5 Ways To Make The Most of the Winter Slowdown

Ah, the winter slowdown. Without fail, this is one of my favorite times of the year—and not just because I love the sparkle of holiday lights, or the warmth of family togetherness. It’s because it’s that glorious time where everyone is finally backing off their emails, slowing down their hustle, and taking the time to enjoy a bit of down time. Which, all on its own is an important piece of the holiday slowdown. But if you plan it just right, this can actually be one of your most productive times of the year.

Think about it—with everyone else going quiet, it gives you time to properly focus on growing your career, rather than rushing just to maintain it. So get out your calendar, your journal, and your favorite pen, because we’re about to dive into how to make the most of this winter slowdown.

Rebecca5 Ways To Make The Most of the Winter Slowdown
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Searching For The Hit Factor: An Interview With Frosty, Heidi, And Frank of KLOS

Frosty, Heidi, and Frank have solidified their position as pioneers of the broadcast radio world. From their early talk radio success in Colorado to their current lights-out success of their KLOS 95.5 Los Angeles radio show, Frosty, Heidi, and Frank have been changing the game at every turn.

Most notably, the Frosty, Heidi, and Frank show has exploded in popularity with their “Stay or Go” segment, where independent artists hold the spotlight, play their song on air, and let listeners vote on whether the artist gets another song played, or if they only get that one song. The segment gives independent artists a chance to earn countless new fans, while challenging them to present their best work to the show’s listeners. They’re currently looking to feature up to twelve ReverbNation artists through our opportunity here.

RebeccaSearching For The Hit Factor: An Interview With Frosty, Heidi, And Frank of KLOS
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How Obsessing Over The Numbers Can Hurt Your Songwriting

Whether it’s the play-counts you rack up over streaming platforms or the amount of followers you accrue through social media, numbers and statistics have become an almost unavoidable part of being active in music today. But just because you’ve got a perpetual front row seat when it comes to following the numbers behind your music, doesn’t mean you should always be paying attention. In fact, obsessing over your plays, views, followers, and downloads can do more harm than good for your songwriting.

DaveHow Obsessing Over The Numbers Can Hurt Your Songwriting
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3 Ways Casual Listeners Are Different Than Fans

Playlists and streaming technology are upending just about everything in music, and the relationship between fans and musicians is no exception. A decade ago, it’d be safe to call most of an artist’s listeners true fans, but that’s no longer the case. Between the plummeting value of music and how easy it is for fans to listen to and discover new music, more people are listening to more music than ever before––but it takes much more than listening to an artist to become a loyal fan. Here’s three ways casual listeners are different than fans:

Jay3 Ways Casual Listeners Are Different Than Fans
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3 Common Unrealistic Expectations For Musicians

Because music is closely intertwined with emotion, musicians often approach their work with unrealistic expectations. Big, vague, and unreachable expectations can be dangerous because they lead musicians to exchange focusing on small successes for ones they’ll never be able to attain. Here’s a list of three unrealistic musical expectations to watch out for:

Dave3 Common Unrealistic Expectations For Musicians
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How Listening Helps Musicians On And Off Stage

Imagine you’ve got two friends. One can’t stop talking and the other measures their words and only speaks up when they want to say something important. Who are you more likely to listen to? Lots of musicians can learn a valuable lesson from the quiet friend, and not just when it comes to playing music. Stepping back, being quiet, and listening is something that might not come naturally to musicians, but it’s essential for maintaining relationships and making the most out of your musical talents. Read on to find out more about how listening can help your music career.

RebeccaHow Listening Helps Musicians On And Off Stage
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4 Tips For Having Difficult Conversations With Your Bandmates

For lots of musicians, navigating relationships with bandmates often proves to be more difficult than writing songs, promoting music, or performing on stage. Touring around the country and pouring money and countless hours into a band can precipitate tense conditions between members because the stakes are so high. Learning how to bring up tough topics with your bandmates isn’t an option if you’re planning to make music with the same project over the long-term. Here are five tips to help.

Rebecca4 Tips For Having Difficult Conversations With Your Bandmates
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A Guide To Roles In The Music Industry

When you’re building your team as an artist, or exploring the world of industry career options, you want to make sure you know who is who in this industry. For instance, as a publicist I’m often confused as having the same duties as someone in marketing. A booking agent and promoter are often used interchangeably when in reality, their jobs are very different.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known careers in the industry and a brief run-down of what each entails. The industry and its career options are always growing, so if you don’t see a role that seems like a fit for you just yet, don’t give up. There’s plenty of us in this industry who have created a non-defined role all our own—in the meantime, check out our list.

RebeccaA Guide To Roles In The Music Industry
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