5 Ways Of Using Email To Connect With Your Fans And Increase Your Income

As artists we usually interact with our fans on social media, but what if there was a better way to create quality engagement and ultimately increase our revenue? 

While social media is great to promote and create content, most people have a very short attention span when it comes to social media. This means that the content you post might not necessarily translate into more album or ticket sales. On the other hand, most people check their emails and texts on a regular basis, which creates a huge opportunity. 

While text marketing is still an area where people might not always be comfortable with, email is a different playing field. In fact, 79% of emails are read, and people are much more likely to click on a link in an email. This means that ultimately people are much more likely to make a purchasing decision on email, regardless of whether you are promoting tickets for your upcoming concert, selling an album, a merchandise item, or another item on your list. 

So, in this blog post, I would like to provide five ideas about using email to connect with your fans, and how to ultimately create more revenue for yourself. 

Agni5 Ways Of Using Email To Connect With Your Fans And Increase Your Income
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4 Tactics For Getting On Playlists

Playlists have become the holy grail of artist placement. While there’s still a ton of value in everything from blog placements to radio to TV, there’s no doubt that right now playlists are just about the #1 thing on most artists’ minds. With artists’ careers seemingly changing overnight with inclusion on just the right playlist, it’s really no wonder that it’s become so desirable. But how do you actually get that coveted playlist spot? How can you increase your chances of being picked for a specific playlist?

Tyler4 Tactics For Getting On Playlists
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Can’t Tour? Try This Instead

Whether it’s because of a lack of money or an inability to be away from a stable job or young family, many musicians who’d benefit from touring find themselves stuck at home. For bands who’ve tapped out local resources and the attention spans of fans in their hometowns, this can be a big problem. But while touring can bring loads of benefits to ambitious bands, there’s other things artists can do to build momentum for their music.

TylerCan’t Tour? Try This Instead
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3 Ways To Promote A Show When Playing In A New City

Whether you’re a weekend warrior playing in a regional city close to your hometown or embarking on a long national tour, being able to promote shows in cities you’ve never played in is vital for bands trying to find momentum and new fans. But getting the word out in a new city isn’t easy, especially for new and unestablished bands. Here are three tips to help promote shows in places you haven’t played before:

Rebecca3 Ways To Promote A Show When Playing In A New City
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5 Steps To Putting Together A Music Marketing Plan

Marketing is a bit of a buzzword, isn’t it? It’s one of those terms we throw around freely that conjures images of slick advertising, fancy sales techniques, and lots and lots of money behind it.

But it doesn’t have to be such a heavy word. In fact, you can create and execute a solid music marketing plan even without a hefty budget with a strong vision for where you’re going, and who you want to impact along the way.

Tyler5 Steps To Putting Together A Music Marketing Plan
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5 Creative Ways To Engage Your Fans While On The Road

What if I told you that you can make money, see the country, and engage your fans in a truly meaningful way all at the same time? With all the right ingredients lined up, your tours can be an incredible way to pull all of that off.

While we’ve talked about touring in the past, today we wanted to focus on your fans. It might seem obvious that you want to make sure your fans are getting the best part of you when you visit their city, but somehow, in the planning of making sure your routing is perfect, that the venues you’ve chosen are the right fit, and that you have enough merch, gas, and snacks to survive, creating a truly authentic, memorable experience for the fans fall by the wayside.

Today we look at a few creative ways to make your fans’ experience truly personable, memorable, and leave them looking forward to the next time you’re in town.

Jay5 Creative Ways To Engage Your Fans While On The Road
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Why Constantly Bugging Your Fanbase Won’t Help You Promote Your Music

For the first time in history, if an artist wants to keep their fans updated about each and every aspect of their musical and personal life, the technology now exists to let them do it. What you had for breakfast, lyrics to a new song you’re writing, a picture of the green room at the venue you’re about to play––these are all things you could potentially share with your fans through social media if you’re interested in forging deeper connections with your fans.

But just because you now have the power to share everything with your fans doesn’t mean you should.

RebeccaWhy Constantly Bugging Your Fanbase Won’t Help You Promote Your Music
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4 Tips For Discovering New Fans Through Blogging

Think about the last time you felt really connected to an artist. The last time you felt like somehow, they really understood you. The last time you had that overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort and maybe even a little excitement because in that moment you just felt connected in a way that can oftentimes be so hard to truly find.

No matter what that moment was—a vulnerable social media post, a captivating live performance, a piece of merch or even a funny photo that just resonated with you—the one thing that each instance has in common is that connection.

While we rely on so many avenues to foster this connection for our own fans, including our social media, our live shows, the merch we create, the partnerships we forge, and so much more, there’s one piece that very often gets left out and truthfully, forgotten about.


Tyler4 Tips For Discovering New Fans Through Blogging
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