What Low Streams Can Tell You About Your Music

It can be a massive letdown to pour everything into your music and find out that hardly anyone is listening. High streaming numbers of your song may show that it’s good and people like it. However, does a low amount of streams mean a song or album isn’t very good? Well, no, actually. This overly simplistic way of judging music’s value is inaccurate and damaging because many music-makers and fans believe it.

RebeccaWhat Low Streams Can Tell You About Your Music
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4 Tips For A Money-Making Tour

Touring can be really exciting. You get to see the world, meet new fans, and hang out with your bandmates for weeks or months on end. While it comes with the occasional struggle, it’s an integral part of building your fan base and growing your career as a serious musician.

If you’re a performing artist, how can you leverage this opportunity to earn money while on tour? Here are some ways to generate extra income while on the road: 

Rebecca4 Tips For A Money-Making Tour
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3 Tips For Writing Rich, Nuanced Lyrics

Many songwriters find writing music easy but feel a deep sense of panic when it comes time to match their ideas with lyrics. Lyric writing is a skill that can be developed with time, practice, and experimentation. Try these three tips to hone your lyrical skills in songwriting: 

Rebecca3 Tips For Writing Rich, Nuanced Lyrics
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4 Goals To Embrace Now For New Artists

If you’re new to making music, chances are you feel overwhelmed every time you think about how to move your career forward. Great music is a given to get to where you want in music. But it’s not always clear what it takes to write your best music or how to get people to care once you do. 

Goals are essential to succeeding as a musician, whether you are trying to write your first couple of songs or carving out your identity as an artist. Here are four reachable goals that will help you to thrive as a new artist:

Rebecca4 Goals To Embrace Now For New Artists
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How to Write Music For the Rest of Your Life

Think of songwriting like a romantic relationship. When things are going well and ideas come by effortlessly, it feels natural and doesn’t take much work. This is akin to the honeymoon phase of falling in love, when all you want is to be with the person you’ve fallen for. But when things go poorly — songwriter’s block, your album flops — staying the course is much harder to do. This difficult season of music creation is like a long-term relationship. It requires effort and hard work to keep things humming along. It can feel difficult and isn’t instantly rewarding, but putting the work in is worth it.

RebeccaHow to Write Music For the Rest of Your Life
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What’s The Difference Between PR And Marketing?

It’s the age-old question: what’s the difference between PR and marketing? They work together to move a brand forward and are vital to a musician’s career, but are not the same thing. To be a successful musician in today’s fast-moving industry, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of these two fields. Hence, we’ve compiled a starter guide to help you differentiate between them! 

In theory, both PR and marketing will work in tandem to promote a brand with speed and consistency. But the truth is, these complimentary pieces of the puzzle are very different. And yet, both are crucial for a musician’s burgeoning career. Well, what exactly is the difference between them? First, let’s look at what each individual role does: 

RebeccaWhat’s The Difference Between PR And Marketing?
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How to Embrace Musical Dead-Ends in Your Songwriting

Running into dead-ends in your songwriting practice is inevitable – it could hit you at any stage of your journey. As creators, we can embrace that uncertainty or turn away from it. The former, however, may lead to unexpected inspiration and creativity. Try one of these strategies whenever you’re stuck with your projects.

RebeccaHow to Embrace Musical Dead-Ends in Your Songwriting
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5 Tips For Maintaining A Thriving Songwriting Practice

You may not realize this if you’re a developing artist, but you have a unique songwriting practice. This includes everything: from your approach to writing lyrics to how you come up with riffs, beats, melodies, and song structures. It’s individual to you, and looks different for each songwriter. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time creating, whether you’re new to music-making or a seasoned writer:

Rebecca5 Tips For Maintaining A Thriving Songwriting Practice
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