Program to Get More Fans Out to Shows
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