5 Signs You’re Rushing Your Music Creation Process

A problem we talk about a lot in songwriting is perfectionism, an issue that keeps many music-makers on the sidelines and keeps them from creating their best work. But more and more songwriters struggle with the opposite problem, which is rushing ideas to completion and releasing them when they’re still underdeveloped. With how quick and easy it is to release music now, this is becoming a bigger issue for independent artists. While creating lots of music and sharing it with the world can definitely be rewarding for you and your fans, you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors by rushing to get your songs over the finish line. Here are five signs that you’re not devoting enough time to your creative process:

Rebecca5 Signs You’re Rushing Your Music Creation Process
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Consistency Vs Creative Freedom In Songwriting

If you struggle with feeling forced to decide between following your creative intuition and staying stylistically consistent as a songwriter, you’re not alone. It’s not easy to know whether to stay the course or constantly forge new creative paths as a musician, and, spoiler alert, there is no one wrong or right way to go about this because every songwriter is unique. But there are a couple of universal truths you can look to for guidance if you find yourself in this tricky position as a music-maker.

ColtonConsistency Vs Creative Freedom In Songwriting
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5 Tips To Focus While Writing And Rehearsing As A Band

If you’re in a band that has trouble focusing and staying on task, you’re not alone. Getting things done in a group setting can be difficult, especially when bands are built on close friendships. Focusing as a band is a skill that doesn’t come naturally for some, but this isn’t a problem for musicians who are willing to put in the work. Here are five tips for building your focus while you write and rehearse as a band:

Rebecca5 Tips To Focus While Writing And Rehearsing As A Band
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How To Finish Your First Song

If you’re new to making music, finishing your first song might not seem like a big deal but it actually is. It’s not easy to step away from what’s familiar to you to create something new, and this is the case whether you want to write music for fun or are interested in pursuing it seriously. Today we’re sharing some helpful tips for finishing your first song.

TylerHow To Finish Your First Song
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5 Things You Need To Write Music

If you’re new to writing music, it can be tricky knowing how to get started. Sometimes an artist’s talent and passion are in the right place, but they’re not sure what they need to begin. Every songwriter’s process for creating music is different, but you’ll be on the right track if you have these five things before you start writing and recording music:

Rebecca5 Things You Need To Write Music
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5 Ways Music Creation Supports Mental Health

Mental health is a huge deal, but you probably already knew that as a musician. Professional musicians are especially prone to mental health problems, whether it’s feeling isolated and depressed on tour, or experiencing major anxiety because of financial problems. The good news is that the act of creating and sharing music delivers some powerful benefits that can support your mental health. 

Colton5 Ways Music Creation Supports Mental Health
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Why It’s So Hard For You To Finish Your Songs

When you’ve been working on a song for a while, it can be hard to put the finishing touches on it and wrap things up. This is normal for most songwriters, but if you find yourself chronically unable to finish your songs, then you’ve got a major problem in your songwriting process that needs to be addressed. These are some of the most common reasons that keep songwriters from finishing their songs. Recognizing your issue will be the first step towards making the changes you need to turn the loose musical ideas you come up with into finished songs. 

RebeccaWhy It’s So Hard For You To Finish Your Songs
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How Mistakes Bring Character To Your Music

What exactly is a mistake in music? Some mess-ups are big and undeniably embarrassing, like putting the capo on the wrong fret of the guitar during a live show. Others are more subtle, like a singer mumbling through a line of lyrics during a vocal recording take, or an overeager drummer consistently falling ahead of the beat during an exciting section of a song. While every mistake is different and some don’t bring any value to us as musicians, there are some mistakes in music that end up adding a lot of character and value to our music.

DaveHow Mistakes Bring Character To Your Music
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