4 Reasons You Should Release New Music More Frequently

Releasing music frequently is becoming increasingly important in the age of streaming. Since there is so much music being released every day, artists who spend years between releases run the risk of being forgotten. As listeners have an immense amount of music in their hands, people are less likely to wait for albums for a few years. The attention spans have shortened and it might take a lot of work to kickstart your social and online presence after being gone for a while. So, it is a much better strategy to release music in smaller packages and more often. In this post, I’ll talk about 4 reasons why you should release new music more frequently.

Colton4 Reasons You Should Release New Music More Frequently
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The Biggest Mistakes In Music Aren’t What You Think

When it comes to creating and performing, musicians often take a perfectionist approach to their work. From the second we pick up our instruments, we’re taught that there’s the right way of doing things and endless possibilities for getting things wrong. This all or nothing philosophy can bleed into the ways we measure value, success, and contentment in our careers. This can cause damage to our creativity and ourselves. It’s natural to hate errors like placing a capo on the wrong fret during a live set or forgetting the lyrics during recording. But I’d argue there are much bigger mistakes musicians should be worrying about. 

RebeccaThe Biggest Mistakes In Music Aren’t What You Think
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3 Signifiers Of A Healthy Music Career

Creating and sharing music might be pursuits you live for, but an unhealthy career can ruin your plans and stifle your ambitions. Building a healthy music career is something we’ll all have to work at as long as we choose to seriously pursue music. Real health and sustainability in music looks different for everyone. However, we can look to a few signifiers that can apply to all musicians. If you’re feeling creatively stuck or spread too thin when it comes to the time, money, and energy you devote towards your music, there’s a good chance your career isn’t in a good place. Healthy music careers have three of the following defining characteristics:

Colton3 Signifiers Of A Healthy Music Career
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4 Distractions That Can Damage Your Music Career

You might see your passion for music as something that’s pure. Yet, the truth is that at any given moment there are plenty of distractions threatening your music career. From petty jealousies to crippling debt, here are four distractions to watch out for in music.  

Tyler4 Distractions That Can Damage Your Music Career
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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Fans Follow You On Streaming Platforms

With most people at home these days, there are some great opportunities to build engagement with your fans as well as recruit new followers for your music. One of the ways you can increase your fanbase is through streaming platforms. Streaming platforms have a ’follow’ feature, where your existing fans can go and follow you. There are a lot of benefits to having followers on your streaming page, such as higher chances of being placed in big playlists and recruiting more fans in the future. In this post, I’ll outline the 5 reasons you should have your existing audience follow you on streaming platforms. Here are the 5 reasons: 

Tyler5 Reasons You Should Have Your Fans Follow You On Streaming Platforms
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How To Stay Independent While Building Your Team

There is so much power in being an independent artist. Now more than ever, you have advantages that you’ve never had before. From complete creative control to the ability to make decisions for yourself, being an independent artist is no longer seen as simply a stepping stone on the way to signing to a label. Many artists—perhaps even you—have made a decision that indie is the way to go.

However, one of the things you’re bound to run into as you navigate the DIY waters is the inevitable feeling of wearing all the hats. You know what I mean—you’re the manager, you’re the publicist, you’re the marketer, and you’re the booker. You’re trying to learn, do, and get better at everything, and it’s exhausting.

You start to feel frustrated and a little resentful, as you wonder—how am I supposed to do this all alone?

RebeccaHow To Stay Independent While Building Your Team
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Why You Need A Mentor ASAP

Have you ever felt alone in this industry?

Like no matter what you did you couldn’t seem to work your way out of the struggles you were having and into the thriving career you wanted for yourself?

You’re not alone. In fact, every artist I’ve spoken to over the last 10 years of my career has felt this way at one time or another. The frustration of feeling like there’s nowhere you can turn and that no one can help with your unique situation is enough to make you wonder what you’re doing.

But imagine if I could wave a magic wand and suddenly, you’d never have to feel that sense of overwhelm again. You’d know that as soon as you had a question, you could get it answered. As soon as you begin to feel that stress, you’d have someone to turn to. 

What would that feel like?

DaveWhy You Need A Mentor ASAP
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