How To Build a Thriving Community of Fans

When it comes down to it, we all just want to feel seen. We long to be a part of something that feels like we belong. For so many of us, music is that escape. It serves as a safe haven, a creative nook where we can express ourselves freely. Best of all, when we find a community of others who like the same music, band, or genre as we do, we feel seen. We belong. And we thrive.

We’ve all experienced this, but when you’re an indie musician trying to grow a fan base for the first time, it can feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. So how do we create an ecosystem that supports and lifts our careers?

KrissyHow To Build a Thriving Community of Fans
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5 Ways To Reset Your Musical Mindset

For most of us, falling into predictable songwriting habits is more and more an inevitability the longer we make music. It’s natural to favor certain ways of doing things, whether it’s a specific genre, DAW, or instrument. But even if cohesion is one of your top priorities as a creator, your fans probably don’t want to hear you make the same songs over and over again. 

Tyler5 Ways To Reset Your Musical Mindset
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How To Write About Experiences That Are Human And Interesting

Songwriting is arguably one of the most compelling art forms. It is humanity looking back at itself – giving us the ability to reflect in profound ways. A song about heartbreak has the power to bring a person to their knees by ways of evoking memories that are universal. One of our most important missions as songwriters is to present universal experiences to listeners in human and accessible ways.

Making human experiences come off as interesting in music demands a delicate balance. By simply saying “I’m in love and am very happy in this moment,” you may be missing out on an opportunity for greater creative license. However, that same idea presented as “Since I found you, I don’t feel like eating spiders anymore,” rings cryptic and obscure past the point of comprehension.

KrissyHow To Write About Experiences That Are Human And Interesting
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4 Benefits That Come From Focusing On What You Love In Music

The non-musical world often thinks that making and performing music is always fun, easy, and instantly gratifying. But serious musicians know that this is only one part of their story. Loading your equipment out of a venue you just played after a show that no one attended isn’t fulfilling. Pitching your new album to a long list of email contacts and never hearing back isn’t fun. And yet both these examples are things independent musicians have to do to find audiences for their music. You can think of it as “paying your dues,” but the kicker is that some artists never manage to move past the stage of trying to get the world to notice their music, even if their songs are great. That’s a hard truth about pursuing music. 

Colton4 Benefits That Come From Focusing On What You Love In Music
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How Being Patient Can Improve Your Music

It takes far less time to share music than before, no matter where you are in your artist journey. Factors like inexpensive recording equipment and digital music distribution make getting your songs in front of listeners quick, easy, and inexpensive – but there’s a hidden cost here to consider.

To capture the attention span of their audiences, some artists share new music as quickly as they can. As a result, their songs often sound rushed, undeveloped, and uninspired.

Patience is a virtue in all aspects of life and songwriting is no exception. Try to give your songs time and room to evolve and breathe. You’ll dramatically boost your chances of getting heard in today’s overcrowded music industry. 

JoyHow Being Patient Can Improve Your Music
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4 Motivation Tips For Songwriters

Making music might be the thing you live and breathe to do, but it doesn’t mean you’ll feel motivated to write and record songs all the time. In fact, you might encounter months-long stretches of time where you’d rather do pretty much anything else more than writing songs if you’re a serious or professional songwriter with years of experience under your belt. This is normal, but you’ll need tools and strategies to get back to work eventually. Motivation is crucial for music-makers, but it’s not always easy to access. If you feel bored, aimless, or unsure how to make your next musical step, here are some motivation tips to help get you moving:

Dave4 Motivation Tips For Songwriters
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3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour

With the highly anticipated return of live music, many musicians around the world are currently hitting the road for long tours. Some experienced artists are venturing out on big national or international trips after a hiatus, while others are touring for the first time.

Regardless of your performance experience, making sure your mental health is a top priority on tour is one of the best things you can do both yourself and your music. These three tips will help you stay mentally healthy on long tours:

Rebecca3 Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy On Tour
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How And Why You Should Think Of Songwriting As Your Job

It’s the dream of countless music-makers to spend their days writing music and earning a living. For many developing artists, songwriting seems like the opposite of working at a conventional job, and in some ways they’re correct. When you create music, you are your own boss and what you say goes. It’s a creative pursuit that allows you to express yourself exactly how you want to. Compare the experience of creating a new song to sitting in an office all day, and the two experiences couldn’t be any more different.

TylerHow And Why You Should Think Of Songwriting As Your Job
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