How Stripping Down A Song Can Help You Become A Better Writer

With so much of the music we hear on a daily basis being chock full of heavy instrumentation and sleek production elements, it can be hard to understand and hear what the true bones of a song are. Dig deep beneath track automation, instrumental layers, and effects like EQs and reverbs, and you’ll discover the foundational elements of a song.

TylerHow Stripping Down A Song Can Help You Become A Better Writer
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8 Laptop Qualities For Music Production

Having a home recording environment is a comfortable setup for a music producer. It’s great to come up with a melody in the kitchen, and then to walk into your bedroom to record the ideas that you just came up with.  

A great home studio starts with a great laptop. Chances are that you will be recording songs with a lot of audio and MIDI tracks on them. So, it’s important that you have a reliable, fast, and industry-standard laptop at your disposal. In this article, we list out eight qualities to look for in a laptop if you plan on producing music:

Colton8 Laptop Qualities For Music Production
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Should We Write Music We Can’t Perform Live?

Every songwriter’s creative process is unique and shaped by dramatically different factors––goals, intuition, experience level, genre. For example, most seasoned professional songwriters follow rules and expectations that most developing artists don’t have to think about when writing a song. But the idea of recording and producing music that can’t be played live is something that musicians of every experience level should consider. From making live shows much more complicated than they need to be to impacting the humanity and immediacy of your writing, creating unperformable music comes with some significant drawbacks. 

RebeccaShould We Write Music We Can’t Perform Live?
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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Sheet Music

Sheet music has been a growing area to generate new income for musicians in the last few years. Releasing sheet music not only provides the obvious benefit of generating more income, but it also poses unique marketing and fan engagement opportunities. So, in this blog post we will share four ways that selling your sheet music can provide opportunities for you as a musician:

Dave4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Sheet Music
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5 Ways Music Makes Life Better For Your Listeners

For serious musicians, it’s tempting to obsess over perfecting a specific song and miss the big picture of how the world interacts with music. Music is one of humanity’s most ubiquitous and impactful artforms. Think about it for a second. As humans, we rely on an endless combination of sounds and silences to celebrate weddings, mourn the deaths of loved ones, pump ourselves up for competitions, and help us cope with the pangs of unrequited love. This is why for countless people music is an essential part of life. Since it helps to remember how our audiences relate to the music we make, here are five ways music makes life better for your listeners:

Colton5 Ways Music Makes Life Better For Your Listeners
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5 Signs Fans Are Meaningfully Engaging With Your Music

We’re living in a bizarre time in music where it’s completely possible for an artist to be streamed thousands of times a day without having any true fans. Meaningful engagement between musicians and audiences has never been more important in the age of playlists and streaming, but it’s not always easy to tell when or how audiences are showing genuine enthusiasm about your music. Here are five signs that show that someone is becoming more than just a casual listener of your music.

Rebecca5 Signs Fans Are Meaningfully Engaging With Your Music
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4 Signs That A Song Isn’t Ready For Release

In today’s shockingly competitive music industry, it’s not easy knowing how much music to release and how often. There’s a feeling that between how hungry listeners are for new music and the astounding number of new songs uploaded to major streaming platforms every day that artists will lose their audience’s attention without constantly releasing music.

Tyler4 Signs That A Song Isn’t Ready For Release
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What Makes A Song Forgettable?

If a song is engaging and memorable enough, there’s a lot that audiences will happily put up with––subpar recordings, imperfect performances, messy production. But, in the long run, one thing listeners won’t tolerate is a forgettable song. Writing forgettable music isn’t the sort of artistic crime that draws boos from crowds at live shows or negative reviews. Instead, what happens to unestablished artists who write music that never sticks is, well, nothing. Bland music that follows trends might be just inoffensive enough to draw in a few fairweather listeners shortly after it’s made, but it won’t mean anything to audiences over the long-term. If we want to create meaningful music that endures in the lives of our listeners, we have to make songs that are worth remembering.

RebeccaWhat Makes A Song Forgettable?
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