ReverbNation: Artists Can Now Tag Songs as ‘Exclusives’ for Fans Only

Fan ExclusiveReverbNation announces Fan Exclusives, an innovative feature that empowers Artists to use their content as a way to gather contact information and demographics from their listeners in exchange for access to full streams or downloads.

The new feature is free to Artists, and allows them to designate any song as a Fan Exclusive, limiting its play to a 30 second preview if the listener is not a registered Fan of the Artist. During playback, the listener is notified that the song is a Fan Exclusive and prompted to register as an official Fan of the Artist by providing an email address and some basic demographic information. This information is protected under the ReverbNation privacy policy, and can only be used by the Artist to which it was submitted.

reverb_administratorReverbNation: Artists Can Now Tag Songs as ‘Exclusives’ for Fans Only
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ReverbNation Launches Profile Pages designed for Record Labels & Managers, Plus a Full-Service Music Marketing Division

ManagerAfter months of anticipation, has launched the beta version of Record Label and Manager profile pages, complete with a suite of powerful free tools designed to meet the needs of Labels and Band Managers of all sizes. The offering includes many of the same features that have helped connect more than 60,000 Artists with over 1,350,000 music fans worldwide.

Profiles include sections for latest releases, news, songs, info about the label, and an interactive artist roster. Labels and Managers can add artist profile pages to ReverbNation directly from their Profile page and maintain administrative control over those artist pages, or turn them over to the artists to manage themselves.

reverb_administratorReverbNation Launches Profile Pages designed for Record Labels & Managers, Plus a Full-Service Music Marketing Division
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Now Bands Can Cross-Promote Each Other Anywhere on the Web has announced the launch of TuneWidget — a better way to promote your band and a cool way to introduce new music to your fans.

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What is TuneWidget exactly? For starters, imagine a miniature band website that packs pictures, music, video, band info, tour schedules (w/map), a storefront, and even a “join the mailing list” function into a space about the size of the MySpace music player. Mike Borgia, Indie musician from New York, says “It’s like carrying a website in your (virtual) pocket.” Tunewidget can be posted to social networks like MySpace, on homepages, and to almost any blog. Fans can copy and share TuneWidget with friends, spreading it virally for the musicians they love. Like all of the widgets from ReverbNation, Tunewidget is tracked so that artists know how it is spreading. But what makes TuneWidget really unique is the integrated cross-promotion function it performs wherever it is placed. At the bottom of every TuneWidget is a preview of a recommended artist. Clicking on the recommended artist toggles the Tunewidget to display their virtual website, presenting the fan with a music discovery experience, a warm introduction to a new artist, and an opportunity to buy new music. Tunewidget can be set to recommend any number of other artists and will rotate them accordingly.

reverb_administratorNow Bands Can Cross-Promote Each Other Anywhere on the Web
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REHAB to Headline the Tour

rehabReverbNation, a leading online music marketing company, announced today that REHAB will headline the upcoming ReverbNation music tour. In addition, ReverbNation is giving five artists a chance to earn a slot on the five different legs of the tour. Selected bands will join the tour beginning in September, and the tour will run through November 2007. ReverbNation has emerged as one of the premier independent music resources on the web and REHAB is one of the leading independent artists in the music industry today. By joining forces they are spreading the independent spirit to all true music fans across the nation.

“We’re excited about this tour. REHAB is a well known and well respected band that will draw thousands of fans. By allowing the tour to be broken into five legs, REHAB is allowing the selected bands to participate on a national stage without the time constraints of a long tour. There are plenty of worthy artists out there that never get the chance to shine and this is another playing opportunity for them to do just that.” said Lou Plaia, V.P Artist Development,

reverb_administratorREHAB to Headline the Tour
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ReverbNation Opens up Facebook to Independent Bands

facebookReverbNation today announced the launch of “My Band“, an innovative application designed to help artists promote their music on Facebook. With “My Band” artists can post unlimited songs, band info, show schedules, and even a “join the mailing list” function directly to their Facebook profile page. Their friends can play and share full-length tracks, add them to their own pages, and even buy the music and tickets. “My Band” even provides artists with stats about how their music is spreading.

“Ever since Facebook opened up to users from outside the educational institutions, musicians at every level have been eager to find a way to promote themselves to the millions of music fans that live there,” said Jed Carlson, CMO of ReverbNation. “Now any musician, whether signed to a label, independent, or just starting off in college or high school, can promote themselves inside of Facebook’s highly personal, highly viral environment.”

reverb_administratorReverbNation Opens up Facebook to Independent Bands
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Music Community to Begin Paying Musicians

Fair has announced that artists will receive 50% of the revenues generated by the advertising displayed on artist profile pages. The new program, dubbed “Fair Share“, is scheduled to launch July of 2007. Fair Share is the latest feature from, the innovative online music community that provides free marketing solutions for musicians.

“Artists are searching for new ways to earn money in this rapidly changing business,” said Jed Carlson, Chief Marketing Officer. “The relationships artists have with their fans are valuable beyond simply selling songs or tickets. They just need ways to tap into the Band Equity(tm) they have built up with those fans. Sharing in ad revenue with sites like ours is one of those ways.”

reverb_administratorMusic Community to Begin Paying Musicians
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collegeOn the heels of a highly successful SXSW contest, REVERBNATION.COM has teamed up with Campus Entertainment (owned by NACA & TRP Sports and Entertainment Marketing, the parent company of The NEMO Music Festival) to offer the final four slots at The Verge College Music Festival to ReverbNation artists. The Verge takes place April 19th-21st in Boston, MA.

This is a tremendous opportunity for bands to showcase their music before thousands of college student trendsetters and talent buyers that are attending specifically to discover new talent. One hundred artists have already been chosen; four slots are left, and is the only place you can get one. presents “Tap into the College Circuit”
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SNOCAP and Strike Distribution Partnership

snocapSNOCAP, the premier music technology company for direct artist-to-fan online distribution, and, the “People’s Choice” Best Music Social Network serving fans, artists, labels, and venues, today announced a partnership enabling ReverbNation users to sell digital downloads through the site’s innovative DistroNow ™ module. Under the arrangement, SNOCAP will handle the transaction with the consumer and the royalty payments back to the digital rights holders.

reverb_administratorSNOCAP and Strike Distribution Partnership
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