Stuck At Home And Need Inspiration? Take A Music Trip

Musicians are having an understandably difficult time in the age of COVID-19. Whether it’s a canceled tour or the inability to rehearse with bandmates in person, the pandemic is keeping us inside our homes and away from our musical routines. In strange and difficult times, embracing resourcefulness is essential when it comes to finding ways to stay inspired.

You might not be able to travel or leave your house right now. However, you can take a music-listening trip to inspire your process and transport your mind. An upside to our vastly increased time at home is that we can spend more time listening to music. And by listening, I mean sitting down and doing nothing other than listening to a piece of music. The following four listening trip ideas are designed to focus your mind on specific characteristics that shape music. 

ColtonStuck At Home And Need Inspiration? Take A Music Trip
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Why Overthinking Hurts Your Music And What To Do About It

Expectation and pressure can be good for you as a musician, whether you’re performing on stage in front of a huge crowd or paying by the hour to record new music in a studio. Without a dog in the fight, what you’re doing as a musician is a carefree hobby. But, like so many other aspects of a healthy music career, a balance has to be found between striving to perform well and living up to what’s expected of us and not overthinking and questioning everything we do. When we let doubt, insecurity, and fear guide us in music, we stifle our best ideas.

ColtonWhy Overthinking Hurts Your Music And What To Do About It
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4 Things You Can Do Today To Become A Better Musician

We can all be better musicians. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been musically active for a couple of months or multiple decades when it comes to finding areas that need improvement in our musical lives. Making real progress towards big goals like learning how to play an instrument or starting work on a new album can be challenging if you’re musically inexperienced or find yourself years into your music career and losing steam. Doing any one of these four things will help you become a better musician right now and get you closer to hitting your targets in the future:

Tyler4 Things You Can Do Today To Become A Better Musician
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A Crucial Element For Musical Inspiration: Longing

With its uncanny ability for canceling tours, summer festivals, and weekly band practices all over the world, there’s plenty for musicians to despise when it comes to COVID-related social distancing measures. Since few living people have experienced a pandemic like this, music makers are being forced to dig deep for ways to be productive and inspired during the crisis. One spot of good news for music creators is that there’s no shortage of longing out there in the world right now, and the fact that some musicians will be able to transform their understandable feelings of loneliness and pining into powerful inspiration for their work. 

JustinA Crucial Element For Musical Inspiration: Longing
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Why Your Music Should Change Over The Years

If you’re a decade or two deep into your music career, stack up the music you’re making now against what you were doing when you started. What’s different and what’s the same? If you’ve been working from the same musical playbook for years, you’re essentially writing someone else’s music. Songwriters and producers have the best shot at creating engaging music when they embrace curiosity, newness, risk, and exploration. Everyone changes over time and your music should change along with you. But keeping up with your changing musical persona demands a willingness to fail and start over again in your creative process.

ColtonWhy Your Music Should Change Over The Years
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How Creativity Strengthens Musicians During Times Of Tragedy

In times of intense turmoil and uncertainty, creativity can give artists meaning, comfort, and direction when they’d otherwise feel aimless. Musicians are just one of the countless groups of people seeing their professions get upended during the COVID-19 crisis. Embracing creativity during this painful time won’t bring your life back to normal or fix what’s wrong. But it can make some of our lives better in a meaningful way. 

RebeccaHow Creativity Strengthens Musicians During Times Of Tragedy
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4 Tips For Building A Productive Songwriting Practice

The world has a romantic image of how music is made that often involves scenes of musicians caught up in moments of passion and despair expressing their emotions through music. Sure, this sort of thing does happen to some of us from time to time. Yet, the truth is that great music almost always takes hard, consistent work to make. Inspiration is essential for creating music that connects with people. However, it’s up to us to be listening and ready for when it comes to us. That’s where the importance of a consistent, productive songwriting practice comes in. No matter who you are, making songwriting a part of your routine will result in you creating better music. Here are four tips for building a strong, fruitful practice:

Colton4 Tips For Building A Productive Songwriting Practice
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Why Audiences Need Musicians More Than Ever Right Now

I want to say this right off the bat. Music can’t fix what the world is going through right now. It doesn’t have the power to cure COVID-19, bring someone’s job back, or heal the sick. But what it can do is comfort and relate to people. That’s no easy task in a world chock full of despair and anxiety everywhere you look. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance your music plans have dramatically shifted over the past couple of months. Mine certainly have. I don’t know what the future holds for my music career, especially when it comes to performing live. However, I do know how crucial music is in the lives of countless people right now. That gives me a lot of hope and purpose.

It’s becoming obvious that this crisis has already transformed the world beyond recognition, and there’s no sign of things slowing down or becoming easier anytime soon. But when the dust settles and we adjust to a new normal, I believe that music will have been an integral part of helping everyday people cope through what they’ve been through. 

DaveWhy Audiences Need Musicians More Than Ever Right Now
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