6 YouTube Tips For Emerging Musicians from Ali Brustofski

Learn how this YouTube star created a passionate audience using simple but effective techniques that any emerging artist can benefit from.

From a young age, Ali Brustofksi had a passion for music. She grew up watching her dad, a musical theater performer, and knew that she needed to be on a stage. After trying her hand at theater, she discovered that writing and sharing her own material was the path for her. She wanted to create her own voice, “instead of playing a character onstage.”

So when people like Justin Bieber and Esmee Denters began to break out on YouTube, she thought she’d try her hand at uploading a few cover songs of her own. Ali said she didn’t have a clear idea of how a successful YouTube channel was run at first, uploading “random choir videos and songs people weren’t searching for.”

She soon began fine-tuning her approach, realizing that using current hit songs that people were searching for was a great way to start getting her name out. She began pouring over iTunes, Billboard, and radio charts to find her next cover and plan her next post. Pretty soon, she had amassed a sizeable fanbase on YouTube, with more than 500,000 subscribers and 100 million total views to date.

Ali says that a successful YouTube presence is all about two things: quality and consistency. You should post as often as you can, but making sure to keep your videos high quality. It’s also helpful if you are posting covers of songs that you really love to sing: “People can totally see through it if you’re not into what you’re singing,” she says. 

But don’t neglect to promote and share your original work, either. For example, with Ali’s latest single (“When I Fall”), she gave her fans (affectionately dubbed Alinators) plenty of advance warning that a new song was coming. She builds a buzz before the song is released so that people are waiting for it to drop, rather than posting unannounced.

Like most successful YouTubers, Ali has also collaborated with several different artists through the site. “It’s a small community, so pretty much everyone knows each other at this point,” making it easier to find people to work with. If you’re looking to build your channel, find channels that are around the same size as yours, so that the collaboration will be mutually beneficial for both artists.


Above all, Ali knows that she has to stay connected with the Alinators who have helped her get where she is today. Without their support, she says, nothing would be possible. Ali often takes to her channel to ask what her fans want to here, which is a great way to establish a one-on-one connection with her audience. “YouTube gives you an amazing opportunity that a lot of mainstream acts don’t necessarily have, and I’m forever grateful for that.”

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re posting covers, make sure they’re songs people want to hear
  • Quality and consistency are the two most important factors when posting
  • Only post songs that you love singing
  • Build a buzz before posting any new original material
  • Collaborate with artists similar to your size
  • Find out what your audience wants to hear from time to time

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Kevin6 YouTube Tips For Emerging Musicians from Ali Brustofski

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